"Shrouded in odd clothing,... is this a man...?...a woman...?...or should we ask...?"

Gogo 'It' has remained hidden for centuries, waiting for the chance to emerge. Gogo, an ellusive mimic, resides in a strange place on Triangle Island, but you'll have to search in an unusual fashion to find him. Able to combine and use the special techniques of all other allies, 'it' can be made effectively into a one-man fighting team. This Gogo is apparently not related to the one you fight in Final Fantasy 5, despite the obvious resemblance between them. The true identity of this character remains a mystery, despite speculation as to his (or her) origin. Is 'it' even human? We may never know...

Class Mimic
Age ??
Height 5'3"
Weight 132 lbs.

Special Skill: Mimic

Gogo is a master of the Mimicron, allowing him to mimic the last action of your party. This applies to everything except normal attacks and unique powers like Morph. Everything else will be copied, although if an attack or magic spell it will generally do less damage or have less of an effect.

From the status screen Gogo can even equip the skills of other party members! It should be noted that some skills, again, can't be used, and other require specific equipment to be useable. If you choose Magic to be one of his skills, Gogo will be able to use any magic that the rest of the party members know.

Play Gogo' Theme: