Just starting out? These tips can be of great help as you play through the game.

  1. Fight, fight, fight.
    Don't be afraid to fight every monster you come upon. Though it may be tedious, the experience, gold and items you receive will be very helpful throughout the game. If you ever have trouble at a boss, or just getting through a certain area, leveling up for a while will make it a lot easier.

  2. Save often.
    This may be the most important thing to do. You will really hate it if you play the game for a while and die at a tough spot, only to realize you haven't saved, and have to do it all over again.

  3. If something is free, take it.
    Take advantage of free regeneration points, gifts, or anything else you may come to that someone or something wants you to have.

  4. Take both forks in the road.
    In other words, if you come to a point where you have two or more choices as to what to do or places to go, save onto another slot so you can go back if you picked the less desierable choice.

  5. Spend your money.
    Carry plenty of health and magic regenerating items at all times. You can never have too many, and in the long run it will make things much easier.

  6. Open treasures in the future first.
    Though this happens later in the game, if you ever come across a treasure chest in the past and see it in the same place in the future, open it in the future first. This way you get the contents twice: once in the future, and once in the past. Double the treasure is double the fun!