Relm Arrowny

"In her pictures she captures everything: forests, water, light... The very essensce of life..."

Relm Arrowny In the town of Thamasa also resides a young girl with unique powers but no one to call mother and father. Strago's granddaughter Relm practices an unusual brand of magic. Don't be fooled by her innocent appearance; armed with brush and canvas, she is a force to be reckoned with. She sketches enemies and uses their skills, which can then be turned against them. With a certain Relic that has long been lost she can control the actions of the monsters themselves and make them do her bidding. She also befriends Interceptor and the bond between girl and dog leads to a dramatic rescue in a burning house.

Class Artist
Age 10
Height 5'
Weight 88 lbs.

Special Skill: Sketch

Relm uses her artistic talent to sketch (actually paint...) an enemy character, who then attacks the same opposing party. This command was very glitchy on early releases of the game, causing either helpful or catastrophic changes to you and your save files. With the Fake Mustache relic (found in the Zone Eater), sketch becomes "Control", which allows for full control over the enemy. When Relm is hit, her control of the enemy ends. View the Beastiary for specific Sketch/Control descriptions.

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