Shadow (Clyde Arrowny)

"He owes allegiance to no one, and will do anything for money. He comes and goes like the wind..."

Shadow (Clyde Arrowny) Shadow, the lonely ninja, travels the world selling his skills to the highest bidder. His only trusted companion is his dog, Interceptor, who can also help your party. Shadow comes and goes at will. His past, along with his true identity, are shrouded behind his own shadow. His hidden secrets often give him nightmares.

Class Ninja
Age ??
Height 5'10"
Weight 145 lbs.

Special Skill: Throw

Shadow can throw weapons at the opponent for damage. These can include items designed specifically for such a purpose (ninja stars, scrolls...) or regular weapons. He is also aided by Interceptor, his dog, who helps by defending against attacks and counterattacking.

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