Other Characters




The wise leader of the Returners, Banon's skill allows him to heal everyone in the party. He will play a crucial role in convincing Terra to join the Returners for good, and will prove a strategic edge over the Empire. He is controllable on the raft ride after the invasion of the Returner's hideout, where he must be protected at all costs.

Emperor Gestahl

General Leo

An Imperial general who sees what the Empire has been doing is wrong and decides to do something about it. Alone, he confronts the Empire with sword in hand. Leo's shock attack does massive damage on his oppenent. A very skilled and powerful fighter with a lethal blade that can be used four times in a round (he has an Offering relic). He is a very fun character, but you only get to use him for one specific battle. There is NO WAY to bring him back.

Vicks & Wedge

MagiTek Armor wearing Imperial soldiers sent out with Terra to find the frozen Esper. The two soldiers can use the armor they are wearing to send out powerful beams to destory their enemies. These two characters are used only in the first few battles in Narshe, after which point they die at the 'hands' of the frozen Esper. It should be noted that Vicks is a mistranslation of Biggs. Biggs and Wedge were Rebel pilots in Star Wars, with Wedge Antilles being the leader of the ever popular Rogue Squadron.



These creatures come from the caves of Narshe. They help Locke protect Terra from the Imperial soldiers. The Moogles even have names: Kupek, Kupop, Kumama, Kuku, Kutan, Kupan, Kushu, Kurin, Kuru, and Kamog. They all use various different weapons to attack, and are very powerful for their diminutive size and deceiving looks. Moogles first made their appearence in one of the Gameboy Seiken Densetsu games, and have appeared in every Final Fantasy game since FF5. They are most prominent here in FF6 and also in the mega-popular game Seiken Densestu 2, otherwise known in America as Secret of Mana.


A lost soul on its way to the other side. The ghost has the ability to possess a monster. If it's successful both the monster and the ghost will disappear. Ghosts will join your party until they possess a monster, or until they decide to leave. They are prominent in the Ghost Train, but beware the ghosts that are not friendly!