Note: This walkthrough is only intended to put you on the right track. It doesn't tell you exactly where to go, but it does point you in the right direction. When following this walkthrough, be sure to explore and talk to anyone and everyone you see, or you will have no idea what is going on and miss out on many on the side plots that make this game so great. That said, enjoy! Also note, clicking on the boss names allows you to view strategies and stats on them.


After the intro, head to Leene Square, north of Crono's house. Here you can participate in games, which acquire you silver points which can be sold or used to play at the house of horrors.

  1. Footraces: At the entrance of the fair. Go to the counter before the runners starts and bet on a character. I'm pretty sure it is random, so just guess on your favorite. You get 20 silver points or winning.
  2. Ring the Bell: This is a test of strength at the bottom left corner the first area of the fair. Only worth 1 silver point since it's so easy.
  3. Soda Guzzling Contest: Just press the A button as fast as possible and if you can polish off all the soda cans, you win a wonderful 5 silver points.
  4. Beat up Gato: To the left of the middle area, there's a robot named Gato that Lucca made. If you manage to beat him, he gives you 15 silver points, and a little experience and tech points. An easy way to get better very early.

Also at the fair, you can find Bekkler's House of Horrors. This is where you spend all of your hard earned silver points. It is situated top right of the foot races. This area features 3 games:

  • 10 Silver Points - Guess who is who and win a music doll yourself, then catfood for your cats.
  • 20 Silver Points - Copy the clone's movements and at the end, win an exact clone of yourself. If a guy who already has a clone plays, you win 10 ounces of cat food.
  • 40 Silver Points - Keep the monsters back and rescue the person dangling above the fire to win cats and more cats.

In the middle area, you bump into a girl who then drops her pendant. At this point what you do will affect the outcome of the game in a little bit. Being a good boy will you you some items, while being a bad boy won't. Being a bad boy is fun, though.

    To be a bad boy:
  • Try to ram her as soon as you enter the area.
  • Pick up the pendant and THEN talk to her.
  • Tell her she can't have her pendant back.
  • Say YES right away when she asks to join you.
    To be a good boy:
  • When you enter the area, just get in her way so that SHE hits YOU.
  • Ask her if she's OK.
  • Pick up her pendant and give it to her without hesitation.

Either way, the girl, Marle, joins your party. Now walk north to see Lucca's invention - it is closed. Go to the first area and talk a ew of the townspeople, which will trigger Marle to say the invention is ready. Now you can also do certain things before seeing the invention:

    To be a bad boy:
  • At the left of the second area is food resting on a counter; eat it!
  • At that same spot is a cat, talk to him twice and freak him out.
  • At the fair entrance, tell Marle to sell her pendant to the weapon seller.
  • Right before the invention, drag Marle away from the candy stand 3 times.
    To be a good boy:
  • Guide the lost cat to the east wing of the second fair area.
  • Don't eat the man's food on the counter.
  • Tell the man Marle's pendant is not for sale.
  • Then going towards the invention, give Marle time to select her candy.

Now go see Lucca's invention and stand in awe at the nice graphics. I personally find them better than any 64 bit game because of one single reason; they aren't polygonic.

Year ???

Once you get back onto the ground, walk to the left. Follow the trail and pick up any items without avoiding any fights. In the forest before the castle you can fight enemies to up your levels, and go rest at the Inn. The far right part of theforest has a Power Tab, the rustling bush near the top has infinite free tents. Go to Guardia Castle. Eventually make your way up the northeastern tower and meet "Leene". After she explodes, walk downstairs to meet with your old pal, Lucca. She will explain things for you.

The Cathedral

Look around the castle and eventually meet the chancellor. Then visit the cathedral west of Guardia castle. Talk to the nuns, which are actually monsters. Battle the monsters and a strange amphibian wielding a broadsword will come to your aid. Now, you will have Frog in your party. To get into the Mystic's lair, play the organ. Here, visit each room. A drawer in the the bottom left room holds the secret Naga-Ette Bromide. In a room to the right is a secret basement with treasures beside a statue of Magus. Now go around the area and turn on the switches to allow you to go to the next area, where you should do the same. Save at the glittering star and play the second organ, which let's you fight the boss of this area, Yakra. After you beat him, be sure to check out the chests left behind. Back at the castle, Frog leaves - now you can head back to the mountains where you came from.

We're Ho-ome!

Back at the area you entered year 600, Lucca uses a special key to port you back to your normal era. Now escort Marle back to the castle and there you take place in a trial. Here is where the things you did earlier count. If you were a bad boy, you recieve the death penalty. If you were a good boy... you recieve...the death penalty (ironic no?).

Break Out!

Great, now you're in jail, sentenced to be decapitated in 3 days. Drink from the mug to recover your status, and get the ether (only if you were found not guilty). You can either wait the three days and wait to be rescued, or keep bugging the guards until you make them let you leave. The second manner is better for level building and weapon acquisition. When broken out from your cell, you have to face a huge maze. At one point, scale down a wall and enter the room next to your original cell to get the sword the weapon seller at the fair was selling or a very high price. You'll also find a guy with his head in a guilottine, let him go to be rewarded later. The fights in this area are easy. After the big maze you'll encounter Lucca, and will be forced to fight the Dragon Tank. At the entrance of the castle, push the guys around to get through and ultimately get into another time gate.

The Future

Exit the dome and go the the one south of it. Here you can buy things and learn more about this area. Use the Enertron, which regenerates your health for free. Exit the dome and head north to Lab 16. Here you can see rats running around, avoid them since they steal tonics. Go through the first part of the maze, and at it's end you'll see a group of 5 "shitakes", which is an excellent level-gaining area. After fighting to your heart's content, head east to ind the maze's exit. Make sure to grab any items along the way, some are very useful. In the second part of the maze are weird monsters that you can't attack; use magic on them instead. Now you're out - go to Arris Dome and meet some more survivors of the apocalypse. Save and head down to the storage area they are telling you not to go to. Cross the beams, and you will find the next boss, the Guardian and Bits. After that, check out the dead guy and do as his note tells you. When you catch the mouse, go to the right-hand computer terminal and enter the code. You'll make your way to a giant computer that reveals disturbing information. You and your party decide that the only thing they can do now is try to save the world. Back in the main sector of the Dome, a man gives you a key... take it and make your way to Lab 32.

Moto-Racin' Down Lab 32

Make your way north to Lab 32, and get challenged by Johnny, a half-machine, half-man, with only speed and racing on his mind. You can either race him or just walk across and collect the Race Log along the way (note that there are tough fights ahead if you walk). An effective way to race is by speeding ahead as soon as possible and sticking your vehicle right in his face. Use one of the Nitros with about 20-40 meters before the finish line; you can't lose. Now go to Proto Dome. Reach the end of this sad-sounding dome and meet a new ally, Robo. Now you must head north to the factory ruins.

The Factory Ruins

    Once inside, head down the right wing and find these codes:
  • Barrel 1: X A
  • Barrel 2: B B
  • Final gate: X A B Y

Some rooms require you to go down the conveyor belt and fight a long series of robots. Get to the crane controls use the first two codes to give you further access. Make sure to get the items at the bottom left of this room. From the left wing, activate the computer and make your way to the last gate, at which you use the third code. After Robo tries to repair the system and the alarm is set off. Now it's all noisy so you should leave, but you run into a bunch of Robo's old pals, the R-Series. Kick their faces in and the characters bring Robo back to Proto Dome. Enter another gate to reach...

The End of Time

You're at a weird place that doesn't seem to make any sense. Walk to the right and talk to the old guy Gaspar, he explains you ended up here because there were more than 3 in your party. Here you can save, get refreshed, and even visit Spekkio and learn a bit of magic!. Make sure you do this (though you probably have to)! Simply follow the instructions the critter gives you. Spekkio's appearance changes as your levels get higher. Chances are he'll be a Kilwala, but if you were level 5 or less, he would be a frog. The earlier you get to him, the more tabs you recieve from him throughout the game. When you exit the Master of War's battle arena, save and head left to discover new time warps.

  • 1000 A.D. Medina Village
  • 2300 A.D. Proto Dome
  • 65 Million B.C. Mystic Mountains

Listen to the old man and start off by visiting 1000 A.D.

The Village of Medina

Upon exiting the cupboard, visit the village at will, but do not waste your money on the overpriced items here. Southwest on the overworld map is Melchior's house - the weapon seller from the fair, he has new ones now. Now enter the cave north of there. Again you'll be facing a long maze with a lot of useful itesm scattered throughout (but not that many). The monsters here are afraid of magic, so don't waste time attacking. Save, then proceed to Heckran. He spills useful info right before he meets the reaper. Now keep walking up until you find a limpid whirlpool, and hop in to get ported to Lucca's house. Visit Crono's house and the Market at Truce, where, it turns out, is the place that man you saved from texecuion has a job. Also visit the Mayor's Manor which contains some items (if you didn't go there before). Now visit the fair and go to 600 A.D. via Lucca's teleporter.

Where is Frog?

Zenan Bridge is fixed and the soldiers are hungry. Go to Guardia Castle and ask the chef for food, then return to the bridge. After giving the soldiers the food, they charge the enemy, but fail to get rid of them. Now it's your turn. Cross the bridge, killing everything along the way. At one point you will meet Ozzie, which will create Zombor. Use Ice magic against the top half and Fire magic against his legs. Past the bridge are two villages. Visit Dorino, the closest of the two and gather information. Mainly this village is of no importance other than trading the Naga-Ette Bromide to a man in the bar (he only notices you have it the second time you talk to him - the first time he talks about the king's injury). Head to Porre to the south. In Porre there is talk about a hero, which everyone thinks is Tata. Walk northwest to the Cursed Woods, and head to the end of the passage where you'll see a bush moving. Climb down the ladder to speak to Frog, then head to the Denadoro Mountains east of Dorino.

The Denadoro Montains

There's Tata wearing armor and holding a sword, and he's running around like an idiot. Lucca should be with you in this area, since the enemies here are weak against fire. Simply follow the trail and don't go down the waterfalls. Atop this mountain is a tab (talk to the creature four times), a save spot and a cave which you need to go into. In the cave, a small guy asks if you came for the Masamune. As you say YES, his brother Masa appears. Then, you have to fight Masa & Mune. You recieve the Broken Blade when you win. Visit Tata's house go recieve the Hero Medal, which he'll give to you. Now return to see Frog and show him the medal. Once he moves away, the second half of the Masamune appears. Now your goal is to fix the mighty blade.

The Masamune

The party visits Melchior's House near Medina Village (1000 A.D). He says that he need DreamStone to reforge the blade, but the stone disappeared millions of years ago. Now visit the End of Time and head to 65,000,000 B.C. Once there, fight the reptites and meet Ayla, then follow her to Ioka village, north of the mountains you are presently at. That night the village celebrates. During the party, talk to Ayla about the red stone - she says she'll let you have it if you can beat her in a soup eating constest. This is like the soda can guzzling contest, but much easier, and you have infinite tries. When you wake up, all your stuff is gone. Visit Ayla's hut and talk to her so she can help you look for it. Go south to the Forest Maze, where you find Kino. He admits to taking it, but says that he got robbed himself. Now go through thisforest maze and at the end is a cave with a boss, Nizbel. You also meet Azala, the ruler of the Reptites. After retrieving the key, head to 1000 A.D. and get Melchior to reforge the blade, then take it back Frog in 600 A.D. - Frog will be surprised and ask you to stay overnight. He dreams of his youth and clears everything up. In the morning Frog joins your party, take him to see Spekkio. Now stock up on items and head to the Magic Cave in 600 A.D., (north east of Porre) where Frog will demonstrate the bone-chilling power of the Masamune and open the cave. Cross it to arrive at Magus's castle.

Magus's Castle

Inside the castle, explore both the left and right wings and return to the middle, where a save point will be placed. Once stepped on, Ozzie appears. You now have to defeat Slash and Flea... Go to the left wing first, where you will fight Slash. After he is beaten, equip the weapon he gives and save at the save point. Now, go to the right wing where you will fight Flea. After it is beaten, go back and save. A save point appears in the middle hall, which is a teleporter to the center hallway. Chase Ozzie through the hallways. At the end, you will fight Ozzie. Save on the right and use the left teleport, which lead's to Magus's room. Now, you have the toughest battle yet: the fight against Magus. After his defeat, a time gate appears and all are sucked into it. Now you're back at Ayla's hut. You learn that the village of Laruba has been burned down. Seems that the Reptites have kidnapped villagers. Ayla then goes to get the Dactyls to get to the TyranoLair to rescue them. Go north to the Dactyl Nest and climb the mountain to meet Ayla at the top. The Dactylsbring you to the Tyrano Lair.

The Prehistoric Castle

For this area, Lucca and Crono are useful characters. When you enter the lair, go to the open entrance leading downstairs and free the villagers. Follow Kino upstairs and he will open the door for you. Follow the dungeon through the newly opened door. You will have to fight Nizbel II here. Now continue on to the room Azala is in. This time Azala has a dino friend, the Black Tyrano. After the battle, Lavos is seen falling from the sky. The comet hits the castle right after your escape and creates a giant crater. Inside the crater is a time portal, use it.

The Realm of Magic

The time portal has taken you to a new era; 12000 BC. This is the ice age. To the right of the cave is a dome you can enter, which leads to the floating island of Zeal. The teleporter beams you to Enhasa. To get hidden items here, open the 3 elemental books in this order: Water, Wind, Fire. This makes a secret door appear near the entrance, where you must fight a number of Nu's (from who you can steal mops). You'll get some cool stuff. In the top left room is a kid saying strange things such as "The black wind begins to howl, one of you is about to perish..." At the second city of Kajar, do the same thing with the books to open a secret room containing the Black Rock. Also, if you see a woman with a plant, tell her to plant it to be able to do a side quest later on. Go to Zeal Palace and scratch the Nu's back. There are three chambers. First, go to the one on the right, which is Janus and his big sister Schala's bedroom. Schala leaves, but follow her into the center chamber. She opens the door with a pendant ressembling yours, but yours does not work. To activate it, charge it with the Mammon machine in the chamber to the left. Inside, Dalton the bodyguard summons a Golem which you must fight. You are put inside the Mammon machine. You eventually are sent back to 65 Million BC. and the gate back is sealed. Now since the pendant has been recharged, any door or box bearing the same crest as the one seen in Zeal can be opened. Be sure to go to 2300 and open all of the sealed doors, then 1000 AD to open the sealed chests, and finally 600 AD to open all of the sealed chests again. Make sure you get the chests from 1000 AD before 600 AD, so you can get the treasures twice. Also make sure you go to the Blue Pyramid near Medina village.

Break the Seal!

In the future, return to Arris dome and head east, to Sewer Access. Follow the maze and get the items. The enemies are very easy here. You have to fight Krawlie, though it is very easy. Avoid making any sound to prevent from getting into unnecessary battles. Once out, go south and enter the Keeper's Dome. This dome was once occupied by inventor Belthasar. The Nu inside ignores you. Open the sealed door and inside, follow the glowing stars and open the second door. Inside is a great ship, but is unaccessible, turn back and leave. The Nu appears and explains how to use the ship. Now any time period is accessible, including the apocalypse, 1999 AD. Return to 12000 BC.

The Guru Of Life

Back to 12,000 B.C, use the ladder in Terra Cave (north west coast). Keep going up and enter the village of humans. This is a good area for weapons and also has a free Inn. Save and stock up and enter the cave leading to the floating Mountain of Woe. The cave has a few enemies, and also a boss fight against the Mud Imp and his pals. Go save again and climb the chain to the mountain. On the mountain exists a monster named "rubble" which gives 10 tech points each, but only can be fought once (then they disappear forever). Unfortunetly, you can only use your regular attacks on them, so make sure you use people that have good accuracy! When you get to the end, you will have to fight the Giga Gaia. Melchior is released when the battle is won, then the mountain crumbles. Melchior elaborates on the plot a bit, and the seals prevening you from reaching Zeal are now gone.

The Under-Water Palace

Back in the center center Zeal Palace, you have to fight Dalton, but leaves before you can kill him. This is a very long place, so be sure you have a good amount of healing items. Be sure to explore well, because there are a lot of very good weapons to be found. Save at the save point and go fight the Golem Twins. Here, you see an impressive cut scen, and have to fight Lavos, which results in the death of Crono. You end up captured by Dalton and are placed in Belthasar's massive ship; the BlackBird.

The Blackbird

You are trapped in a cell and all your items are missing. Ayla is good to have in the party at this point since she doesn't use a weapon. Search every room using the halls and ventilation system until you gather all your equipment, items and gold. Exit the blackbird and fight the turrets which give ten tech points each, then you must fight the Golemboss. Meanwhile Dalton is done equipping the Epoch with wings, and you are forced to fight Dalton Plus. You capture the Epoch and shoot down the BlackBird. The Epoch lands near a village. Now walk north-east to an extention in the coast, and enter the area. There stands Magus, you can either kill him or spare him. Your choice will affect which ending you see. If you don't kill him, he joins the party. Back at the village, you learn that the ocean palace is now afloat in the air, known as the Black Omen. In one of the huts at the village, a Nu blocks you from acquiring a tab... to get this tab, simply enter and exit the hut until the Nu is gone. Also, if you see a woman that has a plant, tell her to plant it to be able to do a side quest later on.

"The End"

You've reached the end of the linear half of this game. All you've accomplished so far can be perceived as the linear part of the game; the part where you need to follow a specific chain of events to get through the story. Depending on how much you choose to do from now on, you may be at the halfway mark, or you may be nearly done. You may roam the world, looking for items and more of the story, or you may head straight for Lavos now, and try your hand at defeating him. The possible things to do listed below are in no particular order and can be completed at choice. To keep a tally on what you have to do left, Gaspar will inform you at the End of Time. Have fun!

1. Crono's resurection

The old man at the End of Time tells you how you can possibly save Crono. Of course, you may not want to do this as it will affect the ending you see. The old man gives you the Chrono Trigger and tells you to go consult the Guru of Time in 2300 AD. After getting his instructions, go to Bekkler's House of Horrors in 1000 AD and get a clone of Crono by winning the 40 Silver points game. Consult the Guru again, then head to death peak, bring Marle for an added cut scene. Flolow the instructions of the dolls and climb Death Peak. Eventually you come face to face with Lavos Spawns. Keep following the doll's instructions and once the top is reached, enjoy the scene and there you have it, you got Crono back!

2. Cyrus

Cyrus is Frog's departed best friend. You need Frog in your party for this one. Visit the village below the tomb in 600 AD and go to the Cafe to speak to a man saying he could repair it if he had tools. Return to the same village in 1000 AD and ask is decendants for his tools, then return them to him. After gathering his team, he goes and fixes parts of the ruins. Every time he comes back saying there are ghosts in there, so go search the castle and eliminate all the enemies, then return to him. Be sure to get the chests in 1000 AD before you get them in 600 AD though, so you can get twice the treasure. Keep doing this and eventually a room containing a tombstone will be accessible. Read the tomb to upgrade the Masamune. Also look for Marle's ultimate weapon the Valkyerie in one of the castle's rooms in 1000 AD.

3. Let's Kill Ozzie!

Having Magus in your party for this task will let you see an extra cut scene. Talk to Magus in the End of Time to learn where Ozzie's castle is in 600 AD. Get there using the Epoch and enter his home, of course he'll start running like a girl. Continue down the rooms and get rid of Slash and Flea. In the room with a guillotine, don't take the treasure under it, but instead walk to the far right wall. Now, go down, and push against the wall. You should push through, and find two chests containing Magus's ultimate weapons. In the next room you have to fight all 3 of Magus's old floozies, Super Slash, Flea Plus and Great Ozzie. After you kill Slash and Flea, Ozzie will again run away and trick you into a trap door... simply climb back up and finally finish Ozzie off.

4. Fiona and the Forest

In 12000 BC, a woman of Zeal asks whether of not she should keep and plant the seedling that was given to her by the Guru of Life. Encourage her to do so. Go to 600 AD, to Fiona's Villa on the desert and talk to Fiona. Go outside and walk into the whirlpool of sand (with at least Frog or Marle, and a good physical fighter). Collect the items, then head into the next room. Here, you will fight Retinite. Return into the house, where Robo will be offering to revive the forest. Let him plant the trees and go get him in 1000 AD. The gang camps out, and Lucca finds a warp point leading back to the time her mother was injured. She is in the house, and an accident happens. To turn off the machine, enter the password L A R A (the mother's name), or you can let stay the same (by not saving her). It doesn't matter in the longrun, just another story element. After warping back, Robo gives Lucca the GreenDream.

5. The Robot Factory

Talk to Robo at the End of Time to know where he was made. Find and enter the factory. The computer inside calls him by his real name. Place Robo as the leader and go on inside. There you have to find and place 2 dolls in their appropriate places next to a sealed door. One computer explains how to get through. Anyhow, you'll eventually meet up with Robo's love interest Atropos, which Robo has to fight. Now advance to destroy the Mother Brain. Once the battle is won, Robo recieves 2 new arms, his best one and the Crisis arm, which attacks for major damage when Robo is at 10 HP or lower.

6. The Sun Stone

Talk to Lucca at the end of time, then put her on your party. In the next area, you need to fight a fire boss, so equip everyone with Ruby Armors, Red Mails or Red Vests. If you don't have Ruby Armors, they are for trade in 65 Million BC. Now go to the Sun Palace in 2300 AD (the place Lucca told you about) and fight the Son of Sun. When he dies, grab the Moon Stone and take it to the sun keep in 65 Million BC and go see it in 1000 AD. The sun stone was stolen! West of Porre, there's a house with sparkles coming out the chimney. The guy has it, but he's so cheap that he denies everything. Now to to the Cafe in Porre and buy the Jerky from the bartender. Now go back to 600 AD and go to the rich man's house - give (not sell) the jerky to the woman in the left room. Now her decendants will be generous. Now go back to 1000 AD and get the Sun Stone. Go put it back in the sun keep and then get it in the year 2300 AD. Lucca will use it to make her ultimate weapon the Wonder Shot, and her dad will make the Sun Specs.

7. All the Colors of the Rainbow

Marle must be in party in second half. First, find Toma (in the town near the Hero's Grave) and do what he wanted you to do (pour pop on his grave). He tells you in 1000 A.D. that the Rainbow Shell is located on a small island named the Giant's Claw in the 600 A.D. era. What he is talking about is the Tyrano Lair from 65 Million BC. Head to it ad fight your way through it. You will eventually run into the Rust Tyrano.After you find the shell, report it King Guardia of 600 AD, and he will store it until 1000 AD. Put Marle in the party and go to Guardia Castle, 1000 AD. Here's a nice part of the game where the king is being tried for selling the Rainbow Shell. Go to the new wing of the castle and get a sample of the shell to bring to the courtroom. You'll be guided through all this, so no details needed. In the courtroom you must battle Yakra's decendant, Yakra XII. When you win, Melchior shows up and makes items from the rainbow shell. Either 3 helmets (+9 defense/protect from all abnormal status) or a dress (good defense, cuts magic by 1/3). Come back if you get the sun stone, he will make more items for you. If you have the Sun Stone, Melchior will also make the Prism Specs and the Rainbow for Crono(gives 70% critical hit rate).

8. The Black Omen

This is the Ocean Palace that rose from underneath the water. It now resides in every time period but 1999 A.D. and 12000 B.C. To get in the Black Omen, fly the Epoch straight into it. Inside is a large "maze" of rooms to follow, with many enemies everywhere. One enemy, which seems as if it is part of the wall lets you steal a Speed Tab from it. You will also have to fight three bosses in here, first the Mega Mutant, then the Giga Mutant, and finally the Terra Mutant. You will also have to fight another Lavos Spawn. At the end of the maze, you must fight Queen Zeal. Then, you have to take on the Mammon Machine itself. Finally, you fight Queen Zeal again, though this time she is transformed. Start by beating the Black Omen in the year 2300, then 1000, then 600 and finally in 12000 BC to get the maximum amount of experience and tabs.


Whatever choice you make, you will eventually come to this point: the final showdown against Lavos. The irst battle against Lavos comes in the form you have seen throught the entire game: the Lavos Shell. Once you have defeated him, go into the hole you created and you will enter a cave. Be sure to use the save spot, and use the warp if you need to leave (if you fight lavos again, you will come back to this point). When you are ready, head up in the cave. You will come to the next battle, against the Lavos Core. Once you have deafeated him, you get to fight Lavos in his true form. This is the final battle in the game, so good luck, and enjoy the ending!