In the age long ago since past, a time that we can only imagine, mysterious people were said to hold the power of magic in their souls. All kinds of magic spells were known to them, both spells of healing and spells of destruction. So amazing was their power that they dominated the entire world. No one contested their right to rule.

The years passed peacefully. People worked the land, raised their families and lived their lives contentedly. But as the years ambled by, those in power began to bicker. First, they quarreled over minor issues, but as their hunger for power grew, so did the fights.

As the magic-wielders quietly chose sides in the growing dispute, they begun to work on wepons of destruction. Those weapons evolved by way of magic into frightening group of beasts known as Espers. The coming of the Espers was the beginning of the end...

Battle lines were drawn, and the masters of magic faced off. The contenitous forces pitted Esper against Esper in battles that tested magic and violence ripped the world apart.

Caught in the middle of power struggle were the people. The fighting first crept then raced across the country, leaving burned buildings and devastated families in its wake. Soon, the entire land lay blackened and smoldering, the grim result of a power struggle gone mad.

Finally, with Espers destroyed and the people slaughtered, three of the magi looked on the devastation caused by their petty jealousies--and their magic. They relized that magic was too powerful, too dangerous. The three used the last of their energy to summon all magic, then they retreated to a remote cave and turned themselves into stone, sealing the magic away with them forever.

As the three magi hoped, magic disappeared from the world, and the great war, which became known as the War of the Magi, faded into history. Few people spoke of magic, and Espers were mentioned only in legends that many claimed were fictional.

As time passed, the people lived peacefully, learned much about machines and studied technology. Centuries later, living with advancements made possible by science, not magic, few believed that magic had ever existed at all.

But then there were the Espers. Although no one had actually seen the strange beings, rumours about their existence persisited. Was it possible that Espers has survived the War of the Magi?

During the peaceful time that followed the War of the Magi, a handful of kings ruled small realms with fair and even hands, and the people wanted for nothing. Most were satisfied.

But some were not. A few greedy, power-thirsty and disgruntled men emerged with plans to take over the world, bit by bit. The force that was to become known as the Empire was first led by Gestahl, who ruled with an iron fist. His generals were loyal, and the soldiers swore allegiance to the Empire. Dissention was not allowed.

The Empire was destined to be an awesome power, for it knew something that others did not. The secret? Espers. Gestahl and his generals had learned that Espers did still exist, after all. They had even followed them to a great gate that lead to another world. For all of his planning, Gestahl failed to forsee how his greediest general would one day tragically twist the power of the Empire.