Super Agents

Mariana Mamba

Jet Chan

Katerina Frostanova

Dirk Masters

John Steele

There is no way to defeat this Super Agent. If you capture John Steele and keep him in a Prison cell as you are about to end the game, on the second island, he is killed in a cut-scene as your satellite is launched into space. SMASH - Mariana Mamba -- Appears at 130 notoriety She'll make your agents desert by talking to them. And she'll try to steal stuff and take pictures. Her elimination mission becomes available when you get to the 2nd island. Torture her on an Exam table to finish her off. ANVIL - Jet Chan -- Appears at 180 notoriety This guy runs around blowing up stuff and killing non-social minions. When his optional mission becomes available, Plot in Central Asia till you get the mission to kidnap his mentor. Torture him on an interrogation chair, then capture Jet Chan & torture him with a Dojo. The optional objective for him becomes available shortly after you start Objective 7 (with the diplomats); just wait a while after this mission starts and Chan's optional objective will appear. HAMMER - Katerina Frostonova -- Appears at 240 notoriety Her special ability lets her go invisible; during this time, she can't be attacked by minions or the target for any special abilities. She's also hard to see, and probably doesn't trigger your security system. I'd say she and Mariana are pretty much of a non-threat. When her mission comes up, plot in Siberia till you get the mission to steal her teddy bear. It will go to your training room once stolen (it's a gray version of the guard punching bag). Torture her on it. PATRIOT - Dirk Masters -- Appears at 290 notoriety This guy attacks like a pitbull on speed, with two machine guns. Valets will get mowed down, so don't bother trying to weaken him. Teleport Jubei on top of him, use Eviscerate, then send him through the mixer. Once you get his mission, plot in Mid-West till you can raid his gym. You'll get a 'US Agent Biosample' that automatically goes to your barracks. Research it with the Biotanks, then when Rambo shows up again, capture him and dunk him in the Biotanks too. Tons of fun. =) WARNING: Make sure you don't have 3 freaks created when disposing of Dirk. SABRE - John Steele -- Appears at 340 notoriety This guy's very annoying. He'll keep hacking your computers; your base will go on alert. When it does, all your doors will drop to a '1' security setting, so tourists will start wandering through your base. He'll also start fires. Hit P to pause when you hear the alert, and fix at least the doors at the entrance of your base. Fix them all after he leaves. He'll shoot at henchmen. You won't get an objective to eliminate him; if he's in a holding cell when you push the 'Launch' button, you'll trigger his demise automatically.