This is a list of all of the Jade.

Jade are crystals that unleash magical fairies. Use a Jade in your inventory to call out it's Fairy, and use it again to put that Fairy back. You can have two jades active at any given time.

Fairies can gain experience by collecting the little blue crystals that enemies can drop when they are killed. Each crystal is worth 50 experience points. The fairy must fly over to the ball, and the first one to fly over get's it. Below is the experience per level each fairy requires to reach a new level.

Image Jade Default Fairy Name Location Price Experience per Level Effect
Crimson Crimson Ifrie, Gala Road to Dungeon 1 16,000 150 Attack (element: fire)
Level 1-3: Shoots a fireball straight at an enemy.
Level 4-6: Fireball spins, widening its hit box.
Level 7-9: Fireball further widens its hit box.
Level 10-12: Fireball cluster spreads out slightly widening the hit box further.
Level 13-15: Fireball graphic changes, no hit box change.
Level 16-18: Fireball graphic changes, no hit box change.
Level 19: Fireball graphic changes, no hit box change.
Foundation Foundation Golem Dungeon 1 24,000 200 Support: increases Remeer's defense

Boosts defense passively: Guard = Level + 1
Light Light Pazul Dungeon 2 9,000 100 Support: lights dark areas

Each level up the light radius is slightly increased.
Life Life Ason Town of Toronto 4,000 200 Support: slowly restores HP
Level 1: Restores 1 HP roughly every 10 seconds.
Level 2: Restores 1 HP roughly every 9 seconds.
Level 3-4: Restores 1 HP roughly every 8 seconds.
Level 5-6: Restores 1 HP roughly every 7 seconds.
Level 7-8: Restores 1 HP roughly every 6 seconds.
Level 9-10: Restores 1 HP roughly every 5 seconds.
Level 11-12: Restores 1 HP roughly every 4 seconds.
Level 13-14: Restores 1 HP roughly every 3 seconds.
Level 15-16: Restores 1 HP roughly every 2 seconds.
Level 17-18: Restores 1 HP roughly every 1 seconds.
Level 19: Restores HP as fast as it can be cast.
Deceased Deceased Kass Jade merchant 8,000 150 Support: revives Remeer by giving up one level
Power Power Sarah Jade merchant 11,000 200 Support: increases Remeer's strength

Boosts attack passively: Power = Level + 1
Lightning Lightning Pilulu, Jima Jade merchant 21,000 200 Attack (element: lightning)
Level 1-3: Creates a small lightning field when it touches an enemy.
Level 4-6: Stronger attack.
Level 7-9: Stronger and larger field.
Level 10-12: Larger attack.
Level 13-15: Larger field.
Level 16-18: Larger field.
Level 19: Largest field.
Water Water Domul, Priss Jade merchant 28,000 200 Attack (element: water)
Level 1-5: Shoots homing water projectiles every few seconds.
Level 6-9: Shoots more frequently.
Level 10-14: Shoots more frequently.
Level 15-18: Shoots more frequently.
Level 19: Shoots as soon as the previous projectile disappears.
Anger Anger Wak, Griffin Jade merchant 32,000 200 Attack (element: none)
Level 1-3: Attacks enemies in close combat.
Level 4-6: Radiates a small battle aura.
Level 7-9: Battle aura's range increases.
Level 10-12: Adds a small barrier.
Level 13-15: Changes to a flaming aura.
Level 16-18: Original aura is added, slightly increasing range.
Level 19: Both auras extend, nearly doubling range.