Game Log




The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES) (unknown time to completion)



Castlevania (NES) 04:00:00 Finally beat this damn game after 20+ years! Had to use save states to get past Death and Dracula though...
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (NES) 06:00:00 First time I have ever played the game. Man, this game would be basically impossible without a guide!



Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse (NES) 10:00:00 Beat for the first time! Used Trevor basically the whole time. Man, the end boss sure gave me a lot of guff until I started being way more patient...
Contra (NES) 00:26:22 Finally beaten after a million years! Used the Konami code though.




Journey (PS3) 02:10:00 First ever playthrough.




Super Mario 64 (N64) (unknown time to completion) Beat having 85 stars, now to go back and get the rest




Illusion of Gaia (SNES) 08:00:00 Finally got all 50 gems! Man, some of them are SUPER cheap and annoying, even with a guide. The story is just as bad as I remembered, but the game play is fun. There are a few times I didn't know what to do, even though I have beaten this at least twice (though it was a long time ago). Also, the last boss is a bit of a let down because it is so easy.




The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang (SNES) 06:00:00 According to my save file, when I reached the "end game" I had played for 4:03. However, this does not count the actual end game, which probably took at least an hour. Then, I added in some more unknown time from deaths forcing me to replay certain areas.

This is a very strange game. I had always wanted to beat it ever since first seeing it long, long ago. However, in playing it I found it quite frustrating.

Turns out the game is very shallow, and only average at best.

The story is nothing memorable and barely factors into what is actually happening in the game, except for a reason to move forward. Similarly, the music is largely forgettable and after completing the game no tracks stuck out in my mind.

The game play at first seems fun, with typical action-RPG setup, with leveling up and a very rudimentary gearing system (all you can gear is your weapon, of which there are a total of 4). There is also a "card system", which essentially works as magic. The cards must be purchased in stores, and the only way to most cards (non-healing) is through a random slot system. So essentially this forces you to use the hat as the main and truly only weapon, since the cards are not easy to come by until the end (when you are super overpowered anyway from leveling).

Another seemingly tacked on thing is the companion system. After the first "dungeon", you get one of 2 NPC companions which you will have for the remainder of the game. The companions are pretty dumb, walking around and attacking on their own accord. Although mostly useless they can help get some hits in once in a while.

Although the game is very short, the developers force level grinding by quickly ramping up the difficulty and the number of hits to defeat enemies. Without grinding in a few spots the bosses (and even some normal enemies) are basically impossible to defeat.

All that said it was a decent play through, although I don't foresee ever replaying this again.