Games & Systems
New pages and lots of new music
September 15, 2015 Posted by chertel

I added 2 new pages: games and systems.

These pages will show all of the games on the site, and some other info about each of them respectively. Also, they will provide quick access to the game sections.

In the future, these pages will have a lot more info and filtering capabilities.

Brainlord & others
Lots of new music!
February 07, 2015 Posted by chertel

Added the Brainlord section (that is mostly finished), as well as new sections for Secret of Mana and Super Ninja Boy.

For Secret of Mana and Super Ninja Boy they are basically just the music for now, but more will come later.

I also fleshed out some other sections and made the main pages and logos a little better.

Not done yet!
August 05, 2013 Posted by chertel

Long time since I posted but believe it or not I have been making changes on the site every now and again. Recently upgraded some backend code and added the maps page to Chrono Trigger.

More stuff is coming when I get some free time.

Site conversion is underway
August 06, 2007 Posted by chertel

I have started working on the site again, cleaning up the old code and making it more cohesive.

Also, I started playing Chrono Trigger again, so hopefully I can start working on the walkthough once again.

Jukebox fixed.
Now you can rock out while looking at the site!
January 24, 2006 Posted by chertel

I think that I finally fixed a slew of errors in the jukebox.

Now all songs should be able to be played (actually there are still a few that are screwed up in the database but that will be fixed) and it should now work on most (hopefully all) browsers!


Forums Taken Down
The Forums are gone, for now...
November 22, 2005 Posted by chertel

No one was using them and I never update the site, so why have a message board taking up space?

If I ever start working on this site again I will probably put another one up, but I figure this is a good move for now.

If you want to contact me email me!

Finally got some updates to the site
April 28, 2005 Posted by chertel

I've been slowly tinkering away on the site in the past few days, and have fixed a lot of errors, added some more content and made some progress for a big update in the future. The main updates are to the Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6 section.

In the Chrono Trigger section, I fixed some problems with layout and structure, and added the tech section to the database. It now acts like the accessories/armor/helmets/weapons pages. Hopefully I will have the bosses page spruced up pretty soon too. In the Final Fantasy 6 section, I fixed a lot of the errors that were plauging it (images not loading, wrong content, etc). I also changed the layout of the walkthrough a little bit, and also finally gave credit to King Kung for his walkthrough.

If I can keep this up, hopefully there will be a lot more content in the Final Fantasy 6 section soon. I'll post if I make any updates.

Music Database
Work on the music database has begun again
January 27, 2005 Posted by chertel

Back in the day, I used to work on making a fully PHP user-submission based music database. I gave up on it for a few reasons (namely the creation of, but have recently decided to work on it again. For now you can find it at

Winter Break
Work begins again
December 21, 2004 Posted by chertel

Now that I'm on winter break, I have been doing a lot to the site. It is now (mostly) W3 compatible (so it should look roughly the same on all browsers). The next step for compatibility and easy modification is to convert everything to using style sheets (currently very little uses the style sheet). Beyond that, I have also started to make a "universal" format for the various sections, so they will all start to look the same both on the pages and the menus. I have also been working on the Chrono Trigger section some more, and now have a few more things in the database. This allows columns to be sorted and for very easy retrieval for future uses (mainly the walkthrough). Hopefully I can finish up the section by the end of Winter Break.

Chrono Trigger, away!
Work has begun on the finalization of the Chrono Trigger section
August 30, 2004 Posted by chertel

Well, I have started working on finishing up the Chrono Trigger section. What does this entail? Why, a massive, very detailed walkthrough, of course. When it is done, it will contain all of the information anyone could need when playing the game. For example, it will list all the shops and important people in areas, as well as any monsters, treasures or secrets. It will also contain detailed tips and information on what to do, and also provide pictures of my quest through it.

In order to incorporate all of this information, I'm playing through the game right now to get all of the needed info, and making sure it is accurate. Once I check my information, I will finish up the Beastiary and World Map sections. I'm about done with the Beastiary section already, and I will probably wait till I'm at the end of the game for the World Map. I will update my progress throughout.

More updates
More work is being done around the site
August 23, 2004 Posted by chertel

Well, for starters, the Chrono Trigger section is finally starting to look nice. Almost everything important is in the database now and is read from it. The next step is to make various columns sortable (because it is so easy). I also want to replay it and create an exstensive Beastiary and Walkthrough (which I can imagine will take a while).

I have also been sprucing up the rest of the site, fixing HTML errors and syntax problems. I also made it so you can no longer find 404 errors through links (I think...). If you happen to see this, feel free to post on the forums! I would love to have some company ;)

Work? No way!
Yes, it's true, work is finally being done again.
August 16, 2004 Posted by chertel

Well, I decided to begin work on this again. Want to help? Drop me a line. I have also been working on an Online RPG (made with Visual Basic and DirectX) in my free time, which I hope to add to this site soon. Until then, I hope to keep updating this website and slowly plinking away at the massive todo. What I've done today:

-Planning for future
-Started moving some more things to database in Chrono Trigger section
-Added a phpBB
-Added an about page
-Modified the staff page

Now Mooglecave has made a comeback!
December 17, 2003 Posted by chertel

Now we are back in business. I am the owner of again, and I finally started working on it. Currently I have been fixing the horrible mangled code so that I am not embaressed to show it to anybody... ;) I have also started the process of moving the current content into a database, which will later on allow for a slew of cool new features. Well time for me to go to sleep, or keep working on this... Until next time!

Working on Site
Mooglecave could make a comeback!
March 27, 2002 Posted by chertel

Yeah, I finally started to recreate Mooglecave. As you can see, it has no layout, just something I threw together in a few minutes so I could organize the data. I was bored one day, and figured I might as well start developing this again, since I loved it so much back in the day.

One good thing about it is now it has a lot more potential, because I have played more games, have gotten a better plan with how I want things done, and I have vastly expanded my webdesigning knowledge when it comes to coding. So, for now it will sit on my hard-drive, while I slowly develop it into a content rich site. Rumour has it that Fuitad is going to start hosting again soon, so maybe I will upload it and get around to give it a proper layout.

Until then, adieu~!