This is a list of all of the armor, broken down by type.

Remeer can wear up to three armor parts at the same time: a body armor, a helm and a shield.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of a bug, the defense value of any body armor and helm is always zero, regardless of what the game says. Therefore, always wear the Cape and sell any other body armor.

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Image Name Price Defense Location
Leather Armor Leather Armor 8,000 +01 Ch.1: start
Chain Mail Chain Mail 15,000 +03 Ch.2: Tower of Light
Banded Mail Banded Mail 21,000 +05 Ch.3: Abell Ruins
Bone Mail Bone Mail 32,000 +08 Ch.3: Abell Ruins (secret room)
Cape Cape 27,500 +00 Ch.3: Abell Ruins
NOTE: Increases movement speed
Plate Armor Plate Armor 47,000 +10 Ch.5: Ice Castle
Royal Armor Royal Armor 55,000 +15 Ch.7: Platinum Shrine


Image Name Price Defense Location
Leather Helm Leather Helm 5,000 +01 Ch.1: start
Iron Helm Iron Helm 13,000 +03 Ch.3: cave to Abell ruins
Cross Helm Cross Helm 24,000 +06 Ch.3: Abell Ruins (secret room)
Black Gold Helm Black Gold Helm 42,000 +08 Ch.5: Ice Castle
Warrior's Helm Warrior's Helm 51,000 +10 Ch.5: Ice Castle (secret room)
Platinum Helm Platinum Helm 55,000 +12 Ch.7: Platinum Shrine


Shields have a hit points value (HP) that shows how many hits they can block before they break. Weaker shields block fewer hits.

Image Name Price Defense Location
Buckler Buckler 2,000 30 HP Ch.1: town of Arcs
Round Shield Round Shield 3,000 50 HP Ch.2: Tower of Light
Kite Shield Kite Shield 4,000 60 HP Ch.3: Abell Ruins
Bone Shield Bone Shield 5,000 70 HP (Purchase only)
Warrior's Shield Warrior's Shield 6,000 80 HP (Purchase only)
Battle Shield Battle Shield 7,000 99 HP Ch.5: Ice Castle