Cyan Garamonde

"Faithful retainer to his family's liege, with the courage and strength of a hundred men..."

Cyan Garamonde A chivalrous and proper knight, Cyan retains the throne at Doma castle. Brave Cyan loses his family in the horrible poisoning at Doma, but he doesn't lose his nerve. Alone, he sets out to attack the Empire! You'll turn his powerful sword to the good of the Returners and the world, but for him to become a true warrior, he must deal with his losses and loneliness.

Class Knight
Age 50
Height 5'10"
Weight 158 lbs.

Special Skill: Sword Technique

Cyan has the ability to perform special sword techniques. When used in battle, a meter will slowly fill up. Each skill requires filling up the meter to a certain level. The 8 sword techniques are listed below:

Level Name Description
1 Dispatch A powerful attack
2 Retort Counterattack
3 Slash Absorb damage given to enemy
4 Quadraslam Attack four times
5 Empowerer Absorb HP and MP
6 Stunner Stops all enemies
7 Quadraslice Stronger version of Quadraslam
8 Cleave Instantly kills all enemies

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