This is a list of all of the equipment in the game, broken down by type.

When your acquire new equipment, it is automatically equipped on your character (and you cannot have more than one type of equipment at once). When using 2 player mode (or in boss fights in single player mode), both Ryu and Jack will have the same equipment.

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Name Location Price Description
Level Counter 1 Sold in Horizon Gate 50 Sen Detects levels of enemies up to about level 9 or 10. Also tells how many enemies you have to beat per fight.
Spider Shoes Gengai's Temple Beat Gengai's special stages Allows you to climb on ceilings. Necessary to complete the game!
Level Counter 2 Sold in Kingland 200 Sen Same as Level Counter 1, but goes up to about Level 18.
Level Counter 3 Found in Temple Bayon Free Same as Level Counter 2, but goes up to Level 25.
Level Counter 4 Found in Vigilante Cave Free Same as Level Counter 3, but reads all enemies in the game.


Name Location Price
Bantam Gear Yokan Item Shop 80 Sen
Feather Gear Horizon Gate Item Shop 160 Sen
Eastern Gear Edo City Item Shop 200 Sen
Sterling Gear Kingland Item Shop 380 Sen
Ingot Armor Celestern Item Shop 500 Sen
Ninjarmor Temple Bayon Free
Scichic Armor Cactus Village 2,500 Sen
Aura Armor Grandpolis Free


Name Location Price
Yokan Helmet Yokan Item Shop 60 Sen
Dragon Helmet Cave To Horizon Gate Free
Sterling Helmet Kingland Item Store 200 Sen
Iron Turban Celestern Item Store 400 Sen
Ninja Turban Sunken Ship Free
B.B Helmet Athletown Item Store 1,000 Sen
Scichic Helmet Cactus Town Item Store 2,200 Sen
Aura Helmet Grandpolis Free


Name Location Price Description
Skin Gauntlet Yokan Item Shop 60 Sen
Pneuma Punch Horizon Gate Item Shop 150 Sen
Rapid Shot Celestern Item Shop 350 Sen
Technoglove Satoon Item Shop 800 Sen
Ninja Claws Temple Bayon, in a treasure chest Free
Fire Punch Horizon Gate, after beating Rick Free Causes enemies to burn
Thunder Punch SECRET Item Shop 60,000 Sen Causes enemies to get shocked
Hypnoblow SECRET Item Shop 200,000 Sen, or 10 medals Knocks enemies out in no more than 3 hits


Name Location Price
Portabuckler Horizon Gate Item Shop 100 Sen
Aura Shield Grandpolis Free


Name Location Price Description
Dragon Blade Give to you by Prince Bonbon Free
Shogun Sword Edo City Item Shop 220 Sen
Epee Saber Kingland Item Shop 280 Sen
Ninja Saber Ghost Tower Free
Feather Sword Complete Rick's Mini Game in Horizon Gate Free
Thunder Sword Given to you by Dr Justice Free Causes enemies to get shocked
Aura Sword Grandpolis Free