This is a list of all the items in the game.

Item Price Comments
ATM Card 0 Needed to withdraw or deposit cash.
Backstage Pass 0 Use at the Chaos Theater.
Bad Key Machine 0 Opens doors or locks that won't otherwise open.
Bag of Dragonite *1000 Use to turn into a dragon for a single attack against your enemies.
Bazooka *950 Used only by Jeff. Use to hit multiple enemies with a single attack.
Bicycle 0 Lets only one person ride at a time.
Big Bottle Rocket 139 Used only by Jeff. Stronger that a Bottle Rocket.
Bomb 149 Use to hit multiple enemies with a single attack.
Bottle Rocket 29 Use to attack during battle.
Brain Stone 0 Keeps you from being "held" in battle.
Bubble Gum 1 Give to the Bubble Monkey.
Carrot Key 0 Moves Rabbit Statues from entrance to Pink Cloud.
Chick *25 If kept for a while, becomes a Chicken.
Chicken *220 Sell for big cash. Will escape if you try to use it.
Contact Lens 0 Can be exchanged for a dirty pair of socks.
Counter PSI Unit 0 Used only by Jeff. Counters enemies' PSI attacks.
Cup of Lifenoodles *178 Same affect as Heal Omega.
Defense Shower 0 Used by Jeff only. Increases the Defense of all allies.
Defense Spray 500 Increases one person's defense.
Diamond 0 Use to pay off the Runaway Five's debt to the Topolla Theater owner.
Eraser-Eraser 0 Erases the Iron Eraser of Stonehenge.
Exit Mouse 0 Leads you to the exit of caves or mazes.
For Sale Sign 0 Attracts customers to buy your goods at any time.
Franklin Badge 0 Deflects a Thunder attack.
Hand-Aid *19 User fully recovers HP.
Handbag Strap *39 Freezes an enemy during battle.
Hawk Eye 0 Use to light up the Deep Darkness.
Heavy Bazooka 0 Very powerful weapon used only by Jeff. Can be used multiple times.
Hieroglyph Copy 0 Explains how to open the Pyramid.
HP Sucker *800 Used only by Jeff. Takes an enemy's HP and adds it to Jeff's.
Hungry HP Sucker 0 Used only by Jeff. Takes HP from all enemies and adds them to Jeff's HP.
Insecticide Spray 19 Spray on insect-type monsters.
Insignificant Item *2 Return to owner to receive a Magic Truffle.
Jar of Fly Honey 0 Use against Belch to keep him from attacking.
Key to the Cabin 0 Use to rescue Paula from the mountain cabin in Peaceful Rest Valley.
Key to the Locker 0 Doesn't open Jeff's locker.
Key to the Shack 0 Opens the door to the travler's shack in Onett.
Key to the Tower 0 Use to enter "Dungeon Man."
King Banana 0 Moves monkey from a doorway in the Monkey Cave.
Meteorite Piece 0 Needed for the third Phase Distorter.
Meteornium *2000 Sell for a moderate amount of money.
Meteotite *4000 Sell for big money.
Monkey's Love 0 Freezes an enemy during battle.
Multi Bottle Rocket 2139 Used only by Jeff. Stronger than a Big Bottle Rocket.
Mummy Wrap *128 Freezes an enemy during battle.
Neutralizer 0 Used only by Jeff. Removes an enemy's PSI effects from one person.
Pair of Dirty Socks *2 Freezes an enemy during battle.
Pencil-Eraser 0 Erases Pencil Statues.
Pharaoh's Curse *290 Poisons one enemy during battle.
Picture Postcard 2 No effect.
Piggy Nose 300 Use when searching for Magic Truffles.
Protractor 2 Use to get an angle on things in battle.
Receiver Phone 0 Receives important calls from people like the Apple Kid or your dad.
Ruler 2 Use to size things up in battle.
Rust Promoter 89 Use against mechanical enemies.
Rust Promoter DX 289 Stronger version of Rust Promoter.
Shield Killer 0 Used only by Jeff. Destroys an enemy's Shield.
Show Ticket 30 Ticket for the Topolla Theater.
Shyness Book 0 Cures the Tenda people of their shyness.
Signed Banana 0 Give to museum curator to gain entrance to Magnet Hill.
Slime Generator *420 Used only by Jeff. Freezes an enemy during battle.
Snake 220 Use during battle to poison an enemy.
Snake Bag 290 Poisons an enemy during battle.
Sound Stone 0 Records the melodies from the eight "Your Sanctuary" locations.
Stag Beetle 8 Temporarily freezes an enemy during a battle.
Sudden Guts Pill 500 Increases Guts during battle.
Super Bomb 399 Has the same effect as the Heavy Bazooka.
Super Plush Bear 1198 Absorbs damage from enemy attacks.
Suporma *50 Plays a song about the Orange Kid.
Teddy Bear 178 Absorbs damage from enemy attacks.
Tendakraut 0 Use to enter Tenda Village.
Tiny Ruby 0 Allows you to enter the hieroglyph room at a museum.
Toothbrush 3 Freezes an enemy during battle.
Town Map 0 Use to view the layout of a town.
Trout Yogurt *48 Most users recover 30 HP. Poo recovers 6 HP.
Viper 550 Use to poison an enemy in battle.
Wad of Bills 0 Needed to rescue the Runaway Five.
Xterminator Spray 630 Exterminates all insect-type monsters on battle screen.
Yogurt Dispenser 0 Gives access to the 48th floor of the Monotoli Building.
Zombie Paper 0 Similar to Fly Paper, but used to trap wandering zombies.