This is a list of all of the accessories.

Image Name Description
Reviving Mirror Reviving Mirror Brings you back to life if equipped when you die.

There are exactly 8 reviving mirrors in the game:
  1. Tower of Light, 2nd floor;
  2. Tower of Light, 4th floor;
  3. Abell ruins, secret room on 2nd floor;
  4. Abell ruins, 4th floor;
  5. Ice Castle, 2nd floor;
  6. Ice Castle, 2nd floor, too;
  7. Platinum shrine, first floor;
  8. Platinum shrine, 2nd floor, using Phaser spell.
Spike Shoes Spike Shoes When equipped, you will walk normally on icy floors.
Wind Shoes Wind Shoes When equipped, you won't be able to fall into traps.

NOTE: Though listed in the manual, these cannot actually be found in the game!