Just starting out? These tips can be of great help as you play through the game.

  1. Use the Boomerangs
    The boomerangs are by far the best weapons in the game. They give you multiple shots and a nice range to avoid enemies. Start using them as soon as you can!

  2. Use the Anger Jade and Life Jade
    Once you get the Anger Jade and Life Jade, use them. The Anger Jade does the most damage and the Life Jade will help keep you healthy. In fact, along with the Light Jade, these are the only Jade you even need in the game.

  3. Head back to town frequently
    Anytime you reach a new floor in a dungeon, use the save point, then travel back to town. Here you can restock on items, heal, and instantly travel back to where you just were!

  4. Keep at least 2 Warp Gates
    Keeping at least 2 warp gates will allow you to always go into a dungeon and then travel back to town and/or a save point. Once you run out, you have to walk all the way back to town!

  5. Use your Hearts when your HP is low
    Hearts are an item that will permanently increase your max HP and will also refill all of your HP. Use them when Remeer's HP is low and you will save your other HP items.