This is a list of all of the items in the game.

Name Price Description
Sweet Bun 10 Sen Recovers 40 HP. Can carry up to 8 at a time.
Meat Bun 100 Sen Recovers all HP and NP. Can only carry 1 at a time.
Boo Bomb 10 Sen Blows a hole in special walls in dungeons, destroy enemies in combat. Can carry up to 8.
Cupsule 20 Sen Heals status condition in RPG Battle Scenes (like being turned to stone). Can carry up to 10.
Dragon Egg 25 Sen Brings you out of pits, saves your last position when you die instead of starting from the last Convenience store (action scene only), lets you pass through barriers to the Soundmaster's Studio. Can carry up to 15.
Bonzebot Found in Bongoman's Cave Revives fallen ally (for a fee) in two-player mode.
Errandbot Found in Fairy Tower Can be used to purchase items when on the World Map. However, he will charge you DOUBLE for each item, and you can only purchase hold 5 items at a time.