This section details the various endings that are hidden in the game. The special endings can only be accessed by using the "New Game +" option to begin the game again with all inventory and levels from a previous game.

1. Game Over      Show

2. Millenial Fair Moonlight Parade      Show

3. Frog and Queen Ending      Show

4. Monster Show      Show

5. Robo and Tata Ending      Show

6. Battle Ending      Show

7. Character's Ending      Show

8. Frog and Magus      Show

9. Reptite Ending      Show

10. Frog and Magus II      Show

11. The Marle and Lucca Show      Show

12. Millennial Fair Moonlight Parade (Frog's Curse)      Show

13. Millennial Fair Moonlight Parade (Search for Crono)      Show

14. Millennial Fair Moonlight Parade (without Magus)      Show

15. Programmer's Ending      Show