"Human-loving, fast-talking, street-smart, SLAM-dancing Moogle..."

Mog Most Moogles lead peaceful lives, but now that the Empire threatens all the land, Mog and his brothers know they must help. As the only Moogle with the ability to speak, he becomes a special segment of your party. When Mog joins your party midway in the game (depending on your actions), he must still learn many of his powerful dancing attacks, which is easier said than done! He may also bring along a gargantuan friend.

Class Moogle
Age 11
Height 4'
Weight 94 lbs.

Special Skill: Dance

Mog, being a moogle, is in touch with his surroundings, and thus can use them in battle. When he dances the dance of a specific environment, special calamities and animals come to the party's aid. To learn an areas dance he has to complete a fight in that area. A dance used in it's normal environment during battle will always work, while a different one may fail.

Below is a list of the various Dance moves. The effect area indicates where a dance can be learned, as well as where it is most effective.

Dance Effect Area Attacks
Dusk Requiem Caves Cave In / Elf Fire / Poison Frog / Snare
Wind Song Fields Cockatrice / Plasma / Sun Bath / Wind Slash
Forest Suite Forests Elf Fire / Rage / Wild Bear / Wombat
Desert Aria Desert Antlion / Kitty / Sand Storm / Wind Slash
Earth Blues Mountains Land Slide / Sonic Boom / Sun Bath / Whump
Love Sonata Buildings Elf Fire / Snare / Specter / Tapir
Water Rondo Water zones l Nino / Plasma / Specter / Wild Bear
Snowman Jazz Snow zones Ice Rabbit / Snare / Snowball / Surge

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