Type in HUMANZEE to enable cheats. (Just type right on the main game screen, not in a text box or anything). When successful an alert will pop-up.

Code Description
Ctrl + S Create explosion at mouse pointer
Ctrl + C Add $100,000
Ctrl + A Gives you one of every henchmen/minion
Ctrl + O Unlock all items (Buggy, some items can break the game)
Ctrl + M Turn on Global Chaos
Ctrl + N Turn off Global Chaos
Ctrl + T Gives all traps (Buggy, some items can break the game, never use monkey in a cage!)

Developer Mode

To switch on Dev Mode, hold down SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + D, and then the ~ key (or the one above your tab) to lower the console. Here you can type in these cheats:

Code Description
Money [n] Gives you $100,000 unless you specify another amount
GiveAll Gives all items (note - most items are not in the game - this could crash the demo)
df_buildinstant Build rooms instantly
df_buildinstantobjects Build objects instantly
fireinthedisco Set everyone on fire

The following cheats are used in dev mode but not with the console:

Code Description
Ctrl + E Set off explosion
Ctrl + M Add minion
Ctrl + A Summon agent
Ctrl + B Summon plaything
Ctrl + G God mode
CTRL + T Trains up henchmen (mouse must be over henchman)
N Move to day/night
R Rain on/off