Below are a list of useful tips that can help weary adventurers make it through the game. Are you stuck? Then be sure to check out those tips as well.

  1. Read the manual.
    It answers a lot of questions you might have.

  2. Save often.
    Nothing is as frustrating as playing for a long time and dying, forcing you to redo everything again.

  3. Get the initiative.
    The direction you enter battles is very significant to starting combats. Walk into the monsters or at least let them walk into you on the front or forward sides, otherwise they get first attack.

  4. Stab in the back.
    If you can, attack from behind with a hand-to-hand type weapon. It will do a lot more damage. The same holds true for your robots, though, so be sure to not let the enemy get behind them.

  5. Leave your robots on the fritz. If your robot gets "stopped" or "confused", you cannot cure it. You just have to wait it out.

  6. Be a treasure hunter.
    Check bookshelves, dressers, boxes, and anything else that could have an item in it. There are a ton of hidden items hidden throughout the game, so make sure you don't miss them.

  7. Use healing equipment.
    If you get a Solar Pack or the Suppon Hammer (Hammer 2 Level 9) be sure to use them. The Solar Pack restores your robot a little after each turn, and the Suppon Hammer (Healing Hammer) gives your robot the amount of life you took away frrom the enemy!

  8. Upgrade your weapons.
    Level 9 weapons often get bonuses in attack power, and can deal almost twice as much damage!


  1. Talk Twice.
    Always talk to important people again if you're stuck! Many times if you don't talk to one person when you need to, the game cannot continue.

  2. Stand in the Right Place.
    A lot of cutscenes are activated when you stand in the right place and face the right direction. Most of these are pretty obvious, and a character will always tell you to "go stand over there" or something similar to that.

  3. Look for Mouse Holes.
    When you can change into a mouse (not when you are stuck as a mouse), mouse holes are extremely important and will allow you to get to new places very fast. You should know what a mouse hole looks like. Even if you don't go in the passage when you first discover it, you should take note of it.

  4. Turn Into a Mouse.
    Sometimes, you have to be a mouse to advance the story. People may want to hide something from you if you are a human, or you might need to hide from them! They will never know you are the goofy looking mouse.

  5. Use your glasses. There are many hidden doors and things that can only be seen after you wear your glasses.

  6. Call Nagisa.
    Though her hints often provide little help, it is always worth a try, even if it is a last resort.