Edgar Roni Figaro

"The young king of Figaro Castle, ally to the Empire, and master designer of machinery..."

Edgar Roni Figaro King Edgar of Figaro secretly supports the Returners while paying lip service to the Empire. When Imperial forces storm his castle, he quickly severs all ties to Gestahl. His mechanical skills and use of technology become great advantages against the Empire. But what secret troubles lie in this womanizing King's past? Only a reuniting with his brother Sabin can reveal the truth.

Class Mechanic
Age 25
Height 6'2"
Weight 169 lbs.

Special Skill: Tools

Edgar can use 8 tools in battle. Many of these can be bought in Edgar's castle, South Figaro. Below is a list of all the tools:

Name Description
Autocrossbow Arrow attack hits all enemies
Drill Single damaging hit
Bio Blast Poisonous gas attack hits all enemies
Debilitator Creates weakness in enemy
Flash Blind and damages all enemies
Chainsaw Massive hit (random death)
Noise Blaster Confuses all enemies
Air Anchor Enemies die after attacking party (found in the Fanatic's Tower)

Play Edgar' Theme: