This is a list of all of the magic in the game.

Name Location NP cost Description
Escape Leaf Notruedamus' Temple, beginning of the game 4 NP Allows you escape from battle and action scenes.
T-Star Complete Rick's chambers of Earth and Water 5 NP Allows you to throw an endless number of ninja stars for about a half a minute or so.
Vitalizer Janken House (Beat Leila's game) 10 NP Recovers HP.
Reflextar Sold in Kingland for 500 Sen 8 NP Same as T-Star, but the ninja stars can bounce off walls & enemies to hit other enemies.
Magiport Julia's Father gives it to you in Fairy Tower 15 NP This spell will transport you back to the last Convenience store visited.
Hyper Vision Airosche gives it to you in the Tower of Belba 5 NP Allows you to see invisible enemies.
De Tecoy Beat Miss Finny to receive it 8 NP Makes a decoy of yourself to draw enemies away from you.
Boomerstar Sold in Arcadia for 3000 Sen 10 NP Like T-Star, but the ninja stars are much larger.
Serenitech Mr. Slowpo gives it to you 20 NP Decrease the chance of encounter on the world map for a limited time.
Micro Ninja Notruedamus gives it to you in Yokan 0 NP Shrinks you to get through a small passageway. Use again to grow. (The only practical use for this spell is to get through a certain part of Mt Kyojin.)
Magidoor Old Whaleman gives it to you 10 NP Escape from dungeons.
Turtle Watch Beat Nargi to get it 10 NP Slows down the enemies' movement.
Magicmine Sold in Athletown for 10000 Sen 30 NP Destroys all enemies on the screen at once.
Magic Wind Beat B.B Virgo's Mini-Game 15 NP Blows away all enemies on the screen.
Starbomb Found in Sewer Canal 12 NP Like the T-Star, but the ninja stars will stick to walls & enemies and explode.