Strago Magus

"An elderly gentleman, pure of heart, and learned in the way of the monsters..."

Strago Magus Descended from the Mage Warriors of legend, the villagers of Thamasa all have magical abilities, but Strago is the most powerful of them. His days are spent taking care of his apparent granddaughter, Relm, while he toils away remembering his brave past. There is one creature he was never able to defeat that lingers on his mind. He can learn the spells of enemies and use them, but he must first feel and survive their effects in battle.

Class Lore Master
Age 70
Height 4'11"
Weight 94 lbs.

Special Skill: Lore

Strago is a Blue Mage; when an enemy uses a specific spell on him in battle, he learns that spell for use in the future. Below is a list of all of the lore's Strago can learn:

Lore Spell MP Cost Learned From These Enemies
Condemned 20 Veteran, Critic, Still Life
Roulette 10 Dark Force, Veteran, Critic
Clean Sweep 30 Enou, Blue Dragon, Dark Force
Aqua Rake 22 Chimera, Rhyos, Vectagoyle
Aero 41 Doom Gaze, Sprinter, Tyranosaur
Blow Fish 50 Brain Pan, Phase, Cactrot, Presenter, Mover
Big Guard 80 Mover, Dark Force, Earth Guard
Revenge 31 Dragon, Pan Dora, Dark Force
Pearl Wind 45 Peeper, Vectaur, Dark Force
Level 5 Doom 22 Sky Base, Didalos, Dark Force
Level 4 Flare 42 Apokryphos, Goblin, Dueller
Level 3 Muddle 28 Apokryphos, Goblin, Dark Force
Reflect 0 Dark Force
Level ? Pearl 50 Dullahan, Critic, Dark Force
Step Mine 22 ug, Mesosaur, Greasemonk
Force Field 24 Doom
Dischord 68 Pipsqueak, Figaliz, Iron Hitman
Sour Mouth 32 Mad Oscar, Evil Oscar
Pep Up 1 Flan, Muus, Junk
Rippler 66 Dark Force
Stone 22 Brawler, Iron Fist
Quasar 50 Goddess, Dark Force
Grandtrain 64 Hidon
Exploder 1 Bomb, Grenade, Balloon, Junk, Pipsqueak

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