Part 1 - FF3 Walkthrough
A. The World of Balance Walkthrough
- 1.  The Story Begins
- 2.  A Fork in the Road
- 3.  Reunited
- 4.  The Search for Terra
- 5.  The Opera House
- 6.  Magitek Factory
- 7.  To the Sealed Gate
- 8.  Search for the Espers
- 9.  The Flying Continent
-10.  What you should have done by now
-11.  A few tips and secrets
 B. The World of Ruin Walkthrough
- 1.  Stranded on a Deserted Island (Celes)
- 2.  Search for The Others (Sabin)
- 3.  Edgar!
- 4.  A New Airship (Setzer)
Because of this, order is given in a suggested manner.
- 5.  Cyan's Grievances (Finding Cyan)
- 6.  Face to Face With Phunbaba (Terra)
- 7.  To the Veldt (Gau)
-8a.  Save Shadow
-8b.  Save Relm
- 9.  Strago and Ebot's Rock
-10.  Mog Lives! (Mog and Umaro)
-11.  Phoenix Cave (Locke)
-12.  Fanatics' Tower
-13.  Cyan's Dream
-14.  Ancient Castle
-15.  Finding That Mimic (Gogo)
-16.  Kefka's Tower
-17.  Did you get these elusive items?
-18.  A few more tips and secrets
Part 2 - Monster List (SethWHardy)
Part 3 - Item, Weapon, Armor, and Relic List
Part 4 - Advanced Battle Tactics and "The Best" of FF3
Part 5 - Misc. Info (Various Authors)
A. Special Character Skill Notes
D. Rage List
E. Sketch/Control List
G. Final Fantasy 3 Multiplayer
H. Vehicle Controls
I. Colosseum List
J. Spell List
K. Esper Stats
L. Esper Locations
M. Character Desperation Moves
N. Dragon Locations
P. Banquet Scoring Scheme
R. EASY Exp.
S. Vanish/Doom/X-Zone
T. Easy Status Recovery
U. Saving when not on a Save Point
V. Revivify the Undead
W. Un-Icing your Friends!

PART ONE-FF3 Walkthrough
By King Kung

I chose to write a direct walkthrough, though it is still divided
into sections for quick reference. Basically, a really lazy person
can just follow this guide through the entire game, though that
wouldn't be very much fun. Use this at your own risk, as spoilers
will undoubtedly be abundant. In fact, you should probably save this
as a last-ditch rescue kit or for when you have completed the game.


(1)  The Story Begins

As Terra, Vicks, and Wedge, head north through Narshe. You
will fight guards along the way, which are easily defeated by
the Fire Beam or in groups with Terra's BioBlaster. If you get
severely injured, use the Heal Force, Tonic, or Terra's Cure spell.
Remember to save at the first opportunity, because you don't want to
repeat the intro again should an upcoming battle leave you defeated.
You will fight your first boss: the Whelk. During the battle,
remember not to use the Bolt Beam (he fights back if you do), and to
avoid hitting the shell. Have Terra use TekMissels, while the other
two shoot the Fire Beam. When the creature goes back into its shell,
use the Heal Force to get back HP, or wait until he reappears.
Continue until it dies. The frozen Esper will kill Wedge and Vicks, then
knock Terra unconscious. When you wake up, explore the house's clock,
as it holds a valuable Elixir, then head out the back door. There's
only one way through the cave, so follow it. Be sure to save your game
and open up the treasure chests (or save them for later in the game).
Eventually the guards will corner you, and you'll fall through the
floor. Enjoy the little cinema scene flasback to Terra's past.
Locke will make his entrance. He'll come to Terra's rescue, with
the help of those ever cute Moogles. In the group battle, switch to
the group that has Mog in it (no, he doesn't join you right now). When
he learns his first dance, use it to waste the other enemies (including
the Marshall at the end). Before killing the Marshall, unequip Mog so
that Edgar can use his weapons later. Upon completion, Locke will bring
Terra out of the cave, and through a secret passage that will be
important later. From there, leave the town and save your game, or
explore the Beginner's Guild to learn the basic functions of the game.
Head straight for Figaro Castle (it's to the south in a desert). Upon
arrival, be sure to visit the item and tool shops. There you should buy
plenty of Tonic and the second two tools for Edgar. Talk to Edgar and
explore the castle. An old guy will tell you about Edgar's brother,
Sabin. After the cinema scene, return to the throne room and talk to
Edgar. After the brief actions, follow Locke to a bedroom (nothing
happens there you sicko!) When Kefka storms the castle, you'll escape
on Chocobos. Fight the M-Tek Armors that Kefka sends at you, using
Edgar's AutoCrossbow and Terra's Fire spell. Cinema time.
Ride to Figaro Cave (to the southeast), and save your game. Enter
the cave and be sure that you visit the recovery spring (with the
turtle in it). Don't worry about the passage on the other side, you'll
reach that later. Continue through a doorway, and head to your left.
Decide whether you want to collect the treasures here or save them for
later. If so, go upstairs and open the treasure chest. Head back down,
then to your right, and down. Pick up the treasure chest in the alcove
to your right. Before going up those stairs, go to your left and find
the treasure chest. Then go back to the stairs, go up, head downwards,
and go down another set of stairs. Exit the cave.
Head southeast to South Figaro. Save your game outside, then enter.
Go meet Shadow (you'll meet again after the river ride), then explore
the town. There are treasures in almost every barrel and crate. Don't
miss the one behind the Chocobo stable, and in the barrel on the
walkway above it. Next, go into the big house at the north of the town
(this is the rich man's house). In the room that's drafty, walk behind
the bookshelf and down some hidden stairs. Head down the next flight.
In the hallway, walk to the right, then, when it goes down, walk through
the wall, then to your right down a hidden flight of stairs for some
nice relics. Continue exploring the rest of the hallway for a truckload
of money, then go back to the entry hallway of the rich man's house.
Go through the right door (not the one you came in from), and exp-
lore the barrels there. Walk behind the house to find a hidden
passage, and explore that room for some goodies. There's a hidden door
at the very bottom of the room. It takes you to the old cider guy's
house (remember that he wants cider for later). Exit there, then go to
the item, armor, and weapon shops. Buy all the equipment you need (you
should have enough money), then leave the town. If you wish, you may
rent a Chocobo and take it to Sabin's Cottage (north of S. Figaro),
which is suggested if you want some drama.
Head for Mt. Kolts (to the east). You should build your members up
2 or 3 levels outside, then use a tent, save, and enter. The enemies
here are pretty strong, so, when you get the opportunity, use a tent
and save. At the entrance, go behind the large rock and outside for
some treasure. Go back, then head up. Check the right wall for another
passage that leads to a VERY usefull Atlas Armlet. Follow the pathway
(it's very linear), save your game at the designated spot, then
continue until you reach Vargas. Defeat his bears, then attack
him while Terra heals the party. After a while, Sabin will jump in,
and the others will be blown away by one of Vargas' techniques. Fight
Vargas with the Fight command (or you can perform a Blitz immediatley).
When it tells you to do the Blitz, do so (duh). If you're having some
trouble, see the closing remarks of this section for the easiest way
to perform the Pummel Blitz. When you beat him, head out of the cave,
grabbing the treasure chest on your way.
Once outside, head north to the Returner Hideout. Explore it
with Terra (make sure to get the treasures in the top room and its
right wall for a White Cape) and see the closing remarks before you
talk to Banon outside. Whether you accept his offer right away or wait
has some significane in the item you receive. Locke will leave the
party, and then you'll be in a group with Banon, Terra, Edgar, and
Sabin. Go back into the hideout to buy some items and stop at the
inn. Then head out on the river. It doesn't really matter what ways
you choose to go (although if you choose right at the first
intersection, you'll fight more enemies, and if you keep going to
the left at the second, it'll be a USEFUL neverending loop). Make sure
that you have Banon use Heal during battles, that he's in the back row,
and that you save your game at every opportunity. Eventually you'll
reach Ultros. Have Terra use Fire, but beware: Ultros will blind you
if she does. Make Banon use Heal every time he attacks, while Sabin
uses the Aura Bolt Blitz and Edgar fights or uses AutoCrossbow.
You'll beat him, then Sabin will fall off the raft.

Here are some tips and tactics that you may want to use:
1)  In order for the Pummel Blitz to work, select Blitz from
the menu, then press left, release it, press right, release it,
left and 'A'. Make sure that this is done within 1 and a half

2)  Make sure that you buy the NoiseBlaster and Bio Blaster.
Edgar already has the AutoCrossbow in his inventory.

3)  You will need plenty of Tonic, Potion, and Fenix Down. Tents
are also important, but you will usually find them. The others
can be found if you search in the Returner Hideout and South

4)  If you can't afford a lot of weapons and armor, at least buy
the best possible stuff for Terra, as she's weak in the beginning.

5)  When Banon asks Terra to help the Returners, you will receive a
Gauntlet for a 'Yes' reply. However, if you choose 'No,' go back
inside and to the top-most room. The person there will give you a
Genji Glove, which, in my view, is much more valuable.

6)  When you are controlling Terra alone in the Returner's Hideout,
walk up to the very top of the table (where the meeting will take
place later). Press A and you will find a piece of paper. If you
throw it away, nothing different will happen. However, if you leave
it there, Banon will throw it away during the meeting. This is a
poorly translated piece of humor from the Japanese FF6. Also, search
the injured guy's room berore the Lete River for some fun.

7)  Before beginning the raft ride on the Lete River, move Banon
to the back row of your party. This will reduce the damage he
takes. Remember, if he dies, the game ends!


(2)  A Fork in the Road

Here the story has split into 3 groups. Mog appears and asks
you to choose a scenario (Kupo!). You should save your game here
so that you can come back if you make a mistake. I suggest going
on Locke's first, then Sabin's, and finally Terra's.

Locke's Scenario
Locke's scenario can be difficult if you don't listen to the
clues given by the townspeople. You must first go to the old man's
house and talk to the boy downstairs. Then go to the item shop and
talk to the man in the corner. You'll fight him. Steal from him for
a nice Plumed Hat, and his clothes! Equip the Plumed Hat, and go
back to the boy in the old man's house. He will let you through now.
Explore the town for some tips, but DON'T talk to soldiers in Magitek
Armor. If you wish, talk to a Green Soldier and steal his clothes,
then talk to the people in the town for more info. The soldier outfit
also lets you talk to other soldiers without being attacked. Remember
the Cider delivery man? Go there and fight him. Steel from him for
another Plumed Hat and his clothes. You'll also take his Cider. Bring
this back to the old man, then go to the boy who's downstairs. The
password is 'courage.' Anything else gets you beaten up! Take the
hidden passage to the rich man's house, then go upstairs. In the
windy room, go behind the bookshelf and follow the passage too the
room where Celes is. What outfit you wear to meet her will give you
various funny Star Wars references. ;) Save her, then take the guard's
clock key. Go to the clock that isn't ticking and wind it for a secret
passage. Enter and head right, then down, right, up, right, down, and
left to a few treasure chests. Take the contents and equip them. Go
back to the entrance and search along the walls for a hidden passage.
Go south in the passage to some more treasure, then, about half way
back in this passage, push to the left for another passage. Go
downstairs and take the valuable items from the chests (don't miss the
Ribbon, which is behind the north chest!). Return upstairs to the
entrance, then take the other passage south. Go left for some treasure,
then head right to find the exit.
Leave S. Figaro and go to Figaro Cave. Make your way through until
the TunnelArm comes. Defeat it by having Celes use Runic while Locke

Sabin's Scenario
This is the longest (and hardest) of the three scenarios. Start by
visiting the cottage with the crazy old man. Although it is your choice
to enlist Shadow or not, you should take him along. If you do, buy at
least 30 - 50 Shurikens from the traveling merchant. Search the Imperial
Camp for treasures. When you find a locked treasure chest, hit it
instead of kicking it, or you'll be attacked. After fighting Kefka once,
head left and up behind a tent for entry to a hidden tent. When Cyan has
to fight, use the Dispatch SwdTech command (number 1). When you win the
Black Belt, equip it on somebody (preferably Shadow or Sabin).
You can't enter Doma Castle after it's taken over, so head straight
for the Baren Falls. In the spooky forest, follow the path fighting
monsters as you go. Make sure to walk up to the pond to be fully healed.
There will be a strange train which you should enter and then try to
leave. On the Phantom Train, head right at the start to save your game
and meet the Impresario. Head to the left, collecting treasures. Let the
ghost guy join you, and have him Possess an enemy. There are several easy
puzzles here which involve flipping switches. There is also a treasure
chest that instigates a fight with Sigfried/Zigfried/Segfried, but you
can't aquire the item that he takes from you. Some of the ghosts will
provide items for you to buy, while some will attack. Keep heading left
to the engine room. Examine the console on the left for instructions on
stopping the train. You will end up having to fight it. Use Cyan's
Dispatch, Sabin's Suplex (which strangely works against a TRAIN...), and
have Shadow throw the Shuriken. There will be some interesting scenes
involving Cyan. When they are done, exit the station.
Follow the only direction to reach Baren Falls. At the waterfall, opt
to jump off. At the bottom of Baren Falls, you'll meet Gau. Head to
Mobliz and buy some goods there. Make sure to buy some Dried Meat also.
Fight in a battle in the Veldt and, when Gau appears, use the Dried
Meat on him. Here's the appearance of the coolest imp, Kappa!
Head with Gau to the Crescent Cave, and explore for a few laughs.
Eventually you'll find the diving helmet. Use it to go into the Serpent
Trench. When you have to decide which way to go, choosing two rights
takes you to both caves, while two lefts takes you straight to Nikeah.
You're better off visiting the caves, as the second one has a valuable
Green Beret. Once you arrive at Nikeah, buy some goods, then take the
ship to South Figaro.

Terra's Scenario
This is the easiest of the scenarios. If you can't figure this
one out, you really need a mental examination! All that you must do is
enter the secret passage from the beginning of the game in Narshe.
Follow the familiar path back to the house where Terra woke up. Just
remember to say hello to the Moogles for fun. KUPO!!!


(3)  Reunited

Finally together, the group doesn't have much time to think.
Kefka and a squad of soldiers are on their way to claim the frozen
Esper and kill Banon! Although some of the group's members are
negative toward each other, they decide that they must stop the
Empire at all costs. A decisive battle is about to take place.
The fights shouldn't be difficult IF you use the correct attacks.
Edgar should constantly use the Bio Blaster, as this can destroy an
entire enemy group. Have Cyan use the Quadra Slam, while Celes and Terra
fight and cure with magic. If you still are having trouble, don't worry
about losing. Instead, keep fighting with Sabin's group until he learns
the Fire Dance, then use that to waste the enemies. Battle Kefka with a
combination of magic users and fighters. After the battle, the group
goes to the Esper, where Terra morphs for the first time. Unfortunately,
she goes ballistic and flies off to the west.


(4)  The Search for Terra

After Terra flys away you'll be in Narshe. Buy and equip some
weapons, armor, and relics, but, if Sabin or Edgar is in your party,
don't buy items. Search the town for a room filled with treasures,
and remember about the locked treasure chest. You should go to Figaro
Castle. There, buy tools and items. If Sabin or Edgar are at the front
of your party, you get them for half price! Explore and sleep at the inn
to see a few important cinema scenes (though you can do this later also).
Submerge the castle from the engine room to travel across the mountain
Head for Kohlingen. If Locke is in your party, you'll see a few
cinema scenes. If you only have 3 people with you and 3000 GP, then you
can enlist Shadow for a little while. If you're not in a hurry, head
north to the small house where the Coliseum will be in the World of
Ruin. Search the house for a valuable Hero Ring. Head south to Jidoor,
where you should search the town. Then head north to Zozo. You may want
to gain a few levels before you enter. Upon entering, head as far left
as you can, and find the building with the stopped clock. If you talk to
the inhabitants of the town and know that they mostly all lie, you can
figure out the correct time to enter. If you're lazy and want it spoiled
for you, set it for 6:10:50, and you'll find a passage to the valuable
Chainsaw. Head down to the large tower, where you should proceed to
climb it. Make sure to find every treasure chest along the way, as one
holds the Thief Glove, which makes Locke use Control, allowing him to
fight and steal in one turn. When you think you can't go any farther,
try jumping between buildings. Continue up the tower until you fight
Dadaluma. Use your strongest attacks on him, as well as Potions and
Cure spells to recover your HP. When he calls reinforcements, ignore
them and concentrate on him. Head upstairs to the topmost room, and
look around for a few treasures, then go up to find Terra and Ramuh.


(5)  The Opera House

After finding Terra, you must pick 2 people to go with Celes and
Locke. Depending on your actions, Cyan may stay with Terra. If you
haven't already gotten Shadow, DO NOT go back to put him in your
party! If you do, he'll leave during the Opera, and you'll be stuck
with 3 fighters untill after the Magitek Factory! Go back to Jidoor,
and talk to everyone in the town. Then go to Owzer's house (the one
farthest north), and talk to the Impresario. Read the letter and talk
to the man, then head for the Opera House (it's south of Jidoor). When
you arrive, enjoy the cinema scene, then go with Locke to the dressing
room. When performing the opera, press A immediately on the first
choice. For the second, press down, then A. On the third, press
A. Go upstairs, and walk over to Draco. Follow him, and when he stops,
press A as if to talk with him. Pick up the flowers, then go upstairs.
Half way up, you'll stop. Press to the right, then continue up. Walk to
the balcony, and enjoy! If you don't do this quickly, you will fail and
have to do the entire thing over again. With Locke, pick up the note in
the room, and talk to the Impresario. Equip the Sprint Shoes (if you
don't have them on), and go up and right on the balcony. Talk to the
man, then pull the far right switch. Go back to where you were sitting
and head to the left, then up. When you're above the stage, try to
avoid as many rats as possible. If you have to fight them, kill the
yellow ones first, because they can call reinforcements. When you reach
Ultros, you'll fall onto the stage, then fight him. Use your strongest
moves, and he'll eventually leave. Setzer will come up. Watch the scene,
and prepare for the trek through the Empire. Now wasn't that fun?


(6)  Magitek Factory

When you reach Albrook, buy some new weapons, armor, and relics
(the best available), then gain a few levels outside. Use the Espers
to learn some magic spells, especially Cure1. You may want to go to
Tzen and Maranda to find more weapons and info, but you don't need
to. Head northwest from Albrook to Vector (it's the big castle). DON'T
sleep at the inn. You will be swindled by a thief. Instead, go over to
the small building and refuse to pledge your allegiance to the Empire.
Fight the guards, and the man will heal you. Buy weapons (if you haven't
already done so), dodge the soldiers in the north of town, and enter the
buildings. When you think you're ready, go to the right and talk to
the man behind the boxes. Climb onto the box, and shimmy over the guards
while they attend to the sick man to get into the factory. Make sure
Celes has a sword, because you will want to use Runic here. Explore the
first room thoroughly, you should find 2 or 3 treasures. Climb into the
left pipe, and go downstairs. Remember, there are a lot of treasures
here. Try pressing against the far southern walls, and you will find
doors leading to a few treasures. Equip all of the Flame and Thunder
equipment that you find, and look for Kefka. Jump off where Kefka threw
the two creatures. Make sure that you are fully healed at this point.
Talk to the left creature and you will enter a fight. For Ifrit, use
strong Ice attacks, and use Fire attacks on Shiva. They'll turn into
Magicite. Go through the left door, use a tent, and save your game
(by the way, have Locke steal from the soldiers around here to get
tents). Go back through the door, and go into the right one this time.
Go all the way up the stairs, fighting enemies on the way. Search the
room with several Esper Processing Chambers for the Break Blade. It is
hidden out of view. Go throug the next doorway to fight #024. It is
difficult to hurt him with magic (he changes what he is weak against
when he glows), so use primarily fighting attacks. Sabin's Aura Bolt and
Cyan's Dispatch techniques work best if they are in your party. Go up
through the door and talk to Cid. Watch the cinema scene, then follow
Cid. Use a tent and save your game before you talk to Cid again. In the
mine cart ride use strong fighting techniques plus Ice and Fire spells
on the Mag Roaders. When you fight #128, attack the body, not the arms,
with strong Ice and Thunder attacks. Save your game when you are outside,
and talk to Setzer. Once back on the airship, you will have to fight
some Cranes. Use strong magic (you might want to Scan to see what they're
weak against), and Setzer's Slot. If the Slot lands on 3 diamonds, you'll
probably win the fight easily.


(7)  To the Sealed Gate

You get to control the airship here. Fly to Narshe. Remember the
locked treasure chest? Go to that house and follow Lone Wolf to where
the Esper is (at the cliff). He will grab a Moogle to use as a hostage.
When he tells you not to step forward, stand still. Mog wrestles free,
but both will almost fall of the cliff. You only have time to save one.
If you save Mog, he joins your party (kupo)! If you save Lone Wolf, you
get a Gold Hairpin, which cuts in half the magic needed for the wearer
to cast spells. I STRONGLY suggest taking Mog. You may want to fight
with him in forests, plains, and other backgrounds until he learns his
dances. See the "A Few Tips and Secrets" section for info on getting
the Water Rondo dance.
When you're ready, fly to the Imperial Base. Nobody will be there.
Don't bother searching the building as everything inside is locked up
right now. Exit on the right side. Save here before you do anything else.
Go across the bridge and to the cave. You'll find a valuable treasure at
the beginning, so take it. When you reach the room with moving bridges,
make your way to the treasure chest on the little island. It holds the
Coin Toss, which lets Setzer kill the enemy with money. Follow the route,
and, when you pull a switch that makes you hear a distant sound,
backtrack to reach a treasure chest. After fighting a Ninja (when you
pull a switch), head right and down, then hold A and walk around on
the bluff. You'll find many hidden treasures here; apparently they are
the 'prize under the staircase' that he is talking about. When you reach
the area with 2 switches on the floor, DON'T step on either of them.
Instead, pass the first one, then go up the right bridge. Pull the
switch in the chest, and go downstairs, then down again. Go to your left
to the little raised piece of ground, and step on the switch. It will
open a cave with the VERY valuable Atma Weapon in it. Equip it on Terra
only if she has a rather high HP count at this point. Keep going to the
right, until you eventually reach the Sealed Gate. Hit Kefka once, and
enjoy the show! When it's over, exit the cave through the new passage
that is created. You should be able to easily reach the airship.


(8)  Search for the Espers

The airship crashes. Go and talk to the people in Maranda. They
have new things to say. Head to Vector, and go up to the castle.
You'll talk to Gesthal and Cid. Before the banquet begins, you will
be sent on a small mission. Talk to as many soldiers as possible. You
may have to fight some. DON'T talk to Kefka, as he takes away from your
time to talk to soldiers. When you have talked to 24 soldiers, wait out
the timer. During the banquet, be as courteous and polite as possible
when talking. Refer to the Miscellaneous Info section for what should
be said during the conference. Go to the Imperial Base if the door was
opened as there are a few goodies to find there now. If you want to see
a special cinema scene at this point, head back to the airship and talk
to Setzer. When you're ready to move on, go to Albrook. Go to the ship
and enjoy the cinema scene where Celes is reunited with the group.
Afterwards, sleep at the inn for free for yet another cinema scene. Go
back to the ship, and you'll set sail. When you reach Crescent Island,
head north to Thamasa. Press A next to the barrels and boxes for some
prizes, and by new weapons and armor. Some of the relics are also useful.
Explore until you find Strago and Relm in one of the houses. Sleep at
the inn and when you awake go to the burning house. Enter with Strago.
If you have it, equip Strago with the Ice Rod, and use Ice and the
Aqua Rake spells on your enemies. Try to avoid the fireballs, and
eventually you'll reach a big fireball. Defeat him with Ice2 and Aqua
Rake. Shadow will save the day when all looks bleak. After finishing,
see if there's any equipment you couldn't afford before at the shops,
then head for the Crescent Cave. Save outside and go up a few levels.
Take the treasure chest immediately to your left at the entrance, then
head up and right, through the door. When you're outside, work your way
to the left, and into another cave. Pick up any treasure, and you'll
eventually reach the 3 Golden Statues. Along comes that pesky octopus
again. When fighting Ultros, use the strongest fire attacks possible,
and, when Relm joins you, have her sketch Ultros. You'll win (for now),
and head out the left door. Save when you have the chance, and, when
you see 3 tiles on the ground, step on the upper-left one. Go out the
door and collect the treasure, then go back inside and upstairs. Fall
through the upper-right one, and continue until there's a cinema scene.
When in Thamasa, watch the action. Kefka will do some evil, and when you
wake up, you will be General Leo. Don't try exiting Thamasa at all as
you cannot defeat the Guardians stationed at the outskirts. Fight Kefka
with General Leo; it should be easy. Unfortunately, Leo is killed by
Kefka. You will watch the sad burial. Board the airship when the party
comes, and watch the cinema scene.


(9)  The Floating Continent

After Thamasa, fly to Doma Castle (if it was freed), and, if you
wish, South Figaro. Gain several levels (you'll need to for the
upcoming battles), and save somewhere. Board the airship, and choose
to look for the Floating Continent. You'll battle the IAF, which
consists of several battalions of enemies. This can be pretty tough if
you haven't advance your levels, so be sure to cure between battles.
Eventually you'll face off with Ultros and his friend, Chupon. Use fire
attacks on Ultros, and all of your strong ice and special attacks on
Chupon. Chupon will eventually sneeze you away, and you'll fall. You'll
fight a machine on your way down! Concentrate on the body itself, and
destroy the little machines it releases that absorb magic. You have to
hurry, because when the countdown ends, you'll be fried!
You'll end up on the Floating Continent. Talk to Shadow and he'll
join your group. Make sure to save your game so that you don't have to
face the IAF again. The battles here are tough, so you should have Shadow
throw Shurikens and Ninja Stars, as well as different Skeans. When you
think you've reached a dead end, try pressing against the wall.
Basically, you should make your way to the right, collecting the blue
orbs (treasure chests). Don't miss the Masamune, or any other treasures.
When you find a save place (haven't seen one of those for a while), use
a tent and save. Soon you'll have the option to go back to the airship or
continue onwards. You really should keep going unless you are short on
supplies or have unfinished business, in which case leave now or forever
hold your peace. Fight the Atma Monster using very strong ice spells,
and all of your best attacks. Cure2 is imperative to your survival, so
make sure somebody has learned it by now. You should be victorious if
you pound away. When you win, head up and enjoy the long cinema scene.
Shadow will trap Kefka between the statues, and a timer will come up.
Hurry to your right. If you have the Charm Bangle, equip it now. There
may be some blue orbs, but don't bother trying to get them now. When
you defeat the enemy at the glowing star, continue going right. At the
edge it asks if you want to jump to the airship or wait; your decision
here is very important. Choose wait, move back a step, and step forward.
Now choose to wait for Shadow. If you don't, you can't get him later!!!
At about 5 seconds left, Shadow will come, and you'll escape. Enjoy the
splendor of the end of the world!


(10)  What You Should Have Done By Now

By now you should have found the 12 normal characters. You will
have 11 if you didn't save Mog. If you neglected Mog, you'll have to
wait for another chance to find him. By now your characters should be
at least at level 25, that being the minimum. Sabin should have learned
the Fire Dance (maybe the next one also), and Cyan should know the
Quadra Slam. Make sure that you found the Atma Weapon before this point,
or you won't be able to get it. You could live without this weapon,
but it eventually becomes one of the best weapons in the game.


(11)  A Few Tips and Secrets

If you want to gain levels quickly, then you should stay
near the beginning of the Floating Continent. The enemies here
can be defeated, and they give you a lot of experience. If it's
magic you want, go to the Triangle Island (upper left corner of
map). Defeat the invisible Intangir by casting Doom, but beware:
it will cast a powerful spell on the person who kills it. Have
your party above 1000 HP each. Alternately, use the loop on the
Lete River that is listed in the misc. section of this FAQ.
If you think that the Atma Weapon is faulty or doesn't work,
that's because it gains power as you gain HP. The more HP you
have, the stronger it is. Remember, if you're low on HP, it will
hardly do anything.
Terra's Morph will last longer at higher levels, and if you
go many battles without using it.
Many people wonder how to get two of Mog's dances; the Water
Rondo and the Snowman Jazz. The Snowman Jazz can be found in
the World of Ruin only, but the Water Rondo MUST be learned in
the World of Balance. The W. Rondo is, in fact, Mog's strongest
dance. To acquire it, form a group with Mog in it. Land the
airship at Nikeah, and rent a Chocobo. Ride it all the way to
Baren Falls, and hop off. Jump the falls, and go all the way to
the Serpent Trench, and jump in. Fight a water enemy without
dancing and you'll learn the Water Rondo! You'll end up in Ni-
keah, right next to your airship! An alternate, longer route is
to take the raft down the Lete River with Mog. The Serpent Tre-
nch is much faster, though.
To save Shadow on the Floating Continent, during the destr-
uction, wait instead of jumping onto the ship. Step forward,
then choose to wait for Shadow. If you stand there until only
5 seconds are left, he'll come and you'll leave together.
In Mobliz, it is possible to get a valuable Tintinabar. Talk
to the injured soldier, and read the letter on the desk. Go to
the house in the center of town and send something in the mail.
After going back and forth and spending a lot of money on mail,
the soldier will give you a Tintinabar!
Many of the treasure chests in the WOB can be found in the
WOR (as long as the level they were in is still accessible). If
you leave treasure chests, then open them in the WOR, they will
contain better items! This holds true particullarly for treasures
in the Narshe Caves and the Magitek Factory...


(1)  Stranded on a Deserted Island

This is a very short part of the story, but can also be very
dramatic. You will be alone as Celes. Cid is your only companion, and
he is becoming ill from a year of being stranded. To pick up fish for
Cid, go to the beach south of the house and press A next to a fish.
Remember: the faster the fish, the healthier it is. There are 4 types
of fish: Rotten Fish, Fish, Just a Fish, and Yummy Fish. Each one can
be seen in the Rare items list. If you feed Cid 10 Yummy Fish (the very
fast moving ones), he'll live! If you take to long to catch the fish,
or if you feed him Rotten Fish, Cid will die, and Celes will almost
commit suicide. Either way, you will set sail using a raft that Cid made.
Remember where the Solitary Island is for later in the game.


(2)  Search for The Others

You will arrive on a new body of land. Head north to Albrook and
talk to the people to learn of the World of Ruin. You'll hear about
several key story elements: the 8 dragons, Phunbaba, and Doom Gaze,
as well as Kefka's reign of terror. Buy new equipment (you'll need it)
and sleep at the inn. When you leave town, head north past Kefka's
Tower and through a desert. Eventually you'll reach Tzen. Save outside,
and when you enter, a disaster hits. Go the inn for HP and MP if you must,
then go up to Sabin. Enter the house, taking the treasures, and head to
the left. Go downstairs, and up to the long landing. The child should be
above the fireplace. Take it outside, and Sabin will join you. Buy
equipment for him if you must, then save outside.
Go northwest and find a small forest. In the middle, rent a Chocobo
and go south. Go east across a bridge and follow the green trail that
was once the Serpent Trench to Mobliz. It has been pretty much destroyed.
Sleep at the house you find and talk to Terra. You'll fight Phunbaba, who
can be stopped by strong ice spells, the poison and bio spells, and the
Suplex Blitz. Terra won't join you yet, but you can't give up now.


(3)  Edgar!

After the fight with Phunbaba, head south to a forest where you can
rent a Chocobo. Follow the Serpent Trench past the Fanatics' Tower and
to the town of Nikeah. Talk to the thieves at the inn, and, when they
leave, go outside and talk to Gerard (he looks like Edgar). Follow
Gerard into the ship, and, at South Figaro, locate him at the inn. Buy
new weapons, armor, relics, and items at the town, then leave.
Go to Figaro Cave to the northeast. Follow Gerard, the thieves, and
the Sigfried impostor to the Recovery Spring. Remember that opening on
the other side? Jump on the turtle and enter it. It leads to Figaro
Castle. If you search the cave, you may find Sigfried, but he runs away.
Go to the engine room and down the stairs that you couldn't enter before.
Collect the treasures, and find the engine. Gerard will reveal himself to
indeed be Edgar and you'll collectively fight the Tentacles. It is a good
idea to have relics protecting you from poison and berserk, as well as
Running Shoes to negate the effects of slow. Have Celes cast Regen on
everyone as soon as possible. Each Tentacle gets injured by different
magic. Have Edgar use the Chainsaw, Flash, or Drill, Sabin use the Aura
Bolt, and Celes use magic to cure or runic. When you win, go through the
door and press A by the statue for the Soul Sabre. Go back the way you
came, and the engineer will make the castle go to Kohlingen. Buy the
new items and tools in the castle at half price by putting Edgar or Sabin
in the front of your party. Head out for Kohlingen.


(4)  A New Airship

When you find Setzer in the cafe of Kohlingen, he'll join you. Buy
new equipment from the shops. Equip Setzer with either the Dice or the
Trump. Go to Daryll's Tomb and save outside. From the beginning, go
down stairs and to the right. Go up through the door, and press A on the
tombstone. A door will open, which you should go through. Flip the
switch at the top of the room and the water will go down. Return to the
main hallway and go down. Keep going and collect the treasure chest.
Once again go to the main hallway, only go all the way to the left and
down (if you REALLY want to solve the tombstone puzzle, go down the
center twice, and read each of the tombstones. Go to the main hallway,
into the upper-left door, and put in THE WORLD IS SQUARE backwards).
Go down the next set of stairs and collect the chest to your right. Move
against the right wall and you'll find a hidden passage that leads to a
treasure chest that contains the valuable Experience Egg. This doubles
the experience earned of whoever has it equipped, so use it wisely. Go
back through the passage and in the door to the north. Walk across the
water and flip the switch. You'll see a door open. Return to the main
hallway and go down through the center door. Flip the switch, then jump
on the turtle. It'll take you to the door, which you should go through.
Open up the right chest, than use a tent and save your game. You'll have
to fight a dangerous enemy in the left chest, but, once defeated, he
yields 1 or 2 powerful Fire Claws for Sabin. Save your game again, then
go through the northern door. Walk up to the casket to fight Dullahan.
Have Sabin use Blitzes and the Fire Claw, Setzer use the Dice and Slot,
Celes cast Fire and Cure spells, and Edgar use the Chainsaw or Drill. It
shouldn't be difficult. When done, go up through the door and enjoy the
cinema scene. You'll take off in the new airship.

NOTE: From this point on, the main objective is to find all of your
party members. This can pretty much be done in any order, with a few
exceptions. There are also a few side quests that allow you to collect
very valuable items. At any point you can go to Kefka's Tower, although
it is advised to gain levels before you do so. Many people don't like
the openness of this point in the game; the story pretty much revolves
around single character elements. However, it is still rather enjoyable.
If you want to fully understand each character, you should spend time
with their little subquests (Hidon, Doma Castle, Gau's home...). The
path is really up to you.


(5)  Cyan's Grievances

When you first take off in the new airship, you'll see a bird, and
follow it to Maranda. In the house in the upper-right, a girl says she's
been receiving letters from her love in Mobliz, but you know that he's
dead. The handwriting on the letter is that of Cyan. Take the girl's next
letter to the carrier pigeon, and watch as it flys to Zozo.
After flying to Zozo, talk to the man that told the truth the first
time (he's up and to the right of the big tower) and he'll give you info
and Rust-rid. Go into the Cafe and find the rusty door which will now
become unrusted. Go through the passage to end up on Mt. Zozo. Make your
way through the first room, making sure to collect the treasures. In the
second room, use a tent and save your game, then step on the switch to
your upper-right. This will release one of the 8 dragons from a treasure
chest. If you are weak, you can save this fight for later. Otherwise,
fight it using your strongest abilities. You should win. Continue climbing
the mountain until you find Cyan. Enjoy the cinema scene. When it's
done, you can go to where Cyan was and get the key to open his treasure
chest. Open the chest and take his books, although they don't really do
anything. Make your way out of Zozo or use a Warp Stone (or Warp magic),
and fly back to Maranda with Cyan in your group. Talk to the townspeople


(6)  Face to Face With Phunbaba

By this time you can check back on Terra in Mobliz. When you do,
you'll notice that she's gone. Go into the house where Duane is and
follow the dog into a secret passage behind the bookcase. There's an
Elixir hidden in one of the pots. You'll have to fight Phunbaba again
here, so make sure that you're healed up. Use the same tactics as when
you fought him before. Midway through, Terra will morph and join you in
the fight. Phunbaba's life resets at this point. It should be easy with
Terra's magic skills. Terra will rejoin the party, and you can now
continue your adventure.


(7)  To the Veldt!

Short chapter! Anyway, all you have to do is fight a battle in the
Veldt with 3 people in your party. Gau will rejoin you and will have
learned a few new Rages. If you wish, you may take him and Sabin to the
house in the northwest. There Gau will meet his father. It's both funny
and a tear-jerker.


(8a)  Save Shadow

Note: You can only save Shadow if you waited for him back on the
Floating Continent!!!

This is a split scenario. If you waited for Shadow on the Floating
Continent, he will be waiting in the Veldt Cave. Go there and follow
Interceptor. BE SURE to open EVERY treasure chest in the cave, or you
may miss the valuable Striker!!! Eventually you'll find Shadow lying on
the ground (it's after a save location). Be ready, because you'll have
to battle two powerful Behemoths! Use Ice magic, and you shouldn't have
trouble. However, get ready! Just after beating the first, its ghost
will trap you from behind! This one is easy. Just use the item `Revivify' \
on it to kill it in one hit.
When you do defeat the monster, you'll take Shadow to Thamasa.
(NOTE: Ignore the fact that they mention him with 'she.' This was just
bad coding, as you can also rescue Relm here in an alternate fashion)
After sleeping at the inn, he'll disappear, having gone to the Coliseum.
Make sure to search the left wall of Strago's house (upstairs) for
another Memento Ring.
Head far west to the Coliseum. You'll hear about a man dressed in
black searching for a Striker. Bet the Striker (you should have found it
in the cave), and you'll fight Shadow (even though it says Shadow Chupon).
You'll easily defeat him, and he'll join your party for the rest of the


(8b)  Save Relm

No matter if you saved her in the cave or saved Shadow instead, Relm
will end up at Owzer's House (it is located at the top of Jidoor). Head
to Jidoor and up to the large house there. After trying to go up the
stairs, read Owzer's Diary. Press A on the lamp (near the stairs), then
go up. If you wish, fight the flower portrait. Look at the picture of
Geshtahl twice for a clue about the Phoenix Cave. Then look at the
woman's portrait. When you defeat the enemy, enter the door that appears.
Follow the path (some of the portraits do things, so watch out), and,
when you find 3 doors on 1 wall, walk behind the wall and press A for the
valuable Relic Ring (makes Doom/Poison cure, and Cure/Life injure). Go
through the left-most door. If you wish, stand under the floating chests
to fight an enemy. You have to go to each one in a certain order. Then
go through the door. Save your game and go through the right door (the
left is a trap). Fight the Spirit Chadarnook, using strong fire attacks
on the demon form. You may want to cast Regen on everyone, because one
of his moves damages everyone over time. He'll transform, and, in doing
so, change what he takes damage from. After winning (it may take awhile),
Relm will join your party.


(9)  Strago and Ebot's Rock

Having saved Relm, take her to the Fanatics' Tower. A very confused
Strago will be marching with some Kefka Worshippers, but will snap out
of his trance when he sees Relm. Take both of them to Thamasa, and, after
a cinema scene, buy some equipment and head to Ebot's Rock. Enter the
cave and talk to the chest. Using the transporters, find 22 or more
pieces of coral, then bring them back to the chest. The chest will move
out of the way, and you can face Hidon. Take Strago along, and kill off
the little Hidonites first. This will cause Hidon to use Grand Train
(which Strago will learn afterwards). Keep attacking with Fire and Cure
attacks and eventually Hidon will fall. Hopefully you got him to cast
Grand Train, which is one of Strago's best Lore attacks. Enjoy the
cinema scene. If you DIDN'T learn Grand Train, fear not; all is not lost.
Talk to Gungho in Thamasa until he says, "Hidon hasappeared at Ebot's
Rock again!" Go back to Ebot's Rock, feed the chest, and you can face
Hidon again. Do this as often as you want.


(10)  Mog Lives!

Take your airship to Narshe. Ignore the fact that the doors are
locked until you find Locke later on. Remember the Moogle Village? Well,
return there by going through the Narshe Caves. Mog will be there, and
he'll join you. Search where he was standing for the Moogle Charm (avoids
random enemy fights). Take Mog with you and head north through the caves
where you started the game.  In the snowy area where you fought Kefka you
will find the Ice Dragon. Simply use Fire attacks to kill it quickly.
Fight another enemy in the area and you'll learn the Snowman Jazz dance
for Mog. Go to the frozen Esper Tritoch and fight it. Use strong weapon
attacks and Fire magic. When you thaw it out, you will receive its
Magicite, and the cliff will break. Have Mog in your party and jump off
the now open cliff.
Follow the cave's route, picking up treasure chests along the way.
It is a puzzle that shouldn't take long once you realize where the ground
breaks away. Beware of the chest that contains the Pugs, as they are
very deadly. Come back to them later. You'll eventually reach a room
with a bone carving. Take the Magicite from it and Umaro the sasquatch
will fight you. Defeat him with powerful attacks, and, after beating him,
Mog will forcibly make him join your party (they are friends). If Mog
isn't in your party, be sure to bring him to Umaro.
This is a good time to take care of the Earth Dragon. Fly to the
Opera House, where you will hear of a dragon on the stage. Go to the
switch room and flip the third switch from the left. This will cause you
to fall onto the stage. When you fight the Earth dragon, make sure that
you equip everyone with a Cherub Down relic (which you can buy in
Jidoor). This will alow you to float, avoiding the dragon's deadly
quake attacks and prevent him from negating the effect. Defeating him
will then be simple.


(11)  Phoenix Cave

Head to the Pheonix Cave, which, as Gestahl's portrait told you, is
hidden in the center of the star-shaped mountain range. Fly over it and
you will drop down to the entrance, breaking up into two parties. If you
want to make this area very easy, have Mog in one of your parties and
equip him with the Moogle Charm. If you want to rough it and face tough
enemies, by all means do not use his relic. You may also want to have
Umaro because of his immunity to fire attacks thanks to the Snow Muffler.
Follow the maze's twists and turns, and notice how most of the chests
are empty. Look carefully at the ground for difficult-to-see switches.
It is required that both parties flip switches so that others can
advance further into the cave. You'll eventually end up at the Fire
Dragon (make sure to save your game beforehand). Fight the dragon, or,
if you're weak, save it for later. Use strong ice attacks against the
beast to make quick work of it. Afterwards, go back up and stand on the
switch to make a set of rocks appear. Have the other party leap across
using the rocks, then head down with both parties. Have each stand on
one of the 2 switches, and the raised land will lower. Follow the path
and you'll at last find Locke.
Enjoy the long cinema scene, then take Locke to Narshe. Search the
weapon shop and the northern shop for the Ragnarok Sword/Esper and
Cursed Shield. I suggest you take the Esper, or read the Secrets section
for another way to learn Ultima involving uncursing the shield.


(12)  Fanatics' Tower

Go to the Fanatics' Tower. In this tower you cannot normally fight,
so be sure to come with your strongest magic users (or, if you wish,
include Umaro; his Berserk-like state allows him to attack. However,
his inability to heal your other party members may be your downfall).
If you are lazy and don't want to fight anyone, or you want to get the
treasures present beforehand, use Mog's Moogle Charm. You may wish to
learn a lot of magic before entering. Especially make sure that everyone
knows Osmose so that they can replenish their MP in fights. Equip someone
with the Siren Esper, and have somebody know Life3. Berserk also helps.
It is also suggested to know the Ultima spell, as it will wipe out even
the toughest of enemies in a few attacks. Equip strong magic-defending
equipment, such as Force Armor and the Force Shield. Use the Siren Esper
to perform an almost 100% working Mute attack, which debilitates any of
the strong magic that enemies use. Fight your way to the first treasure
room and take the treasure. Then move to the right of the chest, walk up,
and press A. You'll here a noise. Go out the room and downstairs to the
new door. Enter and take the Air Anchor (one of Edgar's Tools). Then
continue your journey up the tower. If you fight a Magic Barrel, DON'T
KILL IT. Instead, let it heal you until it runs away. You'll fight a
Dragon higher in the tower. The fight should be easy with the Ultima
spell. At the top of the tower, take the Gem Box and equip it on the
strongest magic user. Be prepared for what is probably the most annoying
boss of the game. When you fight the Magi Master, cast Life3 on as many
people as possible (but at least one). The Magi Master changes what he
can be hurt by magicwise, but, if you have the Berserk spell, cast it on
him immediately to keep him from changing. It will be a tough, long
battle. However, if you have the Ultima spell, it shouldn't take too
long. If you cast Life3 on somebody, then you'll win even after he uses
Ultima as a final attack. Alternately, you can use Rasp and Osmose to
gradually wear down his 50,000 MP. Once he runs out there is pretty much
nothing that he can do (including the final casting of Ultima). Now head
back down the tower (easier said than done, unless you have the Moogle
Charm equipped).


(13)  Cyan's Dream

Fly to Doma Castle. Make sure that you have Cyan in your party. Upon
arriving, strange things will happen and your group will be seperated.
Walk through the various doors until you find your two other group
members. You should be able to make it as far as the Three Dream Stooges
easily. Kill the flying one first, as that one can cast Life on the
others. Once he's down, the rest should be easy. After that, you'll
continue through Cyan's mind. You will find yourself back on the Phantom
Train. The puzzles are much like they were the first time around. When
you find the Lump of Metal, go up to the moving chest and press A to
put the metal in the chest, stopping it (you won't lose it, though). Flip
the switch and study the chests' patter. When you find another group of
six chests later, enter the same pattern and flip the switch to move on.
Eventually you will wind up in Magitek Armor. Go down, then to the right.
Enter the cave, than walk outside. Fall through the bridge. In Doma
Castle, save your game, and feel free to walk around, witnessing Cyan's
memories of his family. Head to the throne room and fight Wrexsoul. When
he enters someone's body, either kill each other off one at a time until
he appears, or use Life3 on everyone and kill the party. After that, use
Vanish/X-Zone if you are a cheap coward, or use strong fire attacks.
DO NOT use X-Zone if you want to collect a valuable Pod Bracelet. Either
way, you'll end up with a nifty Aura sword for Cyan, and he'll learn the
final few SwdTech attacks! Go back the throne room when you wake up and
collect the Alexander Esper.


(14)  Ancient Castle

Take your strongest party and fly to Figaro Castle. Inside, you
should rest and buy supplies, then ask the engineer to submerge the
castle. On your way back to the large desert, you'll bump into
something. Tell the engineer that you'd like to stop and search, then
head to the jail. Enter the open jail cell, and you'll be in a large
cave. Be sure to pick up the treasures in the first room, then enter
the right-most door near the bottom of the screen. Open the treasure
chest and be ready to fight the Master Pugs! If you win, you'll get
the powerfull Graedus sword! After winning this battle, head to the
left and through the wall (it is fake), then down a ladder below you.
Head left, and keep walking along the bottom of the room, then climb
up a ladder. Go up and to the left through a doorway. Search the bottom
of this new room for two treasure chests, then go down the set of
stairs. Save at the save point, and continue left and up. Enjoy the
sequence that reveals the past of the Ancient Castle, then enter the
main doorway. Fight your way to the throne room and walk to the very
top of the screen. Talk to the stone statuete of Odin for his Magicite.
Enter an archway (the first one on the left), and open the chest for
Umaro's valuable Blizzard Orb. Go back into the throne room and head to
the right and down into a hidden doorway. Press A next to the sparkling
image on the shelf for a book. The man in Figaro's library (if you go
back) will now reveal a secret. Otherwise, here is what he tells you:
go 5 steps down from the queen's throne in the Ancient Castle. Do so,
and press A. You'll hear a noise. Go back to the right and into the
Ancient Castle library to find a new staircase. Go down it and talk to
the queen's statue to transform the Odin Magicite into Raiden. (NOTE:
be aware that the Odin magicite is the only one that provides and agility
bonus at level up, and after the transformation it will be gone forever)
Fight the dragon then go to the castle courtyard. Walk left and into
the double doors. Open the treasure chest and fight a tough enemy for
the awesome Offering Relic. Go back into the courtyard, but this time go
right. Walk into a crack in the wall and open the chest. Now you
can FINALLY get out of here.


(15)  Finding That Mimic

When on Triangle Island (it is in the upper-right of the world map),
fight the Zone Eater (the only enemy there). Don't kill it. Instead
have everyone be engulfed. You'll find yourself in a cave. On the
bridges, don't touch the green guys or you'll be knocked off (although
there are some handy treasures if you fall down there). Make sure to get
the Fake Mustache (changes Sketch into Control). Work your way past the
deadly falling ceiling room (stand under the small openings to avoid
being crushed), and you'll eventually find Gogo.


(16)  Kefka's Tower

Oh no! You have to split up into 3 groups! The pain! The
horror! Actually, it shouldn't be that difficult if you're near level
50. This tower is made out of pieces from other areas of the game and new
areas. Basically, work your way through the hordes of enemies. If you're
going for the Crusader Esper and the valuable Merton spell, defeat the
2 Dragons here. You'll have to fight Atma and a machine. Fight the 3
statues, saving after each victory. Make sure to equip the Sky Render
on Cyan and the Aura Lance on either Mog or Edgar. Now you can head for
Kefka. Enjoy the overdramatic cinema scene, equip all of your characters,
then fight. Use Pearl, Ultima, and basically the strongest magic possible
on all of his lower minions. If you have a Genji/Offering combo, this
really shouldn't be a tough battle at all. One of the parts will cast Doom on someone at the end of
a fight, so you may lose one character (that is okay; after each round,
dead characters are replaced by alternates). There are also valuable
items to steal which can then be equipped through the Item menu. Have
somebody cast Life3 for the battle with Kefka, as he casts Fallen One,
which makes your HP go down to a measly 1 pont. It shouldn't be too
difficult at all. Enjoy the lengthy ending.


(17)  Did You Get These Elusive Items?

Chainsaw     - put in 6:10:50 at the clock in Zozo.
Air Anchor   - press A right of the treasure chest, first room
Fanatics' Tower. Go downstairs.
Soul Sabre   - statue in treasure room, engine area of Figaro
Drainer      - chest in falling house, Tzen.
Illumina     - wager the Ragnarok Sword at Collosseum. Only if
you took the sword.
Tiger Fangs  - hidden room, Veldt Cave.
Imp Halberd  - win from Tyrannosaur.
Imp Armor    - steal from Tyrannosaur.
Marvel Shoes - wager Rename Card at Coliseum.
Merit Award  - wager Cat Hood at Coliseum.


(18)  A Few More Tips and Secrets

How do you gain levels fast? Well, try fighting in the for-
est north of the Veldt. There you fight Tyrannosaurs, which give
you a ton of experience. You may also occasionally fight the Brachosaur.
The best place for Gold AND Magic Points is in the desert
south of Maranda. There you fight the Cactrot, which gives you
10 Magic Points and 10,000 GP.
In the forest north of the Veldt (where you fight Tyrannosaurs),
you'll occasionally fight the dangerous Brachosaur. This fearsome beast
can cast Ultima! However, when you defeat it, there's a chance of
receiving the VERY valuable Economizer. This awesome relic lowers all
spells (and that includes Lore attacks) to only 1 MP! This, by the way,
makes the game almost too easy. Use this only if you want the rest of the
game to be a cakewalk using the sick Gem Box/Economizer combo.
To learn Sabin's Bum Rush Blitz, bring Sabin to Duncan's House.
It is hidden on the same continent as Narshe near a cross of trees.
Gee, Duncan bears an uncanny resemblance to Banon. Read nothing into
that, though.
Taking the Ragnarok Esper allows you to learn the powerful
spell Ultima! It has the power of FF2's Meteo, if not stronger.
Alternatively, take the Ragnarok Sword. Wager it at the Colloseum
for the Illumina, the Legendary Sword. This is probably the best sword
in the game (unless you count the Atma Weapon with 9999 HP).
To face Doom Gaze, you must fly around in your ship until he
attacks. Remember that he can't regenerate his HP after battle, so if
you keep fighting him, he'll eventually die. DO NOT use Vanish/X-Zone
on him, as by doing so you won't receive the Bahamut Esper. Vanish/Doom,
on the other hand, works just fine... if you like that sort of thing.
Many people wonder where the Megalixer is. Well, there are 3 that
appear normally throughout the game: one after beating the Magi Master,
another in Kefka's Tower, and one when you steal from Kefka. However,
to get unlimited Megalixers, try casting Stop on the scorpion beastes
in the desert of the Solitary Island, then stealing from them.
To un-curse the Cursed Shield, fight with it in 255 battles. I
suggest using a Ribbon to stop most of its dangerous effects. After
the battles it will become the Paladin Shield, which is the most
powerful shield in the game! It absorbs all elemental attacks, has a
near 50% evade rate, a VERY high defense rate, and even teaches you
Ultima! Of course, you can also trade the Cursed Shield in for a Cursed
Ring at the Coliseum. After 255 battles with this, you will get...
NOTHING! This item DOES NOT uncurse, although there appear to be some
cases where it does eventually become a Hero Ring. There is no, I repeat,
NO PALADIN RING IN THIS GAME. So, how do you get the Cursed Ring without
losing the Cursed Shield? Well, try fighting the Veterans or the Didalos
of Kefka's Tower. They can be found in either of the rooms where you
normally fight the 2 dragons. It may take awhile, but you'll get a Cursed
Ring after a fight. You can also try using the Ragnarok Esper on them,
although this is rarely succesful without a huge magic level.

Thanks and Happy FF3ing!  ^_^
-King Kung

PART TWO-Monster List
By SethWHardy
Edited by GWS Wizard, JonN2002 and King Kung

As of this writing, I do not know if Seth is still a member of
the Internet community, but you should all be greatfull for this
list. If you want to know what you will likely get from Stealing,
use this list, or if you are fighting a particularly tough
enemy, most of their statistics, such as HP, MP, and even
weaknesses, can be found here. Seth certainly did an excellent
job. I believe their is one missing character here, Chupon, and
I'm always planning to get it's data but never do. The reason?
You can't really beat him usually before he blows you away. And
no, his Coliseum appearances really don't count; he's more of a
placeholder there for weak items, though he CAN be beaten.

MONSTER NAME-The name of the monster as it appears in the game.
MONSTER'S LEVEL-Useful for using spells that pertain to levels.
MONSTER'S HP-How many Hit Points the monster has.
MONSTER'S MP-How many Magic Points the monster has.
MONSTER'S WEAK POINTS-What types of damage the monster is part-
iculary vulnerable to.
MONSTER'S ITEMS-What you can get from the monster
(One of two ways: By using Locke's steal ability OR by killing
the monster.)
MONSTER'S EXPERIENCE-How much experience you get from the mon-
ster (Total)
MONSTER'S GP-How many Gold Pieces you get from the monster.

ENEMY       LVL  HP      MP    WEAK          STEAL    EXP.  GP.
1st Class   11   180     25    Poison        Tonic    117   112
Abolisher   24   860     82    None          Antidote 485   525
Actaneon    12   230     98    Fire, bolt    Potion   57    125
Adamyncht   24   1305    50    None                   1449  189
Air Force   25   8000    750   Bolt, water   Elixir   0     0
Allosaurus  38   3000    300   Fire, pearl   None     951   731
Allo Ver    19   8000    8000  Fire, pearl            0     0
Anemone     33   2000    100   Fire          G.Cherry 1000  550
Anguiform   13   315     150   Bolt                   96    358
Apokryphos  26   1900    195   Bolt,prl,wtr           1200  525
Apparite    20   781     60    Ice, pearl    Revivify
Areneid     6    87      15    Ice, water    Tonic    36    94
Aspik       12   220     330   Fire                   48    115
Atma Weapon 37   24000   5000  None          Elixir   0     0
Balloon     22   555     80    Ice, water    Fen.Down 369   300
Barb-e      39   3062    198   Poison        None
Baskervor   22   750     100   None          Potion   464   458
B.Day Suit
Beakor      11   290     30    Fire          Eyedrop  108   135
Behemoth    26   5800    180   Ice                    2052  0
Black Drgn  26   4000    600   Fire, Pearl   Revivify 780   502
Bloompire   26   12      400   Fire          Sm.Bomb  510   896
Blue Drgn   65   26900   3800  Bolt          Scimitar 0     0
Bogy        29   1318    100   None          Potion   532   1200
Bomb                                                  35    80
Borras      35   4771    590   Poison        Potion   2952  2500
Bounty Man                                   Potion   114   55
Boxed Set   45   4020    105   Pearl                  1504  465
Brachosaur       46050                       Economizer
Brainpan    25   1300    1000  Fire,bolt,prl          550   600
Brawler     9    137     100   Ice                    78    84
Brontaur    50   10050   12850 Ice           None     1500  1200
Buffalax    26   2252    218   Fire, water   Dmd.Vest 562   458
Bug         16   310     20    Ice, water    Soft     164   210
Cactrot          3
Cadet                                                       144
Cephaler    21   2237    100   None          Potion   214   280
Ceritops    33   2000    100   Fire          None
Chadarnook  37   56000   9400  Fire                   0     0
Chaos Drgn  44   9013    1300  Ice                    4880  1000
Chaser      19   1202    140   Bolt, water   BioBlstr 690   380
ChickenLip  18   545     155   Ice           Tonic    190   279
Chitonid    26   1111    60    Bolt          Potion
Chimera     22   1237    100   None                   1143  760
Ciripus     10   134     100   None          Antidote 82    102
Coelecite   20   480     15    Ice           Antidote
Commander   10   102     50    Poison        Tonic    85    153
Commando    18   580     35    Bolt, water   Tent     252   273
Covert      44   4580    240   Pearl         Shuriken
Crane       23   1800    447   Water                  0     0
CrassHoppr  11   243     80    Fire, wind    Potion   89    145
Crawler     51   3200    620   Ice           Remedy   1456  1224
Crawly      7    122     0     Fire          Tonic,Rmdy 71  120
Critic      40   1200    330   None          None
Cruller     28   1334    100   Fire, pearl   Tonic    464   595
Crusher     36   2095    340   Fire
Curley      47   15000   2000  Ice, water             0     0
Dahling     37   3580    500   Poison                 1150  1260
Daladuma                                     Head Band 0    712
Dante       28   1945    200   Poison                 1150  712
Dark Force  55   8940    700   Pearl
Dark Side   13   255     85    Fire, pearl   Tonic    165   138
Dark Wind   5    34      0     Fire          Tonic    14    41
Deep Eye    28   1334    100   Fire
Delta Bug   26   612     80    Fire          Slping Bag 288 211
Didalos     59   12280   100   Fire, pearl   Earring
Dirt Drgn   53   28500   16500 Wind, water   Magus Rod 0    0
Displayer   38   3826    1327  Fire, pearl   W.Stone  1510  393
Doom Gaze   68   55555   38000 Fire, pearl   Mag. Bahamut 0 0
Dragon      29   7000    850   Bolt          Potion   2931  0
Drop        27   1000    80    Bolt, water   Tincture 398   427
Dueller     53   7200    1600  Bolt, water
Dullahan    37   23450   1721  Fire                   0     0
EarthGuard  23   1       18    Water         Megalixir 1    0
Eland       37   2470    145   Bolt
Enou        46   4635    280   Pearl         X-Potion 1428  968
Evil Oscar  56   7000    500   Fire          W.Stone  2800  1320
Exocite     11   196     100   Fire, bolt    Tonic    162   153
Exoray      29   1200    112   Fire, pearl   Nothing  549   370
Fidor                                                 160   164
Figaliz     45   4220    140   Ice                    1218  554
Flame Eater 26   8400    480   Ice
Flan        19   255     110   Fire          Tonic    160   120
Fortis      54   9800    700   Bolt, wtr              7000  1000
Fossil Fang 20   1399    219   F/I/Prl,wtr   Revivify 382   1860
Gabbldegak  15   350     20    Poison        Eyedrop  104   126
Garm        19   615     45    Bolt, water   Tonic          343
Geckorex    54   5000    1020  Ice                    75    1120
General     19   650     30    Poison        Tonic    232   308
Ghost       10   226     70    Fire, pearl            48    75
Ghost Train                                  Tent     0     0
Gilomantis  26   1412    110   Fire                         756
Gigan Toad  26   458     20    Ice           None
Gigantos    25   6000    1120  Poison                 7548  0
GloomShell  41   2905    175   Ice                    1096  421
Goblin      46   5555    1150  Pearl         MtrlGlve 2188  960
Gold Bear   13   275     0     None          Tonic    160   185
GreaseMonk  8    132     100   Poison        Tonic    52    256
Grenade     17   3000    500   Ice, water
Grunt                                                       48
GtBehemoth  58   11000   700   None
Guard       5    40      15    Poison        Tonic    48    48
HadesGigas  16   1200    60    Poison        DrgnBts  550   600
Harpiai     29   1418    100   Wind                   450   909
Harpy       42   3612    233   None                   1994  1221
Harvester   16   428     85    Poison        Gggls    290   314
Hazer                                                 34    101
Heavy Armor                                           78    195
Hermit Crab 26   305     35    Water                  267   400
Hemophyte   56   6800    1600  None
Hipocampus  37   2444    82    Fire, prl
Hornet      6    92      0     Fire          Tonic    48    64
Humpty      27   800     100   Fire, pearl   G.Cherry 421   326
Ice Dragon  74   24400   9000  Fire          Force Sld 0    0
Ifrit                                        None     0     0
Ing         21   1100    50    Pearl, water           740   442
Innoc       52   6600    390   Bolt, water   BioBlstr
Intangir    26   32000   16000 None          None     0     0
Io          39   7862    1550  Bolt,prl,wtr           3252  1995
Ipooh                                        Potion   0     0
Iron Fist   15   333     65    None          MtrlKnf  144   249
Iron Hitman 52   2000    800   Bolt, water            2000  700
Joker       17   467     90    Bolt, poison  MthrlRod 194   320
Junk             2000
Karkass     43   3850    185   Fire, Pearl   MrlBlade 1399  826
KatanaSoul  61   37620   7400  Poison        Murasame 0     30000
Kefka(Gate)                                  None     0     0
Kefka(IBase)                                 None     0     0
Kefka(Narshe)                                PeaceRng 0     0
Kefka(Thamasa)                               None     0     0
Kiwok       33   2000    100   Ice           None
L.10 Magic  48   1000    300   Fire, prl     Tincture 0     0
L.20 Magic  51   2000    500   None          Tincture 0     0
L.30 Magic  54   3000    700   Poison        Tincture 0     0
L.40 Magic  55   4000    1000  Bolt          Tincture 0     0
L.50 Magic  57   5000    2000  Fire, pearl   Tincture 0     0
L.60 Magic  58   6000    5000  Fire          Tincture 0     0
L.70 Magic  56   7000          Ice/water     Tincture 0     0
L.80 Magic  53   8000          Poison        Tincture 0     0
L.90 Magic  55   9000    9000  None          Tincture 0     0
Land Worm   59   12000   1300  Ice                    4600  0
Larry       47   10000   2000  Fire                   0     0
Laser Gun   23   884     232   None          X-Ether  0     0
Leader                                       BlackBlt 0     50
Leafer      5    33      0     Fire          Tonic    24    45
Left Blade  22   700     470   None                   0     0
Lethal Wpn  47   9200    1956  Bolt,Water    Dbltr    5848  1189
Lich        20   590     90    Pearl         G.Cherry
Lizard      26   1280    70    Ice                    296   356
Lobo        5    27      5     Fire          Tonic    9     30
Lunaris     26   582     25    None          Potion   308   247
Luridan     34   2079    122   Fire, wind             707   1000
Madam       53   8150    900   Poison
Mad Oscar   30   2900    980   Fire          X-Potion 780   2292
Magic Urn   31   100     10000 None          Tonic
Mag Roader(P,L)19 420    100   Fire      Bolt/WtrEdg  308   277
Mag Roader(R,S)18 250    100   Ice     BoltEdg,FrSkn  264   300
Mag Roader(Y,L)32 1777   100   None                   621   352
Mag Roader(Y,S)32 1380   70    None                   647   284
Maliga      26   952     100   Ice,Bolt,Wtr  Tonic    360   576
Mandrake    23   1150    104   Fire          Potion   378   450
Mantodea    54   4500    420   Fire                         501
Mega Armor  21   1000    50    Bolt, water   Potion   348   0
Marshal     8    420     150   Poison        MlKnife  103   350
Merchant                                     Plumed Hat
Mesosaur    26   1112    130   Ice           Antidote 459   456
Mind Candy  15   290     100   Fire, wind    Soft     128   168
Misfit      26   1750    140   Fire, prl              750   786
Missile Bay 25   3000    7000  Bolt, water            0     0
Moe         47   12500   2000  None                   0     0
Mover       51   120     10500 None          Magicite 1500  0
M-TekArmor                                   Tonic    0     0
Muus        28   900     100   None                   190   487
Nastidon    32   1877    100   Fire          Potion   695   298
Naughty     24   3000    195   Fire,bolt,prl None     0     0
Nautiloid   11   236     100   Fire, bolt    Tonic    214   173
NeckHunter  28   1334    150   Poison        DarkHood 588   1330
Necromancer 48   3525    900   Fire, prl              1509  791
Nerapa      26   2800    280   Ice,bolt,prl           0     0
Ninja       2    1650    130   Pearl                  692   520
Nohrabbit   26   75      200   Water         Remedy
Number 024  24   4777    777   None      RnEdge,FlmSw 0     0
Number 128  23   3276    810   None          Tent     0     0
Officer                                      Tonic    33    66
Ogor        44   4211    219   Bolt, poison  Ashra Knf
Opinicus    38   3210    514   Fire, pearl   W.Stone  1270  519
Osprey      26   850     100   Ice           None     248   596
Osteosaur   30   1584    143   Fire, prl              770   542
Outsider    18   8058    400   Pearl
Over Grunk  15   492     100   Fire          Potion   216   365
Over-Mind                                    G.Cherry 64    228
Pan Dora                                     None
Parasite    39   1000    230   Fire          None     456   461
Parasoul    47   2077    500   Ice                    1622  674
Peepers     23   1       19    Ice,water     Elixir   2     0
Phase       47   4550    1700  Ice                    2600  890
Phunbaba    31   28000   10000 Poison                 0     0
Pipsqueak   18   250     50    Bolt, water   Tonic    115   100
Pirahna                                      Tonic    0     0
PlutoArmor  39   2850    220   Bolt, wtr
Pm Stalker  26   265     190   Fire, prl              258   491
Poppers     33   1000    100   Fire,psn,wnd  None     800   350
Power Demo  29   2058    360   Fire,prl      Dmd.Vest 484   385
Presenter   31   4845    1600  Fire                   0     1000
Presenter(Sm)19  9230    1600  Fire                   0     0
Primordite  11   145     10    Bolt          Eyedrop  90    115
Prometheus  56   14500   2050  Bolt, wtr              5200  2600
ProtoArmor  19   670     125   Bolt          Potion   498   296
Prussian    41   3300    188   None          FullMoon 1396  773
Psychot     32   900     55    Ice           Tonic    347   275
Pterodon    12   380     70    Fire          MlKnife  464   325
Pugs        99   14001   11000 Fire          Minerva  0     0
Pulbhan     37   23450   1721  Fire
Punisher    35   2191    136   Poison        RsngSun  1242  3000
Rain Man    39   2722    180   Ice,prl,wtr   None     890   485
Ralph       17   620     10    None          Tonic    254   345
Reach Frog  52   3511    220   Ice           TckStar  6200  2600
Red Fang    14   325     20    None          Tonic    134   185
Red Wolf    32   1510    110   None          Tonic    687   412
Repo Man    5    35      0     Poison        Tonic    25    25
Retainer    59   7050    2600  Poison
Rhinotaur                                    Tonic
Rhinox      19   800     35    None                   592   400
Rhobite     10   135     40    Water         Tonic    53    10
Rhodox      7    119     100   None          Antidote 59    80
Rhyos       36   7191    354                                1889
Rider                                        Remedy   400   1290
Right Blade 21   400     150   None                   0     0
Rinn        11   110     35    Fire, pearl   Tonic
Rizopas                                      Remedy   0     0
Samurai     40   3000    500   Poison        None     1544  791
Sand Horse  27   1025    100   Ice, water             474   726
Sand Ray    6    67      10    Ice, water    Antidote 41    54
Scorpion    26   290     19    None                   199   336
Scrapper    34   1759    68    None
Scullion    57   27000   9000  Bolt, water
Sea Flower  47   4200    200   Ice, bolt              1315  670
Sewer Rat   16   299     20    Fire          Potion   108   156
Shiva                                        None     0     0
Sky Armor   24   900     170   Bolt, wind    Tincture 350   400
Sky Base    52   6000    550   Bolt, wtr
Sky Cap     40   3262    200   Bolt,wind,wtr
Slatter     37   2600    97    Pearl         W.Stone  830   415
Slurm       23   505     20    Fire          Potion   232   270
Soldier     11   100     15    Poison        Potion
Soul Dancer 22   2539    100   Poison
Soul Saver  41   3066    566   Ice           None     0     0
Speck                                                 0     0
Spectre     13   235     120   Fire, prl     Tonic
Spek Tor    50   250     20    Water
Sp Forces   21   700     20    Poison        Tonic
Spit Fire   25   1400    180   Bolt, wind    Tincture 550   300
Sprinter    53   4500    350   Bolt          None
SrBehemoth(Gry)43 19000  1600  Fire, poison  JwlRng   0     0
SrBehemoth(Org)49 19000  9999  Fire, poison  BehthSt  0     0
StillGoing                                   Potion   54    135
Still Life  37   4889    390   Fire                   2331  1524
Storm Dragon 42  42000   1250  Bolt          FrceArmr 0     0
Stray Cat   10   156     30    None                   206   90
Suriander   40   2912    228   Pearl         None
Tap Dancer  43   4452    270   Poison        Dirk
Templar     11   205     150   Poison        Tonic
Tentacle    32   6000    700   Fire                   0     0
Test Rider  32   3100    220   Poison        Partisan 1944  520
Toe Cutter  36   2500    187   Fire, wind    Psn Rod  1752  726
Tomb Thumb  33   2000    100   Bolt, water   None
Trapper     19   555     80    Bolt, water            235   200
Trilium     9    147     100   Fire          Tonic
Trilobiter                                   Antidote 104   65
Tritoch     62   30000   50000 Fire                   0     0
Trixter     49   3815    9900  Pearl                  1698  826
Trooper     13   255     60    Poison        Tonic    90    96
TunnelArmr                                   AirLnct  0     250
Tusker      10   270     100   Fire          Tonic    162   102
Tyranosaur  57   12770   420   Ice                    8800  0
Ultros (Cave)                                None     0     0
Ultros (River)                               None     0     0
Ultros (Opera)                               None     0     2
Umaro       33   17200   6990  Fire, psn              0     10
Urobros     48   50      760   Ice           Tonic    1778  390
Ursus       34   2409    74    Fire                   882   2000
Vargas                                       MtrlClaw 0     0
Vaporite    5    15      0     Fire, pearl   Tonic    23    29
Vectaur     59   2800    180   Ice, water    Nja Star 1400  350
Vector Pup  11   166     10    Fire          Tonic
Vermin      16   499     40    Ice           Potion   144   235
Veteran     57   10000   300   None
Vindr       36   885     87    Fire                   652   497
Vomammoth   1    115     30    Fire          Tonic    50    90
Vulture     15   412     60    Wind          Potion   160   485
Warlock     38   1300    1250  Bolt, poison  Warp Stone
Wart Puck   44   3559    330   Fire          Flail          1169
WeedFeeder  17   480     20    Fire, wind    Atdte,EchoS 278 234
Were-Rat    4    24      0     Fire          Tonic    21    22
Whelk                                        Potion   0     0
Whisper     12   230     90    Fire, pearl   Soft     42    145
Wild Cat    36   1115    78    Fire, water
Wild Rat    12   160     10    Fire                   201   203
Wirey Drgn  26   2802    200   None                   895   1300
Wizard      32   1677    200   Bolt, poison           587   388
Woolly      43   3609    300   Fire          ImprlDgr 1385  1652
WrexSoul    53   23066   5066  Ice                    0     0
Wyvern      18   892     95    Ice           Tonic    483   434
Zombone     21   1991    160   Fire, pearl   Fen.Down 1072  309
Zone Eater  61   7700    57000 Pearl                  2000  2000

PART THREE-Item, Weapon, Armor, and Relic List
I remember spending far too much time getting many of the things
from this section. The sheer amount of numbers made me, and all
that spent hours getting these stats, ill. However, this is a very
usefull section if you want to make sure you have found EVERY
item out there. Are you skilled (or just persistent) enough to get
them all? No? You wuss. ;)

Items List

Name:           Description:

Rename Card  Allows you to rename a character at anytime
Tonic        Recovers 50 HP
Potion       Recovers 250 HP
X-Potion     Recovers HP to 100%
Tincture     Recovers 50 MP
Ether        Recovers 150 MP
X-Ether      Recovers MP to 100%
Elixir       Recovers HP&MP to 100%
Megalixir    Recovers party's HP&MP to 100%
Fenix Down   Recovers the wounded
Revivity     Cures "Zombie" status
Antidote     Cures "Poison" status
Eyedrop      Cures "Dark" status
Soft         Cures "Petrify" status
Remedy       Cures status alignment except Zombie
Sleeping Bag Recovers HP&MP of single character to 100%
Tent         Recovers party's HP&MP to 100%
Green Cherry Cures "Imp" status
Magicite     Summons random Esper
Superball    Bouncing damage
Echo Screen  Cures "Mute" status
Smoke Bomb   Lets party escape from battle
Warp Stone   Same effect as "Warp"
Dried Meat   Eat when hungry; recovers 150 HP
Shadow Edge  Spread shadows across battle field (Image on thrower)
Fire Skean   Fire attack
Inviz Edge   Makes thrower invisible
Water Skean  Water attack
Thunder Edge Thunder attack

These are the items that you can see if you go to the Rare Items screen
because they are special and thus seperated from the rest. You can't
manually use these items from the menu, they are activated automatically
in the game or are there mearly to be viewed. There has been a lot of
controversy over how many rare items actually exist in FF3. Well,
according to our notes and what we've seen, there are thirteen rare
items that have been found in the normal game, without using the Game
Genie. The others can not be found ANYWHERE, period. They were most
likely items that did nothing or originally served a purpose but were
taken out of the game. Also, the books serve no puropse. AT ALL.
Really. They do not make Cyan stronger or even increase the power of
Edgar's tools. That is a bunch of balogna, yet another rumor that got
out of control.

Books           Simple book of machinery...And "Book of Secrets"...
Cider           Cider, taken from a merchant
Coral           Piece of coral, found in the cave near Ebot's Rock.
Fish            Just a fish
Fish            Fish
Fish            A yummy fish
Fish            A rotten fish
*Lola's Letter   I'm doing fine. Hope you come visit soon...
Lump of Metal   A heavy weight, Put it into a chest, and...
Old Clock-Key   An old clock-key, found on a soldier.
Pendant         A pendant worn by the girl who pilots the MagiTek Armor
Royal Letter    At a star-shaped mountain range...
Rust-Rid        Rust solvent
**Autograph       An opera singer's autograph.
**Glass           A magnifying glass with a peculiar lense...
**Opera Record    A scratched record...
**Rock            A strange stone emitting an eerie glow...
**Stone           An invisible stone...
**????            A delicate golden feather.


* - You only have this letter before delivering it to a carrier pigeon
** - Only available through use of the Game Genie; May have been
completely removed from Playstation edition

RN:= Runic - Celes can use Runic when equipped with this weapon
2H:= 2-hand - Can be held with two hands
SW:= Swdtech - Cyan can use his Swdtech when equipped with this weapon
VG:= Vigor --------
SP:= Speed          \
ST:= Stamina         \
MG:= Mag.Pwr          \
BP:= Batl.Pwr          > Numbers for these stat categories
DF:= Defense          /
EV:= Evade           /
MD:= Mag. Defense   /
MK:= M.Block ------

Name:        Description:(RN/2H/SW/VG/SP/ST/MG/BP/EV/MK)

Dirk         (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/26/0/0)
Mithril Knf. (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/30/0/0)
Guardian     Rndly evades enemy (y/y/n/4/0/0/0/59/10/0)
Air Lancet   Wind-Elemental (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/76/0/0)
Thief Knife  Rndly steal enemy's item (y/y/n/0/3/0/0/88/10/10)
Assassin     Rndly dispatch enemy (y/y/n/0/3/0/2/106/10/0)
Man Eater    Dbl damage to humans (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/146/10/0)
Swordbreaker Rndly evades enemy attack (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/164/30/0)
Gradeus      Pearl-Elemental (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/204/10/0)
Valiant Knf. Power up as HP decreases (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/145/10/0)
Imperial     (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/82/0/0)
Kodachi      (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/93/0/0)
Blossom      (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/112/0/0)
Hardened     (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/121/0/0)
Striker      Rndly dispatch enemy (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/190/0/0)
Stunner      Rndly cast "Stop" (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/220/0/0)

Mithril Bld. (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/38/0/0)
Regal Cutter (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/54/0/0)
Rune Edge    Consume MP to inflict mortal blow
Flame Saber  Rndly cast "Fire" (y/y/y/0/0/0/2/108/0/0)
Blizzard     Rndly cast "Ice" (y/y/y/0/0/0/2/108/0/0)
Thunder Bld. Rndly cast "Bolt" (y/y/y/0/0/0/2/108/0/0)
Epee         (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/98/0/0)
Break Blade  Rndly cast "Break" (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/117/0/0)
Drainer      Absorb damage as HP (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/121/10/0)
Enchanter    Mag pwr up (y/y/y/0/0/0/7/135/10/20)
Crystal      (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/167/0/0)
Falchion     (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/176/10/0)
Soul Sabre   Absorb dmg as MP, rndly cast "Doom"
Ogre Nix     Use MP to inflict mortal blow, may break
Excalibur    Pearl-Elemental sword (y/y/y/2/2/1/1/217/20/0)
Scimitar     Rndly dices up an enemy (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/208/0/0)
Illumina     Legendary sword (y/y/y/7/7/7/7/255/50/50)
Raganarok    Rndly cast "Flare" (y/y/y/7/3/7/7/255/30/30)
Atma Weapon  Transform at level up, stronger as HP increases

Mithril Pike (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/70/0/0)
Trident      (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/93/0/0)
Short Spear  (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/112/0/0)
Partisan     (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/150/0/0)
Pearl Lance  Rndly cast "Pearl" (y/y/n/0/0/0/3/194/0/0)
Gold Lance   (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/139/0/0)
Aura Lance   (y/y/n/3/2/1/3/227/0/0)
Imp Halberd  ??? while an Imp (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/253/0/0)

Ashura       (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/57/0/0)
Kotetsu      (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/66/0/0)
Forged       (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/81/0/0)
Tempest      Rndly cast "Wind Slash" (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/101/0/0)
Murasame     (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/110/10/0)
Aura         (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/162/0/0)
Strato       (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/199/0/0)
Skyrender    (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/215/20/0)


Metal Knuckle   (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/55/0/0)
Mithril Claw    (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/65/0/0)
Kaiser      Pearl-elemental attack (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/83/0/0)
Poison Claw Poison attack (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/95/0/0)
Fire Knuckle    Fire-elemental attack (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/122/0/0)
Dragon Claw Pearl-elemantal attack (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/188/0/0)
Tiger Fangs (n/n/n/3/2/2/3/215/0/0)

Heal Rod     Recovers target HP (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/200/0/0)
Mithril      (n/y/n/0/0/0/2/60/0/0)
Fire Rod     Cast Fire2 as item, breaks (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/79/0/0)
Ice Rod      Cast Ice2 as item, breaks (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/79/0/0)
Thunder Rod  Cast Bolt2 as item, breaks (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/79/0/0)
Poison Rod   Cast Poison as item, breaks (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/86/0/0)
Pearl Rod    Cast Pearl as item, breaks (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/124/0/0)
Gravity Rod  Cast Quartr as item, breaks (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/120/0/0)
Punisher     Use MP for mortal blow (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/111/0/0)
Magnus Rod   Mag pwr up (y/y/n/0/0/0/7/168/0/30)

Chocobo Brush   (n/y/n/0/0/0/1/60/0/0)
DaVinci Brush   (n/y/n/0/1/0/1/100/0/0)
Magical Brush   (n/y/n/0/1/1/1/130/0/0)
Rainbow Brush   (n/y/n/1/2/1/2/146/0/0)

Shuriken     Use with throw command (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/86/0/0)
Ninja Star   Use with throw command (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/132/0/0)
Tack Star    Use with throw command (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/190/0/0)

Defensive Equipment ('Armor')


Aegis Shld    Rndly evades magic att. (0/0/0/0/46/+20/52/+40)
Buckler                               (0/0/0/0/16/+10/10/0)
Crystal Shld                          (0/0/0/0/50/+10/34/0)
Cursed Shld   Curse does bad things   (-7/-7/-7/-7/0/0/0/0/0)
Diamond Shld                          (0/0/0/0/40/+10/27/0)
Flame Shld    Abs. fire, teach Fire2  (0/0/0/0/41/+20/28/+10)
Force Shld    50% magic damage, tch Shell (0/0/0/0/0/0/70/+50)
Genji Shld                            (0/0/0/0/54/+20/50/+20)
Gold Shld                             (0/0/0/0/34/+10/23/0)
Heavy Shld                            (0/0/0/0/22/+10/14/0)
Ice Shld      Abs. ice, teach Ice2    (0/0/0/0/42/+20/28/+10)
Mithril Shld                          (0/0/0/0/27/+10/18/0)
Paladin Shld  Teach Ultima, abs magic (0/0/0/0/59/+40/59/+40)
Thunder Shld  Abs. thunder, tch Bolt2 (0/0/0/0/43/+20/28/+10)
TortoiseShld  ??? while Imp, tch Imp  (0/0/0/0/66/+30/66/+30)

Bandana                               (0/0/0/0/16/0/16/0)
Bard's Hat    Raises MP a little      (0/0/0/0/19/0/21/+10)
Beret         Raises Sketch success   (0/0/0/+3/21/0/21/0)
Cat Hood      Picks up more GP        (0/+2/0/+4/33/+10/33/+10)
Circlet                               (+2/+1/+3/+4/25/0/19/0)
Coronet       Raises Control success  (0/+2/0/+4/23/0/23/0)
Crystal Helm                          (0/0/0/0/29/0/19/0)
Dark Hood                             (0/0/0/0/26/0/17/0)
Diamond Helm                          (0/0/0/0/27/0/18/0)
Genji Helmet                          (0/0/0/0/36/0/38/0)
Gold Helmet                           (0/0/0/0/22/0/15/0)
Green Beret   Raises HP a little      (0/0/0/0/19/+10/13/0)
Hair Band                             (0/0/0/0/12/0/8/0)
Head Band                             (+3/+1/+2/0/16/0/10/0)
Iron Helmet                           (0/0/0/0/18/0/12/0)
Leather Hat                           (0/0/0/0/11/0/7/0)
Magus Hat                             (0/0/0/+5/15/0/16/0)
Mithril Helm                          (0/0/0/0/20/0/13/0)
Mystery Veil                          (0/+1/0/+3/24/0/25/+10)
Oath Veil                             (0/0/0/0/32/0/31/0)
Plumed Hat                            (0/0/0/0/14/0/9/0)
Red Cap       HP up 1/4               (+4/+3/+2/0/24/0/17/0)
Regal Crown                           (+1/+1/+1/+1/28/0/23/0)
Thornlet      Continuous damage, high def. (0/0/0/0/38/0/0/0)
Tiara                                 (0/0/0/+2/22/0/20/0)
Tiger Mask                            (+3/+2/+1/0/21/0/13/0)
Titanium      ??? while Imp, tch Imp  (0/0/0/0/42/0/42/0)

BehemothSuit                          (+6/+6/+6/+6/94/0/73/0)
Chocobo Suit  Blocks Poison           (+3/+6/+2/+0/56/0/38/0)
Cotton Robe                           (0/0/0/0/32/0/21/0)
Crystal Mail                          (0/0/0/0/72/0/49/0)
Czarina Gown                          (+1/+2/+2/+3/70/0/64/0)
Dark Gear                             (0/+6/0/0/68/0/46/0)
DiamondArmor                          (0/0/0/0/70/0/47/0)
Diamond Vest                          (0/0/0/0/65/0/44/0)
Force Armor   50% mag. damage         (0/0/0/0/69/0/68/+30)
Gaia Gear     Abs. earth              (0/0/0/0/53/0/43/0)
Genji Armor                           (+5/+3/+2/+3/90/0/80/0)
Gold Armor                            (0/0/0/0/55/0/37/0)
Imp's Armor   ??? while Imp, tch Imp  (0/0/0/0/100/0/100/0)
Iron Armor                            (0/-2/0/0/40/0/27/0)
Kung Fu Suit                          (0/0/0/0/34/0/23/0)
LeatherArmor                          (0/0/0/0/28/0/19/0)
Light Robe                            (0/0/0/+2/60/0/43/0)
Minerva       MP up 1/4, blocks magic (+1/+2/+1/+4/88/0/70/+10)
Mirage Vest   Wearer is shadowed! ;-) (0/+6/0/0/48/0/36/+10)
Mithril Mail                          (0/0/0/0/51/0/34/0)
Mithril Vest                          (0/0/0/0/45/0/30/0)
Moogle Suit   Be a moogle! KUPO!!!    (0/0/0/+5/58/0/52/0)
Ninja Gear                            (0/+2/0/0/47/0/32/0)
Nutkin Suit                           (0/+7/0/+3/86/0/67/0)
Power Sash                            (+5/+1/+5/+1/52/0/35/0)
Red Jacket    Blocks fire             (+5/+2/+4/+1/78/0/55/0)
Silk Robe                             (0/0/0/+1/39/0/29/0)
Snow Muffler  Best on Gau and Mog     (0/0/0/0/128/+10/90/+10)
Tabby Suit    Blocks poison           (+2/+2/+2/+2/54/0/36/0)
Tao Robe                              (0/0/0/+5/68/0/50/+10)
White Dress                           (0/0/0/+5/47/0/35/0)


Amulet       - Protects against Poison, Dark and Zombie
Atlas Armlet - Raises attack damage
Back Guard   - Protects against Back and Pincer attacks
Barrier Ring - Casts Shell when HP is low
Beads        - Better percent of avoiding enemy attacks
Black Belt   - Randomly counterattacks when attacked
Blizzard Orb - Changes Umaro's Command Menu
Charm Bangle - Few enemies will attack from the field
Cherub Down  - Causes the wearer to float
Coin Toss    - Changes Setzer's Slot command to GP Rain
Crystal Orb  - Increases wearers max. MP by half
Cure Ring    - Casts Regen
Czarina Ring - Casts Safe and Shell when HP is low
Dragon Horn  - Makes wearer use the Jump command continuously
DragoonBoots - Changes wearer's Fight command to Jump
Earrings     - Adds power to wearer's offensive spells
Economizer   - All spells cost 1 MP!
Exp. Egg     - Doubles wearers gained experience points
Fairy Ring   - Protects against Poison and Dark
FakeMustache - Relm's Sketch command changes to Control
Gale Hairpin - Preemptive attack rate greater when worn
Gauntlet     - Can attack with two hands
Gem Box      - More power to spellsused by wearer
Genji Glove  - Can equip a weapon in each hand
Goggles      - Protects against Dark
Gold Hairpin - Cuts consumed magic points in half
Guard Ring   - Casts Safe when HP is low
Hero Ring    - Increased power for magical and physical attacks
Hyper Wrist  - Raises vigor
Jewel Ring   - Protects against Dark and Petrify
Marvel Shoes - Casts Safe, Shell and Haste
MithrilGlove - Casts Safe when HP is low
Merit Award  - Allows wearer to wear heavy armor
Memento Ring - Mother's love protects from fatal attacks (Shadow/Relm)
Muscle Belt  - Increase max HPs by half
Peace Ring   - Protects against Berserk and Muddle
Pod Bracelet - Wearer can cast Safe and Shell spells
Relic Ring   - Poison cures, Cure hurts, Zombie like character
Ribbon       - Protects against all status changing ailments
RunningShoes - Casts Haste
Safety Bit   - Protects wearer from magic attacks
Sneak Ring   - Higher Steal command success rate
Sniper Sight - Ensures 100% hit rate
Sprint Shoes - Doubles wearers foot speed
Star Pendant - Protects against poison
Thief Glove  - Changes Locke's Steal command to Capture
Tintinabar   - Wearer regains 1 HP each step
True Knight  - Wearer protects those with low HPs
Wall Ring    - Casts Rflect
White Cape   - Protects against Imp and Mute
Zephyr Cape  - Wearer has greater dodge success rate

PART FOUR-Advanced Battle Tactics and "The Best" of FF3
By JonN2002 and King Kung

By JonN2002

Listed below is an easy-to-follow four-step plan for creating a
super-effective party that will be able to defeat (with ease) any
enemies in the game. (Kefka included!) If the following regimen is
followed precisely, the four characters you choose to concentrate
on should be unstoppable, monster characters! Enjoy, and happy killing!


(1) Step One: Fight, fight, fight!

Select three powerful characters (I prefer Terra, Celes, and Edgar
or Locke, but it doesn't matter too much), and equip them with Paladin
Shields, and the best weapons and armor in the game. Equip each with
an esper that raises stats SIGNIFICANTLY upon level gain (i.e.,
Bahamut or Palidor, and most of the ones found in the WOR, etc.). Next,
go to the forest north of the Veldt (near Gau's father's house) and
fight the Tyrannosaurs and Brachosaurs AD NAUSEAM! Before long, these
fearsome three should evolve into your finest warriors, and you are
one step closer to the ultimate party!
(Note: for best results, I strongly suggest using a Game Genie to get
several Illuminas and Paladin Shields for each character).

(2) Step Two: Perfect and Specialize

Take the time to learn EVERY technique and skill, including ALL
magic spells for each of your three master characters. Practice
each skill, including magic, and equip the following relics and
weapons combinations wherever possible to perfect the "edge" of
each fighter:

Terra: I prefer a Genji Glove and Offering, coupled with an Atma
Weapon and an Illumina sword in each hand. Nix the shield after she
learns the Ultima spell. Trust me... she blocks almost every hit
without the armor bonus, and can slam foes for 8-hits a round, each
at 9999 or close to it.

Edgar: No question about it: this is your standard equipment man --
that means Illumina or your best sword for him, and best armor possible.
Relics include an Amulet or Hero Ring and Marvel shoes or cure ring.

Celes: Give Celes an Illumina blade plus Offering relic to have her
hit effectively for 9999 or close to it for 4 hits a round. She lacks
Terra's natural blocking ability, and requires a Paladin shield for
maximum defense. Her other relic is of your choice, but an Economizer
or Gem Box works wonders.

Locke: Locke works the same way as Edgar, but include a Thief Ring if
you insist on stealing/capturing. Also, the ring raises his battle speed

(3) Step Three: Gogo Steps Into the Equation

Without a doubt, Gogo is your most versatile ally, and, in my opinion,
next possibly to Terra, your best character, no questions asked.
What's that you say? He's too weak? Can't equip anything worthwhile?
WRONG! Give him the infamous Merit Badge relic, and he can wield an
Illumina and wear top armor with the best of them. Give him the Hero
Medal, or whatever the item is that increases his vigor (I forgot it at
the moment), and the best weapons and armor in the game, including
Paladin Shield and Illumina. Next, select the Status menu for Gogo in
the Status screen, and you will notice that you can give him the special
skills of all your party members. I suggest giving him Magic, Fight,
and Blitz. When in doubt, the Blitz will hit hard against all your
enemies for a quick, efficient takeout, sans MP cost. With the
Illumina, vigor bonuses, and Paladin Shield, plus super level-up
skill-building, Gogo will block virtually anything that comes his way
(for me, he's even been known to block most special attacks, including
Siegfried's HyperDrive and Shrapnel attacks. Yikes!). Magic spells of
all types and classes will either be blocked by his shield, or will
actually GIVE the Mimic HP. There is NO stopping him when he has reached
his maximum power and efficiency, plus bonuses. Plus, he will be able
to use whatever spells the combined members of the party he's in have
learned, which is why I stressed earlier the necessity of learning all
spells. If you insist, he can also use his mimic abilities, as well,
but by this time, the others will want to mimic him! Just for show and
because he's so great, I named my Gogo character Golbez. :)

(4) Step Four: Test Drive

Well, this isn't actually a step in character building, per se, as much
as it is a chance to gloat at your characters' kick-butt power. Go
kill some dragons, haunt the Veldt, storm Kefka's tower and laugh at
his monsters, etc. My favorite activity is to take Gogo solo -- to the
Colosseum, where he will reign supreme! If by now you aren't satisfied
with your Killer 4, work on building up another powerful force of
fighters..remember, the key is in Gogo. Trust me.

All I can say is, I hope you've had as much fun kicking
serious monster behind as I have with this surefire strategy for
killing efficiently, effectively, and ultimately. Who knows; maybe
someday, someone will invent a new school of battle tactics thought,
and my 4-Step plan will be rendered utterly useless. But if you've
learned anything from this plan, it's that you simply MUST fight as
many monsters as possible. A common problem, especially among beginning
RPG players, is the desire to run from or skip over the monsters,
and thus the essential experience gain from killing them. Without
building up halfway decent characters, you will not stand a blink of
an eye of a chance against the harder baddies, much less the majority of
the bosses. And who feels as badly as a regular loser at the Colosseum?
And let's face it: who wants to look bad, in general? So take my

By King Kung

The Best for Fighting

Below is a list of techniques that can either make your character super
powerful or allow them to do special actions.

1)  Equip an Offering and Genji Glove. 8 swings of the weapon! Equip
someone with the Atma Weapon (level 60 and up) and another strong
sword for over 60,000 HP of damage!

2) Another possibility is to hold 2 Scimitars (or other weapons that
have special effects). Because you attack 8 times, it is highly
likely that the weapon will do something special!

3)  Rage Ring and Blizzard Orb. With these two relics, Umaro becomes
a real fighting machine.

4)  Black Belt, Offering. If an enemy hits you, they're in for a big
surprise as you counterattack four times.

5)  Do you think Imps are useless? Try turning someone into an imp,
then equiping them with the Imp Halberd, Imp Armor, Tortoise Shield,
and Titanium. Now you have a super strong imp! You can even create
a party of imps and have fun mauling your enemies. Although Kappa
itself isn't in the game, you can rename someone Kappa with the
Rename Card and have fun pretending.

6)  Hero Ring and Offering. This recovers some of the power of the
weapon that is lost with the Offering equipped.

7)  Muscle Belt and the Atma Weapon. If this weapon gains power with
the amount of your HP, why not have more HP?

The Best Tricks and Cominations

1)  Gem Box and Offering. I've always wanted to cast two Ultima
spells per round, and have it cost me only 2 MP. This is one of
the cheapest tricks around.

2)  Earings and more Earings. Use this if you want some heavy
magic power.

3)  Equip Relic Ring. Cast Doom on this person, and the entire
party will be completely cured!

4)  For Gau and Mog, equip the Snow Muffler. Almost all attacks do
1 HP of damage on you, and you're immune to Fire and Ice attacks.

5)  Mog with the Moogle Charm and Sprint Shoes.  Good for doing
quick tasks or if you want to try your best to blitz straight through
the World of Ruin.

6)  Equip a Thief Glove and an Offering on Locke. Use Capture, and
you get 4 chances to steal from the enemy.

7)  With Gogo, set 3 of his skills as Steal and equip the Thief Glove
and Offering. Use this in the Coliseum if you want to steal from the

PART FIVE-Miscellaneous Info
By King Kung, NELDOG, GWS Wizard, JonN2002, Tommy J L and Tortolia2
Edits by King Kung


This Rage List appears exactly as it does on the Skills/Rage screen
when you view how many rages you've collected. If you're missing a
few of them, you can look at this list and determine which monsters
you need to fight!
NOTE: Chupon and 'Seigfried' do not normally appear on the Veldt;
they can only be found using a Game Genie code.

MONSTER (left)   RAGE (left)    MONSTER (right)   RAGE (right)
Guard            Critical       Soldier           Fire
Templar          Fire2          Ninja             Water Edge
Samurai          Lullaby        Orog              Pearl
Mag Roader       Bio            Retainer          Shock
Hazer            Bolt2          Dahling           Cure2
Rain Man         Bolt3          Brawler           Stone
Apokryphos       L.3 Muddle     Dark Force        Clean Sweep
Whisper          Demi           Over-Mind         Elf Fire
Osteosaur        X-Zone         Commander         Break
Rhodox           Snare          Were-Rat          Poison
Ursus            Net            Rhinotaur         Mega Volt
Steroidite       Blizzard       Leafer            Incisor
Stray Cat        Catscratch     Lobo              Tusk
Doberman         Bite           Vomammoth         Blizzard
Fidor            Pounce         Baskervor         Cyclonic
Suriander        Aqua Rake      Chimera           Aqua Rake
Behemoth         Meteor         Mesosaur          Step Mine
Pterodon         Fire Ball      FossilFang        Sand Storm
White Drgn       Pearl          Doom Drgn         N. Cross
Brachosaur       Disaster       Tyranosaur        Meteo
Dark Wind        Break          Beakor            Duster
Vulture          Shimsham       Harpy             Cyclonic
HermitCrab       Net            Trapper           L.3 Muddle
Hornet           Iron Needle    CrassHoppr        Berserk
Delta Bug        Mega Volt      Gilomantis        Shrapnel
Trilium          Bio            Nightshade        Charm
TumbleWeed       Lifeshaver     Bloompire         Bio
Trilobiter       Poison Barb    Seigfried         Flare
Nautiloid        Ink            Exocite           Scissors
Anguiform        Aqua Rake      Reach Frog        Slimer
Lizard           Break          ChickenLip        Quake
Hoover           Sand Storm     Rider             Virite
Chupon           W Wind         Pipsqueak         Imp
M-TekArmor       Tek Laser      Sky Armor         Tek Laser
Telstar          Sonic Boom     Leathal Wpn       Gravity Bomb
Vaporite         Blaze          Flan              Slimer
Ing              Lifeshaver     Humpty            Poison
Brainpan         Blow Fish      Cruller           Slimer
Cactrot          Blow Fish      Repo Man          Exploder
Harvester        Haste          Bomb              Blaze
Still Life       Lullaby        Boxed Set         Meteor
SlamDancer       Ice2           HadesGigas        Magnitude 8
Pug              Break          Magic Urn         Cure3
Mover            Merton         Figaliz           Dischord
Buffalax         Slow2          Aspik             Giga Volt
Ghost            Bolt2          Crawler           Step Mine
Sand Ray         Tail           Areneid           Numb
Actaneon         Clamp          Sand Horse        Sand Storm
Dark Side        Ice2           Mad Oscar         Sour Mouth
Crawly           Heartburn      Bleary            Doom
Marshal          Wind Slash     Trooper           Swing
General          Cure2          Covert            Wind Slash
Ogor             Storm          Warlock           Pearl
Madam            Pearl          Joker             Bolt2
Iron Fist        Stone          Goblin            Bolt3
Apparite         Imp            PowerDemon        Flare
Displayer        Doom           Vector Pup        Bite
Peepers          Pearl Wind     Sewer Rat         Incisor
Slatter          Cave In        Rhinox            Life3
Rhobite          Life           Wild Cat          Blaster
Red Fang         Drain          Bounty Man        Bite
Tusker           Blizzard       Ralph             Tackle
Chitonid         Stop           Wart Puck         Rasp
Rhyos            Surge          SrBehemoth        Fire3
Vectaur          Pearl Wind     Wyvern            Cyclonic
Zombone          Condemned      Dragon            Revenge
Brontaur         Fire3          Allosaurus        Doom
Cirpius          Haste2         Sprinter          Aero
Gobbler          Shimsham       Harpiai           Aero
GloomShell       Net            Drop              Muddle
Mind Candy       SleepSting     WeedFeeder        Berserk
Luridan          Land Slide     Toe Cutter        Shrapnel
Over Grunk       Bane Touch     Exoray            Virite
Crusher          Lifeshaver     Uroburos          Quake
Primordite       Numblade       Sky Cap           Megazerk
Cephaler         Husk           Maliga            Remedy
Gigan Toad       Slimer         Geckorex          Break
Cluck            Quake          Land Worm         Magnitude 8
Test Rider       Flash Rain     PlutoArmor        Tek Laser
Tomb Thumb       Step Mine      HeavyArmor        Tek Laser
Chaser           Plasma         Scullion          Dischord
Poplium          Cling          Intangir          Pep Up
Misfit           Lifeshaver     Eland             Bio
Enuo             Clean Sweep    Deep Eye          Dread
GreaseMonk       Shell          NeckHunter        Imp
Grenade          Blaze          Critic            Condemned
Pan Dora         Revenge        SoulDancer        Osmose
Gigantos         Magnitude 8    Mag Roader        Mute
Spek Tor         Blaster        Parasite          Giga Volt
Earthguard       Big Guard      Coelecite         Magnitude 8
Anemone          Giga Volt      Hipocampos        Flash Rain
Spectre          Fire           Evil Oscar        Bio
Slurm            Slimer         Latimeria         Magnitude 8
StillGoing       Osmose         Allo Ver          Quake
Phase            Blow Fish      Outsider          Pearl
Barb-e           Love Token     Parasoul          Flash Rain
Pm Stalker       Drain          Hemophyte         Shock Wave
Sp Forces        Safe           Nohrabbit         Cure2
Wizard           Demi           Scrapper          Elf Fire
Ceritops         Giga Volt      Commando          Reflect
Opinicus         Slide          Poppers           Stone
Lunaris          Face Bite      Garm              Demi
Vindr            Acid Rain      Kiwok             Imp
Nastidon         Blizzard       Rinn              Fire
Insecare         Flap           Vermin            Scan
Mantodea         Wind Slash     Bogy              Oogyboog
Prussian         Land Slide     Black Drgn        Storm
Adamnachyt       Acid Rain      Dante             L.3 Muddle
Wirey Drgn       Cyclonic       Dueller           Mega Volt
Psychot          Lifeshaver     Muus              Pep Up
Karkass          Bolt3          Punisher          Bolt3
Balloon          Exploder       Gabbldegak        Vanish
GtBehemoth       Meteor         Scorpion          Poison
Chaos Drgn       Disaster       Spit Fire         Tek Laser
Vectagoyle       Aqua Rake      Lich              Fire2
Osprey           Shimsham       Mag Roader        Haste
Bug              Stop           Sea Flower        Sleep
Fortis           Fire Ball      Abolisher         Poison
Aquila           Cyclonic       Junk              Pep Up
Mandrake         Raid           1st Class         Stone
Tap Dancer       Slow 2         Necromancer       Doom
Borras           Revenge        Mag Roader        L.4 Flare
Wild Rat         Scratch        Gold Bear         Gouge
Innoc            Virite         Trixter           Fire 2
Red Wolf         Rush           Didalos           Merton
Woolly           Frost 3        Veteran           Condemned
Sky Base         Doom           Iron Hitman       Dischord
Io               Flare Star


NOTE: Monsters that can't be Sketched OR Controlled are not listed

MONSTER      SKETCH               CONTROL
1st Class     Fight/Ore Wrench     Battle/Ore Wrench
Abolisher     Duster/Poison        Battle/Duster/Poison
Actaneon      Clamp/Aqua Rake      Battle/Clamp
Adamanchyt    Claw/Blaster         Battle/Claw/Acid Rain
Allosaurus    Doom/Poison Claw     Battle/Poison Claw/Doom
Allover       Fight/Dead End       Battle/Dead End
Anemone       Giga Volt/Imp        Battle/Bolt3/Giga Volt
Anguiform     Garrote/Aqua Rake    Battle/Garrote/Aqua Rake
Apokryphos    L.3 Muddle/Silencer  Battle/Silencer/L.3 Muddle/
L.4 Flare
Apparite      Slip Touch           Battle/Slip Touch/Imp
Aquila        Flap/Cyclonic        Battle/Flap/Cyclonic/Shimsham
Areneid       Numb/Fight           Battle/Numb
Aspik         Giga Volt/Numb Spine Battle/Paralyze/Giga Volt
Balloon       Pep Up/Expolder      Battle/Pep Up/Exploder
Barb E        Slap/Love Token      Battle/Slap/Muddle/Dispel
Baskervor     Claw/Absolute 0      Battle/Claw/Blizzard
Beakor        Fight/Duster         Battle/Duster
Behemoth      Take Down/Meteor     Battle/Take Down/Fire3/Meteor
Black Dragon  SandStorm/FallenOne  Battle/Sand Storm/Bolt3/
Bleary        Fight/Slumber        Battle/Slumber/Dread
Bloompire     Energy Sap/Bio       Battle/Energy Sap/Bio/Doom
Bogy          Fight/Oogyboog       Battle/Oogyboog
Bomb          Exploder/Blaze       Battle/Exploder/Blaze
Borras        Uppercut             Battle/Uppercut
Bounty Man    Fight/Bite           Battle/Bite
Boxed Set     Mirror Orb/Meteor    Battle/Mirror Orb/Meteor/
Lode Stone
Brachosaur    Step Mine/Swing      Battle/Swing
Brainpan      Smirk/Blow Fish      Battle/Smirk/Blow Fish
Brawler       Fight/Punch          Nothing
Brontaur      Wall/Fire3           Battle/Fire3/Wall/Meteor
Buffalax      Fight/Riot           Battle/Riot/Storm
Bug           Fight/Stone Spine    Battle/Stone Spine
Cactrot       Mindsting/Blow Fish  Battle/Mindsting/Blow Fish
Cephaler      Fight/Husk           Battle/Husk/Stop
Ceritops      Giga Volt/Imp        Battle/Bolt3/Giga Volt
Chaos Dragon  Fight/Disaster       Battle/Cinderizer/Disaster/
Chaser        Program 17/Plasma    Battle/Program 17/Plasma/
ChickenLip    Lash/Quake           Battle/Lash/Quake
Chimera       Frisky/Aqua Rake     Battle/Frisky/Blizzard/
Aqua Rake
Chitonid      Fight/Carapace       Battle/Carapace
Cirpius       Fight/Beak           Battle/Beak/Break
Cluck         Lash/Quake           Battle/Lash/Quake
Coelecite     Magnitude8/HypnoSting Battle/Hypno Sting/
Magnitude 8
Commander     Fight/Fire           Battle/Fire
Commando      Fight/Program 65     Battle/Program 65/Shell
Covert        Wind Slash/Disappear Battle/Disappear/Wind Slash/
Crass Hopper  Fight/Flap           Battle/Flap
Crawler       Feeler/Step Mine     Battle/Feeler/Step Mine
Crawly        Fight/Heartburn      Battle/Heartburn/Magnitude 8
Critic        Condemned/Slip Seed  Battle/Slip Seed/Condemned
Cruller       Brain Sugar/Slimer   Battle/Brain Storm
Crusher       Blow/Lifeshaver      Battle/Crush/Lifeshaver
Dahling       Mute/Cure2           Battle/Mute/Cure2
Dante         QuartzPike/L.3Muddle Battle/Quartz Pike/
L.3 Muddle/Ice2
Dark Force    Clean Sweep/L.5 Doom Battle/L.5 Doom/PearlWind/
Dark Side     Slip Touch/Fire3     Battle/Slip Touch/Fire
Dark Wind     Fight/Dive           Battle/Dive
Deep Eye      Dreamland/Dread      Battle/Dreamland/Dread
Delta Bug     Rush/Mega Volt       Battle/Rush/Mega Volt
Didalos       Quake/Poison Tusk    Battle/Flare/Flare Star/
Displayer     Rib/Doom             Battle/Rib/Doom/X-Zone
Doberman      Fight/Bite           Battle/Bite
Doom Dragon   Fallen One/N.Cross   Battle/Fallen One/N.Cross/
Dragon        Tail/Revenge         Battle/Tail/Revenge/Blizzard
Drop          Mad Signal/Muddle    Battle/Mad Signal/Muddle
Dueller       Giga Volt/Megahit    Battle/Megahit/Mega Volt/
Giga Volt
Earthguard    BigGuard/PoisonTail  Battle/Poison Tail/
Big Guard
Eland         Stench/Bio           Battle/Stench/Bio/Fire3
Enuo          Slime/Clean Sweep    Battle/Slime/Clean Sweep/
Aqua Rake
Evil Oscar    Poison/Sour Mouth    Battle/Sneeze/Poison/
Sour Mouth
Exocite       Fight/Scissors       Battle/Scissors
Exoray        Virite/Doom Pollen   Battle/Virite/Doom Pollen
Fidor         Fight/Pounce         Battle/Pounce
Figaliz       Dischord/Gunk        Battle/Gunk/Dischord/Raid
Flan          Slip Gunk/Slimer     Battle/Slip Gunk/Slimer
Fortis        Double Arm/Shrapnel  Battle/Double Arm/Fireball/
Fossil Fang   Bone/Sand Storm      Battle/Bone/Sand Storm/X-Zone
Gabbldegak    Gold Wrench/Vanish   Battle/Gold Wrench/Vanish
Garm          Program 95/Frost3    Battle/Program 95/Fire2
Geckorex      Petriglare/Break     Battle/Petriglare/Break/Dread
General       Bio Attack/Cure2     Battle/Bio Attack/Cure2
Ghost         Fire/X-Zone          Battle/Fire
Gigan Toad    Croak/Slimer         Battle/Croak/Slimer
Gigantos      Fight/Throat Job     Battle/Throat Job/Revenge
Gilomantis    Sickle/Lode Stone    Battle/Sickle/Shrapnel
Gloom Shell   Rock/Net             Battle/Rock/Net
Gobbler       Silence/Shimsham     Battle/Silence/Shimsham
Goblin        Fire3/Bolt3          Battle/Fire3/Bolt3/Ice3
Gold Bear     Fight/Gouge          Battle/Gouge
Greasemonk    Fight/Lode Wrench    Battle/Lode Wrench/Step Mine
Grenade       Mesmerize/Blaze      Battle/Mesmerize/Blaze/
Gt Behemoth   Hay Maker/Meteor     Battle/Hay Maker/Meteor/Fire3
Guard         Fight                Battle
Hades Gigas   HeadButt/Magnitude 8 Battle/Head Butt/
Magnitude 8
Harpiai       Aero/Nail            Battle/Nail/Aero
Harpy         Grip/Cyclonic        Battle/Grip/Cyclonic/Aero
Harvester     Sickle/Fire Wall     Battle/Sickle/Drain
Hazer         Fight/Drain          Battle/Drain/Fire
Heavy Armor   Tek laser/Metal Hand Battle/Metal Hand/Tek Laser
Hemophyte     Shock Wave/Hit       Battle/Cursed Gaze/
Shock Wave/Pearl
Hermit Crab   Rock/Net             Battle/Rock/Net
Hipocampus    Acid Rain/Flash Rain Battle/Acid Rain/Flash Rain
Hoover        Crush/Sand Storm     Battle/Crush/Sand Storm/Quake
Hornet        Fight/Iron Needle    Battle/Iron Needle
Humpty        Hug/Poison           Battle/Hug/Poison
Ing           Glare/Lifeshaver     Battle/Glare/Lifeshaver
Innoc         Fight/L.? Pearl      Battle/L.? Pearl
Insecare      Fight/Flap           Battle/Flap
Intangir      Step Mine/Sleep      Nothing
Io            Plasma/Crush         Battle/Crush/Plasma/Blaster
Iron Fist     Fight/Stone          Battle/Knee Kick/Stone
Iron Hitman   Dischord/Destroy     Battle/Dischord/Destroy/
Tek Laser
Joker         Parasol/Bolt2        Battle/Parasol/Bolt2/
Acid Rain
Junk          Parallout/Bolt3      Battle/Parallout/Pep Up/
Karkass       Break/Bolt3          Battle/Break/Bolt3/Flare
Kiwok         Imp/Cyclonic         Battle/Remedy
Land Worm     Compress/Magnitude 8 Battle/Compress/Magnitude8/
Latimeria     Wind-up/Magnitude 8  Battle/Wind-up/Magnitude 8
Leafer        Fight/Incisor        Battle/Incisor
Lethal Weapon Metal Arm/Megazerk   Hit/Megazerk
Lich          Fire/Fire2           Battle/Fire/Fire2/Fire3
Lizard        Imp/Remedy           Battle/Break/Dischord
Lobo          Fight/Tusk           Battle/Tusk
Lunaris       Fight/Face Bite      Battle/Face Bite
Luridan       Horn/Land Slide      Battle/Horn/land Slide/
Cave In
M-Tek Armor   Fight/Tek Laser      Nothing
Mad Oscar     Drool/Sour Mouth     Battle/Drool/Sour Mouth
Madam         Pearl/Flare          Battle/Flare/Pearl/Ice3
Mag Roader 1  Fight/Wheel          Battle/Wheel
Mag Roader 2  Fight/Rush           Battle/Rush
Mag Roader 3  Fight/Wheel          Battle/Wheel
Mag Roader 4  Fight/Wheel          Battle/Rush
Magic Urn     Remedy/Cure3         Battle/Remedy/Cure3/W.Wind
Maliga        Fight/Scissors       Battle/Scissors/Remedy
Mandrake      Stone Touch/Raid     Battle/Stone Touch/Raid
Mantodea      MindReaper/WindSlash Battle/Mind Reaper/
Wind Slash
Marshal       Fight/Charge         Battle/Charge/Bolt3
Mesosaur      T.Lash/Step Mine     Battle/T.Lash/Step Mine
Mind Candy    Sleep Sting/Fight    Battle/Sleep Sting/Sleep
Misfit        Glare/Lifeshaver     Battle/Glare/Lifeshaver
Mover         Fight/Disaster       Battle/Big Guard
Muus          Pep Up/Gunk          Battle/Slimer/Pep Up
Nastidon      Fight/Hug            Battle/Hug
Nautiloid     Ink/Fight            Battle/Ink
Neck Hunter   Mad Sickle/Imp       Battle/Mad Sickle/Imp
Necromancer   X-Zone/Doom          Battle/Doom/Flare/X-Zone
Nightshade    Poison Pod/Charm     Battle/Poison Pod/Charm
Ninja         FireSkean/WaterEdge  Battle/FireSkean/WaterEdge/
Nohrabbit     Cure/Cure2           Battle/Cure/Cure2/Remedy
Ogor          Fight/Meteor         Battle/Cold Dust/Pearl Wind
Opinicus      Slide/Riot           Battle/Wind Slash/Slide/Surge
Orog          Bio/Pearl            Battle/Bio/Pearl
Osprey        Beak/Shimsham        Battle/Beak/Shimsham
Osteosaur     Fight                Battle/Fossil
Outsider      Fight/Ruin           Battle/Metal Arm/Tek Laser
Over Grunk    Bane Touch/Poison    Battle/Bane Touch/Muddle
Over Mind     Fight/Dread          Battle/Dread
Pan Dora      Hypno Gas/Revenge    Battle/Hypno Gas/Revenge
Parasite      Mind Stop/Giga Volt  Battle/Mind Stop/Giga Volt
Parasoul      SpinSlice/FlashRain  Battle/Spin Slice/
Flash Rain/El Nino
Peepers       Tail/Pearl Wind      Battle/Tail/Pearl Wind
Phase         Blow Fish/Smirk      Battle/Smirk/Blow Fish
Pipsqueak     Imp/Roulette         Battle/Demi/Quarter
Pluto Armor   Crush/Tek Laser      Battle/Crush/Tek Laser/
Pm Stalker    Poison/Drain         Battle/Poison/Drain/Bio
Poplium       Fight/Slow           Battle/Slow
Poppers       Imp/Stone            Battle/Break/Stone
Power Demon   Flare/Daze Dance     Battle/Daze Dance/Flare
Primordite    Numblade/Fight       Battle/Numblade
Proto Armor   Program 35/Tek Laser Battle/Program 35/Tek Laser/
Prussian      Fight/Bear Hug       Battle/Bear Hug/Stone
Psychot       Lifeshaver/Mindshock Battle/Lifeshaver/Mindshock
Pterodon      Wing/Fireball        Battle/Wing/Fireball
Pug           Cleaver/Break        Battle/Cleaver/Break
Pugs          Fight                Nothing
Punisher      Fight                Battle
Rain Man      Bolt3/Umbrawler      Battle/Umbrawler/Bolt3/
Flash Rain
Ralph         Fight/Tackle         Battle/Tackle
Reach Frog    Tounge/Slimer        Battle/Tounge/Slimer
Red Fang      Fight/Rabies         Battle/Rabies
Red Wolf      Rush/Revenge         Battle/Rush
Repo Man      Wrench/Flare         Battle/Wrench
Retainer      Wind Slash/Tradeoff  Battle/Condemned/Wind Slash/
Rhinotaur     Mega Volt/Giga Volt  Battle/Mega Volt
Rhinox        Bane Strike/Life3    Battle/Bane Strike/Life3
Rhobite       Fight/Incisor        Battle/Incisor
Rhodox        Snare/Near Fatal     Battle
Rhyos         El Nino/Surge        Battle/Flare Star/El Nino/
Rider         SilverPike/Virite    Battle/Virite/SilverPike
Rinn          Fight/Slow           Battle/Slow
Samurai       Flare/Doom           Battle/Flare/Doom/Haste2
Sand Horse    Sand Storm/Clamp     Battle/Sand Storm/Clamp
Sand Ray      Fight/Tail           Battle/Tail
Scorpion      Fight/Doomsting      Battle/Doomsting
Scrapper      Knife/Elf Fire       Battle/Knife/Elf Fire
Scullion      Gamma Rays/Expolder  Battle/Gamma Rays
Sea Flower    Fight/Feeler         Battle/Feeler
Sewer Rat     Fight/Incisor        Battle/Incisor
Sky Armor     Backlash/Tek Laser   Battle/Backlash/Tek Laser
Sky Base      Doom/Giga Volt       Battle/Doom
Sky Cap       AtomicRay/SlipAnchor Battle/Slip Anchor/
Tek Laser
Slam Dancer   Fire2/Ice2           Battle/Fire2/Ice2/Bolt2
Slatter       Choke/Shimsham       Battle/Choke
Slurm         Fight/Heartburn      Battle/Heartburn/Magnitude 8/
Soldier       Fight/Scan           Battle/Scan
Soul Dancer   Drain/Osmose         Battle/Drain/Osmose/Fire2
Sp Forces     Fight/Blow           Battle/Blow/Safe
Spectre       Bolt/Fire            Bolt/Fire
Spek Tor      Scratch/Blaster      Battle/Scratch/Acid Rain
Spit Fire     Propeller/Tek Laser  Battle/Propeller/Tek Laser/
Sprinter      Drainbeak/Aero       Battle/Drainbeak/Cyclonic
Sr Behemoth   Sypno Gas/Fire3      Nothing
Steroidite    Rush/Slide           Battle/Rush/Blizzard/Blaster
Still Life    Bane Kiss/Lullaby    Battle/Bane Kiss/Lullaby/
StillGoing    Fight/Slip Touch     Battle/Slip Touch
Stray Cat     Catscratch/Blaster   Battle/Catscratch
Suriander     Yawn/Aqua Rake       Battle/Yawn/Aqua Rake
Tap Dancer    Slow2/Waist Shake    Battle/Waist Shake/Slow2/
Telstar       Launcher/Tek Laser   Nothing
Templar       Fight/Axe            Battle/Axe
Test Rider    GoldLance/FlashRain  Battle/Gold Lance/
Flash Rain
Toe Cutter    Doom Sickle/Shrapnel Battle/Doom Sickle/Shrapnel
Tomb Thumb    Step Mine/Dash       Battle/Step Mine/Dash
Trapper       L.3 Muddle/L.5 Doom  Battle/L.5 Doom/L.4 Flare/
L.3 Muddle
Trilium       Fight/Bane Touch     Battle/Bane Touch
Trilobiter    Fight/Poison Barb    Battle/Poison Barb/Poison
Trixter       Fire/Fire2           Battle/Fire/Fire2/Fire3
Trooper       Fight/Swing          Battle/Swing
Tumbleweed    Blinder/Lifeshaver   Battle/Blinder/Lifeshaver
Tusker        Gore/Blizzard        Battle/Gore
Tyranosaur    Bite/Aero            Battle/Bite/Slow/Haste
Uroburos      Bio/Quake            Battle/Bio/Quake
Ursus         Scratch/Fire2        Battle/Scratch
Vaporite      Fight/Slow           Battle/Slow
Vectagoyle    Giga Volt/Aqua Rake  Battle/Giga Vlt/Aqua Rake/
Vectaur       Tusk/Pearl Wind      Battle/Claw/Pearl Wind
Vector Pup    Fight/Bite           Battle/Bite
Vermin        Bacteria/Bio         Battle/Bacteria/Bio
Veteran       Fight/Roulette       Battle/Doom/X-Zone/Roulette
Vindr         Beak/Acid Rain       Battle/Beak/Acid Rain
Vomammoth     Bear Claw/Blizzard   Battle/Bear Claw/Blizzard
Vulture       Blinder/Shimsham     Battle/Blinder/Shimsham
Warlock       Magic Drain/Pearl    Battle/Magic Drain/Pearl
Wart Puck     Fight/Yawn           Battle/Yawn/Exploder
Weed Feeder   Fight/Flap           Battle/Flap/Berserk
Were Rat      Fight/Bite           Battle/Bite
Whisper       Quarter/Demi         Battle/Fire/Demi
White Dragon  Flare/Pearl          Nothing
Wild Cat      Pounce/Blaster       Battle/Pounce/Blaster
Wild Rat      Fight/Scratch        Battle/Scratch
Wirey Dragon  Wing/Cyclonic        Battle/Wing/Cyclonic
Wizard        Rasp/Demi            Battle/Rasp/Demi/Stop
Woolly        Frenzy/W.Wind        Battle/Frenzy
Wyvern        Slip Wing/Cyclonic   Battle/Slip Wing/Cyclonic
Zombone       Bone/Bolt3           Battle/Bone/Poison/Bio

ORIGINAL NAMES IN FF6 (Japanese Version of FF3)

These are the original character names:

US - FF3       Japan - FF6
1. Locke           Lock *
2. Terra           Tina *
3. Celes           Celes
4. Cyan            Cayenne *
5. Sabin           Mash *
6. Edgar           Edward *
7. Setzer          Setzar *
8. Strago          Straggus *
9. Relm            Relm
10. Mog             Mog
11. Gogo            Gogo
12. Umaro           Uumaro *
13. Shadow          Shadow
14. Gau             Gau

* - Denotes ones that were changed, some just to accomodate
6-letter name limit.

To use multiplayer mode, go to the config screen and change
it from single to multi, then hit A and assign characters
To the controlers. It only works for battles though, not
the regular gameplay.


L = left on control pad
R = right on control pad
U = up on control pad
D = down on control pad

UR = up/right diagnol
DR = down/right diagnol
DL = down/left diagnol
UL = up/left diagnol

LB = left button on top of control pad
RB = right button on top of control pad

A,B,X,Y = control buttons

<Riding Chocobos>

U = move forward
L or R = turn

A = move forward
B = dismount (Chocobo returns to stable)


U or D = adjust height
L or R = turn

A = move forward
B = leave airship

X = switch to view inside airship
Y = turn airship when it's not moving

LB or RB = highspeed turns


Use this list to determine who you will fight for the item you
wager and what you get should you win. If the item is not on this
list, when it is wagered you will fight Chupon for an Elixir, though
you will more than likely be sneezed out of the battle quickly. It IS
possible to beat Chupon, but you need a super beafed-up character.
When you wager valuable items, remember to save before the fight in
case you should lose.

Item to Wager           Item you Win            Enemy you Battle
Aegis Shield            Tortoise Shield         Borras
Air Anchor              Zephyr Cape             Brontaur
Assasin                 Sword Breaker           Test Rider
Atma Weapon             Graedus                 Gt Behemoth
Aura                    Strato                  Rhyos
Aura Lance              Sky Render              Land Worm
Behemoth Suit           Snow Muffler            Outsider
Blizzard                Ogre Nix                Scullion
Blizzard Orb            Rage Ring               Allosaurus
Bone Club               Red Jacket              Test Rider
Break Blade             Break Blade             Lethal Wpn
Cat Hood                Merit Award             Hoover
Charm Bangle            Dragon Horn             Retainer
Chocobo Suit            Moogle Suit             Veteran
Coronet                 Regal Crown             Evil Oscar
Crystal                 Enhancer                Borras
Crystal Helmet          Diamond Helmet          Dueller
Crystal Mail            Ice Shield              Covert
Crystal Orb             Gold Hairpin            Borras
Cursed Ring             Air Anchor              Steroidite
Cursed Shield           Cursed Ring             Didelous
Czarina Gown            Minerva                 Sky Base
Doom Darts              Bone Club               Opinicus
Dragon Claw             Sniper                  Test Rider
Dragon Horn             Gold Hairpin            Ogre
Drainer                 Drainer                 Enuo
Economizer              Dragon Horn             Vectagoyle
Elixir                  Rename Card             Cactrot
Exp. Egg                Tintinabar              Steroidite
Falchion                Flame Shield            Outsider
Fenix Down              Magicite                Cactrot
Fire Knuckle            Fire Knuckle            Tumbleweed
Fixed Dice              Fire Knuckle            Trixter
Flame Saber             Ogre Nix                Evil Oscar
Flame Shield            Ice Shield              Iron Hitman
Force Armor             Force Armor             Sr Behemoth
Force Shield            Thornlet                Dark Force
Gauntlet                Thunder Shield          Vectagoyle
Gem Box                 Economizer              Sr Behemoth
Genji Armor             Air Anchor              Borras
Genji Glove             Thunder Shield          Hemophyte
Genji Helmet            Crystal Helmet          Fortis
Genji Shield            Thunder Shield          Retainer
Gold Hairpin            Dragon Horn             Evil Oscar
Graedus                 Dirk                    Karkass
Hardened                Murasame                Phase
Heal Rod                Magus Rod               Pug
Hero Ring               Pod Bracelet            Rhyos
Ice Shield              Flame Shield            Innoc
Illumina                Schimitar               Scullion
Imp Armor               Tortoise Shield         Rhyos
Imp Halberd             Cat Hood                Allosaurus
Magus Rod               Strato                  Allosaurus
Marvel Shoes            Tintinabar              Tyranosaur
Megalixir               Tintinabar              Siegfried
Memento Ring            Memento Ring            Chupon
Merit Award             Rename Card             Rhyos
Minerva                 Czarina Gown            Pug
Mirage Vest             Red Jacket              Vectagoyle
Moogle Charm            Charm Bangle            Outsider
Moogle Suit             Nutkin Suit             Madam
Murasame                Aura                    Borras
Muscle Belt             Crystal Orb             Allosaurus
Ninja Star              Tack Star               Chaos Dragon
Nutkin Suit             Genji Armor             Opinicus
Ogre Nix                Soul Sabre              Sr Behemoth
Paladin Ring            Gold Hairpin            Borras
Paladin Shield          Force Shield            Hemophyte
Pearl Lance             Strato                  Sky Base
Pod Bracelet            Hero Ring               Hemophyte
Punisher                Gravity Rod             Opinicus
Rage Ring               Blizzard Orb            Allosaurus
Ragnarok                Illumina                Didalos
Rainbow Brush           Gravity Rod             Test Rider
Red Cap                 Coronet                 Rhyos
Red Jacket              Red Jacket              Vectagoyle
Regal Crown             Genji Helmet            Opinicus
Relic Ring              Charm Bangle            Sky Base
Rename Card             Marvel Shoes            Doom Dragon
Ribbon                  Gold Hairpin            Rhyos
Rising Sun              Bone Club               Allosaurus
Safety Bit              Dragon Horn             Pug
Schimitar               Ogre Nix                Covert
Sky Render              Aura Lance              Scullion
Sneak Ring              Thief Glove             Tap Dancer
Sniper                  Bone Club               Borras
Snow Muffler            Charm Bangle            Retainer
Soul Sabre              Falchion                Opinicus
Strato                  Pearl Lance             Aquila
Striker*                ?????????               Chupon or Shadow
Stunner                 Strato                  Test Rider
Stunner                 Strato                  Test Rider
Tabby Suit              Chocobo Suit            Vectaur
Tack Star               Rising Sun              Opinicus
Tao Robe                Tao Robe                Test Rider
Thief Glove             Dirk                    Harpy
Thief Knife             Thief Glove             Wart Puck
Thornlet                Mirage Vest             Opinicus
Thunder Blade           Ogre Nix                Steroidite
Thunder Shield          Genji Shield            Outsider
Tiger Fangs             Fire Knuckle            Mantodea
Titanium                Cat Hood                Brachosaur
Tintinabar              Exp. Egg                Dark Force
Tortoise Shield         Titanium                Steroidite
Trump                   Trump                   Allosaurus
Valiant Knife           Assasin                 Woolly
Wing Edge               Sniper                  Rhyos

* - If you saved Shadow, the Striker remains in your inventory
and Shadow joins your party. If you left Shadow, you get nothing
but a measly Elixir (even though it is listed as ?????????)


SPELL           EFFECT                               MP
Cure            Recover up to 270 HP                  5
Cure 2          3 times more powerful than Cure      25
Cure 3          7 times more powerful than Cure      40
Life            Brings dead fighter back to life     30
Life 2          Brings dead back with full HP        60
Life 3          Casts Life after character dies      50
Antidote        Cures poison status                   3
Remedy          Cures all but Zombie                 15
Dispel          Dissolves spells cast on target      25
Regen           Revives HP at regualer intervals     10
Scan            Shows targets HP, MP, and weakness    3
Safe            Raises defense power of target       12
Shell           Protects from enemy spells           15
Haste           Make target move faster              10
Slow            Slows target                          5
Haste2          Makes party move faster              38
Slow2           Slows all attacking enemies          26
Stop            Temporarily freeze target            10
Quick           Allows double commands               99
Muddle          Confuses target                       8
Bserk           Target 'Fights' automatically        16
Float           Levitates target                     17
Imp             Changes target to/from an Imp        10
Rflect          Reflects spells (including own)      22
Vanish          Makes invisible (phys 0%/mag 100%)   18
Pearl           Pearl elemental attack               40
Fire            Fire elemental attack                 4
Fire 2          3 times more powerful than fire      20
Fire 3          6 times more powerful than fire      57
Bolt            Lightning elemental attack            6
Bolt 2          3 times more powerful than bolt      22
Bolt 3          6 times more powerful than bolt      53
Ice             Ice elemental attack                  5
Ice 2           3 times more powerful than ice       21
Ice 3           6 times more powerful than ice       52
Poison          Poisons (regular loss of HP)          3
Bio             More powerful version of poison      26
Drain           Moves HP from target to caster       15
Rasp            Causes damage in MP                  12
Osmose          Transefers MP from target to caster   1
Break           Turns target to stone                25
Doom            Instant death                        35
X-Zone          Sends targets to another dimension   53
Flare           Hits several enemies at once         45
Demi            Cuts target's HP in half             33
Quartr          Cuts target's HP by 3/4              48
Mute            Target can't use magic                8
Sleep           Puts target to sleep                  5
Warp            Escape fights and dungeons           20
Quake           Hits all ground-bound creatures      50
W Wind          Takes 90% of HP from what it hits    75
Meteor          Meteors hit target                   62
Ultima          Ultimate damage to all targets       80
Merton          Giant fire attack (hits you also)    85


This shows the stat bonus you receive when you level up with an
Esper. It also lists the spells each Esper teaches and the speed
at which you will learn them. Notice that some Espers teach the
same spells but at different speeds. Also take note that once
Odin is changed into Raiden, there is no going back to earn those
prescious extra agility points.


Sta = Stamina
Pwr = Power
MPwr= Magic Power
Agl = Agility
H   = Hit Points
M   = Magic Points

Kirin        Unicorn       Sraphim       Starlet
Lv. Up       Lv. Up        Lv. Up        Lv. Up
Bonus:None   Bonus:None    Bonus:None    Bonus:Sta+2
Cure   x  5  Cure2  x  4   Life   x  5   Cure   x 25
Cure2  x  1  Remedy x  3   Cure2  x  8   Cure2  x 16
Regen  x  4  Dispel x  2   Cure   x 20   Cure3  x  1
Antdot x  4  Safe   x  1   Regen  x 10   Regen  x 20
Scan   x  5  Shell  x  1   Remedy x  4   Remedy x 20

Pheonix      Palidor       Ifrit         Shiva
Lv. Up       Lv. Up        Lv. Up        Lv. Up
Bonus:None   Bonus:None    Bonus:Pwr+1   Bonus:None
Life   X 10  Haste  x 20   Fire   x 10   Ice    x 10
Life2  x  2  Slow   x 20   Fire2  x  5   Ice2   x  5
Life3  x  1  Haste2 x  2   Drain  x  1   Rasp   x  4
Cure3  x  2  Slow2  x  2                 Osmose x  4
Fire3  x  3  Float  x  5                 Cure   x  3

Madiun       Bismark       Ramuh         Shoat
Lv. Up       Lv. Up        Lv. Up        Lv. Up
Bonus:MPwr+1 Bonus:Pwr+2   Bonus:Pwr+1   Bonus:H+10%
Fire2  x  3  Fire   x 20   Bolt   x 10   Bio    x  8
Ice2   x  3  Ice    x 20   Bolt2  x  2   Break  x  5
Bolt2  x  3  Bolt   x 20   Poison x  5   Doom   x  2
Life   x  2                 Dispel x 10
Remedy x 15

Odin         Alexandr      ZoneSeek      Raiden
Lv. Up       Lv. Up        Lv. Up        Lv. Up
Bonus:Agl+1  Bonus:None    Bonus:MPwr+2  Bonus:Pwr+2
Meteor x  1  Pearl  x  2   Rasp   x 20   Quick  x  1
Shell  x 10   Osmose x 15
Safe   x 10   Shell  x  5

Ragnarok     Golem         Crusader      Terrato
Lv. Up       Lv. Up        Lv. Up        Lv. Up
Bonus:None   Bonus:Sta+2   Bonus:M+50%   Bonus:H+30%
Ultima x  1  Safe   x  5   Merton x  1   Quake  x  3
Stop   x  5   Meteor x 10   Quartr x  1
Cure2  x  5                 W Wind x  1

Stray        Bahamut       Carbunkl      Fenrir
Lv. Up       Lv. Up        Lv. Up        Lv. Up
Bonus:MPwr+1 Bonus:H+50%   Bonus:None    Bonus: M+30%
Muddle x  7  Flare  x  2   Rflect x  5   Warp   x 10
Imp    x  5                Haste  x  3   X-Zone x  5
Float  x  2                Shell  x  2   Stop   x  3
Safe   x  2
Warp   x  2

Tritoch      Phantom       Siren
Lv. Up       Lv. Up        Lv. Up
Bonus:MPwr+2 Bonus:M+10%   Bonus:H+10%
Fire3  x  1  Bserk  x  3   Sleep  x 10
Ice3   x  1  Vanish x  3   Mute   x  8
Bolt3  x  1  Demi   x  5   Slow   x  7
Fire   x  6


These are the general locations of each Esper in the game.

Kirin   - tower in Zozo
Unicorn - Magitek Factory
Sraphim - buy from man in upper-right corner of Tzen
Starlet - bookshelf of Owzer's House.
Phoenix - end of Pheonix Cave
Palidor - Solitary Island beach, after finding airship
Ifrit   - after defeating Ifrit and Shiva, Magitek Factory
Shiva   - after defeating Ifrit and Shiva, Magitek Factory
Maduin  - tower in Zozo, after Terra remembers her past
Bismark - Magitek Factory
Ramuh   - tower in Zozo
Shoat   - Magitek Factory
Odin    - Ancient Castle
Raiden  - 5 steps south of throne, downstairs, Ancient Castle
Crusader- after defeating all 8 dragons
Bahamut - after defeating Doom Gaze
Tritoch - frozen Esper, Narshe
Alexandr- throne room, Doma Castle, after Cyan's dream
Ragnarok- weapon shop in Narshe; need Locke to enter
Terrato - Umaro's bone carving
Carbunkl- Magitek Factory
Phantom - Magitek Factory
ZoneSeek- auction house, Jidoor
Golem   - auction house, Jidoor
Stray   - tower in Zozo
Fenrir  - after battle with Phunbaba, Mobliz
Siren   - tower in Zozo


When you are in critical condition (your HP is very low and your
character is hunched over), choosing to fight may yield your
character's Depseration Attack. These moves are extremely powerful,
especially early in the game when you can't normally do several
thousand points of damage. Gau and Umaro do not have Desperation Attacks
because they do not have Fight as a command.

Character   Name         Description
Locke       Mirager      looks like first part of a Bum Rush
Terra       Riot Blade   throws a series of rings at an enemy
Celes       Spin Edge    spins around enemy holding out sword
Edgar       Royal Shock  flash of light
Sabin       Tiger Break  looks like Cyan's Empowerer
Cyan        Back Blade   sword strike that turns screen black
Mog         Moogle Rush  looks like Sabin's Pummel
Strago      Sabre Soul   jumps at enemy, makes flash of light
Relm        Star Prism   stars surround an enemy
Shadow      Shadow Fang  jumps at enemy and claws it twice
Setzer      Red Card     spins around and throws cards 3 times
Gogo        X-Meteor     rock going from top right to bottom left
of the screen


1 in Narshe (Ice)
1 in cave reached from Zozo (Thunder)
1 in Opera House (Dirt)
1 in Phoenix Cave (Red)
1 in Fanatics' Tower (White)
1 in Ancient Castle (Blue)
2 in Kefka's Tower  (Gold and Skull)


Deep into the WoB is a banquet scene at the Empire's base. Depending
on your actions here, several things can be acomplished and some items
procured. The entire banquet events are scored and can be tabulated
mathematically based on this model:

(a) Each guard you talked to  24 x 1pt each = 24 pts
(b) Each guard you fought      5 x 4pt each = 20 pts
(c) Toast question
To the Empire              2pt
To Returners               1pt
To our hometowns           5pt
(d) Kefka question
Leave him in jail          5pt
Let him go                 1pt
Execute him                3pt
(e) Doma question
What's done is done        1pt
That was inexcusable       5pt
Apologize Again!!          3pt
(f) Celes question
Was she a spy?             1pt
She's one of us            5pt
We trust Celes             3pt
(g) Asking each question        2pt each
If you asked one of the
questions twice            -10pt each
Remember which question you asked first!
(h) Espers question
Gone too far               5pt
Unleashed the power        2pt
(i) Which question asked first  5pt
(j) Care for a break
No                         1pt
Break                      2pt
Break and fight Guards     5pt
(k) Say question
Peace                      3pt
War's over                 5pt
Sorry                      1pt
(l) Favor
If you say Yes when
Gestahl asked you the
first time                 3pt

Total Max                         93pt

What you get for the points:

NOTE: You get the item listed plus everything below that.

0 - 49 pts    South Figaro is safe
50 - 66 pts   Troops withdrawn from Doma
67 - 76 pts   Permission to the locked room
77 - 89 pts   Tintinabar
90 - 93 pts   Charm Bangle

Ok, want to get REAL EASY Exp.?
Go to the Config screen and set the Buttons to "Memorize."
Now get to the Lete River Scene and travel on the raft to the
first intersection. Choose "Up" and you'll go around in a circle
and fight at least one battle. In the battle, have Banon use
Health, Terra fight, Sabin fight, and Edgar uses the AutoCro-
ssbow. Now, put the controller on auto-fire for button A or put a
rubber band around the button after the battle and leave it there.
The raft will go around in circles, fighting enemies, with Banon
healing the party! Leave it on overnight and see what happens!

Using Vanish and then Doom on enemies early in the game usually
kills them instantly, but as the game progresses, the rate of
success is greatly lowered. Using X-Zone in place of Doom, your
chances will be increased to 99% possibility of killing an enemy
with this trick.

WARNING: Using Vanish/X-Zone DOES NOT allow you
to collect most items from enemies! :(

To cure a status ailment quickly and easily, equip the character
that has the ailment with a relic that protects against that
type of ailment. When you check your status after you have equi-
pped the relic, you should be completely cured!

In places where you are controlling more than one party, such as
the Phoenix Cave and Kefka's Tower, if one party is on a save
point, then all the other parties are also considered to be
standing on it and can use Tents to replenish their energy!

Undead monsters are suceptible to Cure magic as well as items
such as Life, Revivify, and Fenix Down. Try using these items
and you should beat them in one hit!

When your allies are frozen, an easy way to "un-ice" them is to
cast a Fire spell on them. Fire1 is best since it creates mini-
mal damage.