Setzer Gabianni

"A blackjack-playing, world-traveling, casino-dwelling free spirit..."

Setzer Gabianni A carefree Gambler on the outside, Setzer is hiding a tragic past. The loss of his soulmate, Darryl, haunts his now wealthy lifestyle. He's a rich adventurer and risk-taker. The flip of a coin can make his most important decisions, but eventually he must rely on luck to survive the chance encounters of life. Setzer's main contribution to the cause is his Airship, but his fighting skills and special Slot attack prove valuable, too. The outcome may lead to victory, but can also prove to be deadly! With the right relic he can use the party's great wealth to smother the enemies in a shower of coins.

Class Gambler
Age 27
Height 5'9"
Weight 136 lbs.

Special Skill: Slot

Setzer plays a slot machine, and depending on the outcome, various things will happen. Matching three of the same slot produces a positive effect. A losing spin will heal some of the party with the Lagomorph. However, getting two 7s and a bar will end in instant death for both the opposition and your party! With the Coin Toss relic equipped, Setzer can toss GP at the enemy for massive damage (like the name GP Toss suggests).

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