Traps and Torture Device List

Indoor traps/sensors

Pressure Pad

The pressure pad is the main trap detonator, as you may expect. One flase step on this hidden detector and any amount of traps could come springing your way!

Motion Sensor

A useful trigger device to set off traps with a hidden motion sensor.

Laser Sensor

What evil base is completed without laser sensors - especially cool if you can blow agents across the beams with a wind machine.

Spinning Saw Blades

This rather painful looking trap, to put it mildly, was one of the first to be released publically in the original trailer to Evil Genius. Since then it's become a classic favourite here at Evil Planet for the touch of "Indiana Jones" it will bring to the base of any evil genius which decides to take stock of a couple.

A classic trap to combine with the wind-blowing trap to really put off those pesky enemy agents...

Wind Machine Trap

Not a deathly trap by itself, but a really cool one nevertheless, and when used to blow agents into a carefully planned and well constructed series of more painful traps, the benefits of this piece of kit really shine through.

Tesla Coil

This has to be one of the best traps in the public knowledge, and we here at Evil Planet cannot wait to get a load of these hiding around one of our base corners. They take a while to get going, but once it is, bolts of electricity will come firing out, trapping more and more people together, frying them so perfectly that even Hannibal Lector would approve.

"Do Not Press"

Must..... press.... the button......


What base would be complete without it? OK - they are not sharks - but these are mighty evil fish!

Indoor Money Madness Money is the root of all evil, they say... so let's play to the agent's evil side!

Satan's Chimney

I managed to grab the awesome image below... I think it says everything I could and more!

Beehive Trap

There are several different versions of the beehive trap - one for each of the five different stats. Just be careful that your own minions don't get stung by this crazy swarm!

Confusing Pop-up trap

Give those sneaky agents a fright with this scary pop-up minion trap - it won't kill your agents, but it sure as will confuse them...


This wonderfully titled trap is great for sending agents sprawling - try and get multiple agents at the same time...

Knockout / Laughing Gas / Poison / Stupid / Loyalty knocking cage

Like the beehive trap, there is a version of the gas cage trap for each type of stat - it's up to you which one you pick for a certain area.

Pit Punisher

Used well, this impressive looking trap can be sneakily placed to throw hapless agents from one trap to the next... which looks cool and makes money! Great fun!

Prometheus' Revenge

The Prometheus' Revenge trap spews a fearsome wall of flames across a wide area - fried agents for tea then...


A trap which doesn't do huge amounts of damage but is certainly very useful for moving agents away from highly secret areas.

Damned Damsel

Who could resist the calls of a lady in danger? Surely not the "oh-so-heroic" agents on your island... this trap neatly exploits this weakness.

Outdoor traps/sensors

Pressure Pad

The pressure pad is the main trap detonator, as you may expect. One flase step on this hidden detector and any amount of traps could come springing your way!

Exploding Coconut Tree

One of the fun looking outdoor traps, this trap masquerades as a harmless tree, only to come alive in a shower of cluster bomb coconuts when nearby pressure pads are set off. Looks like a great way of keeping agents firmly away from the enterance!

Outdoor Money Madness

An outdoor version of the money madness trap which lures agents in with free cash and a hefty loyalty hit


The misdirection trap is a great one to have outside your base - especially when close to landing spots - as they confuse and bewilder all but the best agents.

Monkey In A Box

Humanzee - a mix between a human and (you've guessed it) a monkey. In a box. Great!

Venus Man Trap

This is about as far away from a plesant pot plant one could ever possibly see - just keep your distance!

Torture Devices

Beyond the devices listed, most of the science equipment double up as torture devices.

Interrogation Chair

The chair is the first interrogation device, which is understandable as it's a classic piece of kit. Probably one of the only devices which is solely an interrogation device, rather than a random item that has been cleverly doubled up. Strap your victim in, turn the lights on above him and treat him to some absolutely awful verbal interrogation.

Big Mixer

Perhaps the most famous of all the interrogation devices, this classic piece of kit is a wonderfully entertaining toy for an evil genius and his bloodthirsty minions. Whilst it takes quite a while to interrogate someone in this, as the torturer is no doubt having too much fun to do his job properly, this is something you won't want to miss from your base!

Archives Bookshelf

An interrogation device which was released to the public early in the development cycle of Evil Genius, the bookshelf is a great device which mixes comic relief and wince-inducing pain into one wonderful object. Make sure you watch this device in action, as it's great fun.

Firing Range

Many parts of the base double up as torture devices, and the firing range, which is a great piece of training equipment most of the time, is too perfect a chance to miss when it comes to looking for a new place to interrogate your victims. Strap them to the target, get a sharp shooter at the other end, and - baring a few lucky dodges - the agent will soon be as dead as a dodo.

Extra items

Crash Test Dummy

A useful prop which you can set off to test out your trap combos.